Dear friends. I great you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The Christian Center for Entrepreneurship Development “Success” is a non-profit organization that brings together people who share vision and goals of the Center. The activities of the Center are based on Christian morals with an ultimate goal to spread the kingdom of God on Earth…



Christian Center for Entrepreneurship Development Success began it’s activity in September of 2007 in Ternopil, Ukraine. 


Changed nations through trained, transformed and equiped people who are following the ways of God


To launch similar Centers throughout Ukraine and then in other countries of the world…


The Center is a Christian organization which philosophy and conseprts are fully based on the Word of God (the Bible). 


Children that daily attend our Center

Students and pupils that are going through our lessons annually

Countries where we held seminars and trainings

Years of experience in training and consulting


DAY CAMP. June 7-11, the Success Center hosted a week-long children’s day-camp called  “IZI to be yourself” for middle and senior age groups of students of the Center. 48 children attended an event. The main message was “Understand your uniqueness in God and help others to be unique.” Then June 29 though July another children’s day-camp called “Number One” was held for junior students of our Center. Children have learned to give priority in all areas of their lives to the One who is worthy of it, Jesus Christ Read more…

DADCAMP. June 1719, 2021, the Dad’s Camp was held in Ternopil. It was attended by 40 dads and 40 children. The main speakers in the camp were representatives of the DadCamp” international organization. Through training for dads and interactive games for children, they  learned important principles of passing God’s inheritance from dads to children. We were able to see the extraordinary resultin the change of attitudes of dads. The positive feedbackof the participants inspiring us to hold similar events in the future… Read more…

EASTER CELEBRATIONS. One week before Easter, the students of the Christian Training Center “Success” had the opportunity to move to the time of Jesus Christ and experience the events of suffering and the joyful resurrection of our Savior. Children understood the true meaning of Easter and through recitations and songs told about a greatest event for all mankind – Salvation from sins. We truly thank God for the opportunity to serve children and adolescents! May the resurrection of Christ revive each of us to a new life for the glory of God!.. Read more…

THE FIRST LESSON OF THE “GREATEST JOURNEY. In February 2021, the first lesson of the “Greatest Journey” lessons took place in Ternopil Training Center. The topic of the lesson was “Being in a close relationship with Jesus”. More than 30 children learned how to build the good relationships with their siblings and parents. Teachers helped children to understand how important it is to have good relationships at home, to help with everything around the house to take the initiative and be responsible… Read more…


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