Dear friends. I great you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The Christian Center for Entrepreneurship Development “Success” is a non-profit organization that brings together people who share vision and goals of the Center. The activities of the Center are based on Christian morals with an ultimate goal to spread the kingdom of God on Earth…



Christian Center for Entrepreneurship Development Success began it’s activity in September of 2007 in Ternopil, Ukraine. 


Changed nations through trained, transformed and equiped people who are following the ways of God


To launch similar Centers throughout Ukraine and then in other countries of the world…


The Center is a Christian organization which philosophy and conseprts are fully based on the Word of God (the Bible). 


Children that daily attend our Center

Students and pupils that are going through our lessons annually

Countries where we held seminars and trainings

Years of experience in training and consulting


30-ИЙ ДЕНЬ ВІЙНИ. РОБОТА КОМАНДИ ЦЕНТРУ «УСПІХ». У зв’язку з тим, що 24 лютого 2022 року Росія віроломно напала на Україну, Християнський навчальний Центр «Успіх» було терміново переобладнано для того, щоб приймати переселенців з інших регіонів України. Спільними зусиллями команди працівників та волонтерів Центру, батьків дітей, які навчаються в Центрі, за фінансової підтримки наших спонсорів та друзів, в перші ж дні війни ми обладнали 3 класи. Там ми змогли приймати більше, ніж 30 людей на ночівлю. З часом ми змогли збільшити кількість класів до 4, а кількість ліжок до 45. А згодом ми змогли б прийняти на ніч одночасно до 70 людей. Read more…

THE TEAM OF THE CENTER “SUCCESS” SINCERELY WISHES YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are truly thankful to God for the successful ministry to children and adults in 2021! Over the course of the year, we conducted daily lessons and classes for students of the Center on the courses “English lessons”, “Life skill lessons for young people”, “Superbook”, “The greatest adventure” and “Life in our hands.” We helped the members of the Successful Youth Club form a strong character and begin to manage their finances according to Biblical principles. Read more…

WEEK OF TOLERANCE. “Being tolerant is not enough! Doing good to people is the real challenge of today!” November 15-19 of 2021 the staff of the Success Center addressed this message to high school students of Ternopil Ukrainian Gymnasium named after I. Franko as part of the “Week of Tolerance”. The team of the Center conducted six classes for 139 students in the gymnasium. Adolescents were tested to determine their personality type to better understand themselves and those around themRead more…

OBJECTIVE CREATIVITY PHOTO QUEST FOR SCHOOLS OF THE CITY. On September 23, 2021 in Ternopil the team of the Christian Training Center “Success” together with the City Student Parliament “Nasnaga” and with the support of the “Center for Children and Youth” held a photoquest “Objective Creativity 2021”. 96 students from 16 secondary schools of the city took part in the event. They had a difficult task – to take team photos according to 10 creative tasks within a limited time. All teams performed the task “excellently”, and some impressed the organizers with their creativity and unusualness. On September 28, the winners of Photoquest were awarded at the Success CenterRead more…


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