The realities of today show that many people


they can’t find work that would satisfy them, that would bring them joy and succicient income; 
they are working on a job for many years but the can’t stand it; 
they do not know what to do and can find the way they should develop; 
they do not know what business or work will bring them true happyness (that will not only bring financial gain);
they are often oppressed by the negative experience of past failures; 
they are disappointed by the loss of finances, time and confidence; 
they are going through difficult times because of tense or broken relationships; 
the lack of mentor who would help to make improtent financial decisions

Most likely the root of those problems 

is not undertanding of who people are

they do not know thier talantsabilities, opportunities and potential.

Dear friends!

If you reading this list and you find yourself in one of or more points we would like encourage you. You are not alone in this. 

Many people during many year are searching for “their business”. They are trying many things and do many mistakes and they loose much. But they never give up! May be they were like you. 

In fact most of adverse situations in our lives can and should be changed! There are many people around us that think that they are happy because they were able to find that one thing that makes them comfortable. Despite of the extreme pressure they continue to work  and enjoy the results of their activities. 

Today more then 200000 people in 47 countries of the world were able to find their life business because of the Career Direct online tests and they valued it highly. 

If you truely have a desire to have positive changes you need to know yourself. You need to find the directions for your future life and make first steps towards the goal. There is no other way!

Here is where Career Direct online test comes in!

Just use this opportunity and lay down strong foundation for successful life!


Why Career Direct is so unique and valuable?

Career Direct  is a revolutionary system for career guidance which is based on testing and personal counseling. It is the combination of Biblical princeples and stratigic talent (skills) management with advanced vocational guidance and statistics.

Almost 200 000 clients, adults and students were able to use Career Direct.

Career Direct has 20+ years of developmet and improvement. It was carefuly  and diligently tested for accuracy of results.

This one of the few assessment toll for career guidance to identify once personal characteristics, interests, skills and values.

Most of the modern career guidance tests touch only one or two of this spheres.

Career Direct was designed to include all four aspects in the diteiled personal report. 

Interesting facts about

Career Direct

Evaluation for your career direction, creer guidance can be completed within one hour. 
Everyone who is taking consultation will receive personal diteiled REPORT, that is consists of 36 pages. 
Career Direct consultents are carefully prepared by the training program speacialy designed for them to owrk with the clients the best possible way. 
Today Career Direct has cosultents in 47 world countries
Career Direct program has been tested and psychomitricaly developed ans is reliable. The Guidelines for reasurch and development document that is conisists of seventy pages is publicly available to review.
The price polisy of Career Direct is responsive and relevant to an economy of each country indevidualy. Mostly Career Direct is used in USA, Brazil, South Africa, Namibia, Poland and Malawi.

The Career Direct test is possible to be taken in 18 different languages: 

The number of participants who have taken the testing and counseling


Transnistria – 60

Armenia – 50

Georgia – 9

Kyrgyzstan – 31

USA – 8


All together

from 2012 to 2021


Who will benefit from Career Direct program the most?

Career Direct program will help everyone to know themselves better and identify thier talents to acheive success in life and work. 
It wil be a woderful program for seniors who are looking to determine direction for their further education (Parents take a note).
This program will help universaty graduates and everyone who is looking for their place in life. 

The program consists of two phases: 


The testing is done online from


After the participant register to complete the test he will receive the login and password on email. After entering the web site under your login and password the participant will  freely answer questions for every chapter of the test (there are more then 500 questions). This will take about one hour of his time. 

After the end of the testing the consultant will get in touch with the program participant for overviewing the test and explanation of the results (it is possible to have Skype talk). The counseling will last about 1,5-2 hours. 

The feedbacks of the participents

Before the test I didn’t knew anything about my talents and abilities, I didn’t know if I had any positive traits, or do I have any calling at all. Through this test, I realized that there is a special vocation from God for me that only I can do. I hope this will help in my choice of a job in the future. Thank you for the valuable test and for the opportunity to take it!

Natasha Polunanenko


Career Direct is a program that has shown my strengths and weaknesses. I consider it to be useful for everyone. Before testing, I doubted where I should study and what profession to choose. After consultation, I learned about my strengths and the direction in which I should move on.

At the moment I plan to go to the 11th grade, and after that – to enter the Ukrainian University “Ostroh Academy”, though before taking the test I did not know in what direction to take and where to go to study.

Victor Havrylyuk


The Career Direct test was very helpful for me and my friends. I liked the fact that all the tests and analysis were detailed so that we were able to see in our own eyes both our positive personality traits and the negative ones that we should work on. To better some of negative traits the material that the Success Center has provided for all students – the “vocation by the calling” will help me. Now my friends and I are working together to improve using this material every week. We motivate each other and help change.

Mark Skitski


I find Career Direct career guidance tests very useful. 

I wanted to study international relations in the future, my parents wanted me to be a dentist.

After passing the test, the results showed that I can take  international relations as my course of study. 

Valeriya Barbechuck


I used to want to go to study to become an actor, but my parents wanted to “push” me to study machinist in agricultural college, so that for all my life I would be engaged in farming. The results of the test showed that I should go into the business of acting. My parents attended the consultation on the test results. Center staff showed a test to my parents and said: “Your child should continue to study as an actor.” And my parents agreed, changed their mind and no longer made me go to study in the agricultural college. In 2016 I entered the Terebovlyan Higher School of Culture to study to become a director. That is a complete satisfaction. I plan to continue to study as a “film and television actor” at the Kyiv University of Culture and Arts. While studying in Terebovlya, I starred in the video “Two Violins”, now I make short humorous videos. They were even seen by the leading “1 + 1” national TV channel. They even wrote to me, saying that I had a great future in acting. Thank you for helping my parents understand where I should go! ”

Oleksy Krivobedriy

Ternopil region


Everyone who is going through the consultation will receive detailed PERSONAL REPORT that consists of 36 pages. 

In the report there are detailed evaluation of the participants characteristics, the description of interests, skills and values. 

 Chapter #1 PERSONALITY 

The test results are starting with the chapter that will show: 

– Six major characteristics of your personality; 

– The there is a list of your strengths and weaknesses which are based on your personality characteristics;

– The professional environment that will fit you the best;

– As well as indicators of important aspects of life at the moment: your stress level and financial situation. 


Identifying your general interests is a very important step in career guidance, because it is better for people to achieve success in anything if it is interesting for them!

The more you are enjoying what you do the more it is possible for you to achieve success in this area. This way you will diminish stress that you can experience at work. 


Here you will find the devision of your skill into 14 spheres. As well as your best skills and abilities. 

The understanding of your skills and abilities will play an important role in the process of career determination. It is very important to find such work that fits your best skills and we bring joy and excitement when your are doing something that is

Chapter #4 Values 

You can work in the sphere that fits most to your proffecional interests, skills and other qualities but you can still fill stress and dissatisfaction if this activity does not response with you values.

This chaper consists of three parts: 

«Working conditions», «Work results» and «Life priorities». Here there will be four priorities highlighted in each of the spheres.

The understanding of this aspects will help to MAKE RIGHT DECISIONS  in life and business action. 

People that are putting their trust in career guidance on personal characteristics, interests, skills and values usialy enjoy their work and achieve greater success! 

This way the results of those four spheres is very valueble information for planning of your future career development! 

Before you making decision about your career 

you need to think through everything very carefuly.

That is why let’s look at it closer. 

In the chapter of personality we can see the natural motivation for action that every person have. For example some people are motivated to be organized and some are more spontaneous and inconsistent. Or some people likes to take risrs in their enterprise and some by their nature one more careful and indecisive. 

Considering experiense we can see that there is no better or worse personality. All of the types are good. Communoty needs all types of personality. All of them their strong and weak sides. 

It is very important to consider your personal characteristics while choosing you occupetion. Our goal is to determine the profession that will  match you natural temper and inclinations, as well as your interests, skills and values. As well as every coach need athletes of varying constitution and reaction to play in different positions. Employers need employees with different individual characteristics to create a successful team. 

You can a speacialy see it when the work is boring and tiring  for oe person and for other person turns to be easy and light. The reason is because that other person have natutral motivation for this kind of work. Generaly speaking if the work is causing you to have interest it will bring you more joy and satisfection veen when the task is hard. 

There are various ways to clasify the professional interests. In this report you will find 21 groups of genetal interests that is devided into five wide professional categories. You will also find a chart that will show the components that are  the part of your greatest interests which are the times of activities, occupation and training/study discipline.

There are two key reasons why we are to rely on our strongest natural sides of the character. Firts of all it will help you to use potential in full way. When you are working in the sphere of your natural skills you autometicaly receive benefits to your professional growth. You will be able learn quicker and will acheive more using less efforts. As a contrast to this some people spent years to learn how to sing putting much efforts to it but they can not become a famous singers, because of the lack of abilities. 

Second is when you are working using you strongest sides of a character it will bring you joy. People trully have less stress at work when they are using skills that will naturaly lead them to success. Other then that you will enjoy using abilities and skills that other people noteced in you as they value you more. As you are using your natural skills your confidence in your strength will grow as well and as a result it will bring more success and joy in the future. 

For example many people like to work outside on the fresh air and will never fill comfortable inside the office building. Other people need to know that they are helping people directly. Those kind of workers will ot be satsfied to work by them selves or working at a factory serving machines and equipment. 

Many people think that they can that they will be happy if they will recive financial satisfction. However to often they fill unfulfilled and emotionaly burned for few years of their career. When you are using values while using your profession you will be bale avoid most of frustration and stress that people find on there work place. 


The reprot will provided to you in printed or electronic version. 

As part of the set you will receive the Action Plan manual and the List of possible occupations.

Here is how your report going to look like

after testing and consultationпісля:

(Tap on the front page to see the whole report)

The Career Direct offers two times of testing


For young people that are trying to determine where they want to go to study and only starting their career. 


For people that have graduated universaties and have expereance but they are looking to understand how to use their potential more effectively. 


The price of Career Direct test in quite low when you compere to other programs of suc level. By the way most of the tests evaluete only one or two spheres but Career Direct  does evaluation of all four spheres: personality, interests, skills and values. Usually you need to take several tests to receive results that Career Direct provides for you.



You are sending the copy of the payment receipt to:


We check if your payment want through and send you the application for testing


You fill out the application


We send you the e-key to enter your personal room


You are taking the test online by answeing the questions of the test. 


The program works out your answers, forming a report and sn checks and sends it to your consultant


You consultant will contect you in 2-3 days by phone or Skype to schedule the date and time for consultation


Your consultant will have personal consultation with you (2-2,5 hours) and will send you the peport and the materials


In addition, you can join the group study of the unique work manual – Career By The Calling. This manual will help you to determine occupation that suits you best and to prepare yourself for these profession.

Learn more… 


Will Career Direct® get me a job?
No, however Career Direct® will help you determine the best type of occupation to pursue and give you directions on how to proceed in your job search. It will identify the area’s you should pursue and make it clear which areas you should avoid.
With all the other career assessments out there, why did you come up with Career Direct® ?
Our co-founder, Larry Burkett, noted that during the many years that he was counseling families on their finances, he frequently observed people in career fields that did not match their talents and abilities. It concerned him greatly that so many people were not aware of their strengths and, therefore, were not being good stewards of their talents. This resulted in his vision for what is now Career Direct® .
What makes CareerDirect® unique?
Components of Career Direct® provide information similar to other well-known assessments which cover those components such as personality, interests, or skills. However, Career Direct® includes personality, interests, skills, values, stress, and financial management factors in one assessment, making it one of the most comprehensive assessments available. The results from the personality portion of Career Direct® are correlated significantly with two well-known personality assessments, (Hogan Personality Assessment and Costa and McCrae’s Neo-PI), and compare favorably with results from other personality assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, but is more comprehensive. The results from the interests section of Career Direct® are correlated significantly with the Strong Vocational Interest Inventory and compare favorably with other interests-based assessments such as Campbell and the Self-directed Search.
How long have you been in the career assessment business?
Larry Burkett initiated the Career Pathways program as part of Christian Financial Concepts in 1990. The program began with an assessment made up of several pre-existing assessments. After extensive research and development, the first version of what is now Career Direct® was introduced in 1995 as a paper assessment which was computer scored and printed. In 1999, the first CD-ROM version (1.8) was produced for use on individual computers. In 2003, this was revised and re-introduced with electronic documents and audio CDs in version 2.1. The Internet-based Career Direct® Complete Guidance System was released in 2006 and includes several streamlined improvements from the former CD-ROM software version.
How many people have taken Career Direct® ?
An exact number is not possible since scoring is no longer done exclusively by the ministry; however, based on projections of individual and institutional licenses produced, it is estimated that well over 120,000 students and adults have taken Career Direct® .
How valid is Career Direct® ?
The factors from the personality portion of Career Direct® were validated against and are correlated significantly with similar factors in the Hogan Personality Inventory and Costa and McCrae’s NEO-PI . Reliability tests are well above acceptable levels as shown in the internal consistency and test-retest reliability measures below. Briefly, the assessment was developed over a ten-year period (starting in 1989) using standard psychometric principles and testing thousands of people. The assessment is not based or derived from existing instruments but was developed from the item level using factor analysis and other statistical analyses to develop the factors and scoring.
I took the assessment a few years ago. Would it help me to take Career Direct® again?
Although the assessment is stable over time, some areas change depending on your life experiences, training and education. Before making major life decisions, it is always wise to base those decisions on the most current information. It can be compared to taking an X-Ray. Even though every X-Ray reflects your skeleton, every set of X-Rays are unique because it shows growth, accidents (broken bones) or diseases that you may have. Taking a Career Direct in strategic times in your life will help you with wise career decision making.
I’m currently suffering from depression. Will taking Career Direct® at this time help me and provide me with accurate feedback?
Depression can affect and possibly mask accurate feedback from any assessment. Professional assistance and advice should be sought before making any major life decision in this situation.
Does Career Direct® help people who have disabilities?
Career Direct® has not been tested with a disability population and does not take into account any adjustments or allowances needed for particular disabilities. A qualified counselor experienced in the particular disability is the best choice for help in determining career direction.
Who would benefit the most from using Career Direct® ?
People of all ages can benefit from Career Direct® whether they are preparing for a career, entering the workforce for the first time, re-entering the workforce, or seeking to maximize their God-given talents and abilities in their current situation. The preferred age to start using Career Direct® is 15 years of age.