certified teachers

“Life at the crossroads” training seminar was held in Ternopil in February of 2020. 

Vitaliy Ozerny and other representatives of NGO “Youth at the crossroads” were the speakers of the seminar. 

The staff of Success Center were the participants of the seminar 

and have received Certificates which gives them right to use this program in working with youth. 


our plans

We are planning to use “Life at the crossroads” program at:

– secondary schools

– boarding schools and orphanages

– Successful Youth Club

– The English lessons at Success Center


what is “Youth at the crossroads?”

"Youth at the crossroads"

– it is an internationally recognized AIDS prevention program based on the formation of holistic youth character and Christian values.


– it is an effective curriculum that meets the pressing needs of society in the fields of education, health and spirituality, and fights such crisis phenomena as HIV / AIDS, drug addiction, violence, etc.


– it claims that long-term changes in a person’s life are the result of a transformation of their character. We believe that true change occurs when one has a personal relationship with God.


The history of  “crossroads” international organization

"CrossRoads" International organization was launched in 1995 and the first conference in Ukraine took place in 1999.

Since 1999, more than 6,000 Ukrainian educators have been trained at 3-4 day training conferences and have been certified to teach "Life at a Crossroads".

In 2008, the "Life at the Crossroads" program was approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as an optional course for teaching in educational institutions of Ukraine.

The character of Jesus Christ is an example to follow

Taking as an example the character of Jesus Christ, the “Life at the Crossroads” textbook is an effective tool for the teacher to form a holistic personality of child. The purpose of the textbook is to teach students to make wise decisions, to change their lives for the better, and to acquire good and healthy skills. The “Youth at a Crossroads” program is already operating in more than 60 countries and has gained authority from government and NGOs.

the reason for program’s success

The success of the Program is ensured by its unique approach. Compared to other programs focused on the correction of apparent negative human behavior, “Youth at the Crossroads” states that long-term changes in a person’s life are the result of a transformation of their character. We believe that true change occurs when one has a personal relationship with God.

28 textbook lessons are devoted to character development

The “Life at the Crossroads” textbook consists of 28 lessons on character development and keeping yourself sexually pure before marriage. The implementation of this program in schools begins with holding 3 or 4 day training seminars for teachers in a certain area in order to teach them how to use the textbook, give practical and methodical advice. Usually 150-200 teachers take part in such a training seminar. Teachers who teach “Life at a Crossroads” Program are fully provided with student notebooks and supporting literature, as well as periodically one-day training seminars.


“life at the crossroads” workbook

Chapter 1: Relationships

Lesson 1. Looking Ahead

Lesson 2. Understanding Yourself

Lesson 3. Appreciating People

Lesson 4. Building Friendships

Lesson 5. Defining Genuine Love

Lesson 6. Facing Choices


Lesson 7. Building Character

Lesson 1: Defining a positive character

Lesson 2: Building a positive character

Lesson 8. The Risk of Justification

Lesson 9. Assuming Responsibility

Lesson 10. Respecting Others

Lesson 11. A Role Model of Good Character

Lesson 12. A Closer Look

Chapter 3: Love: nectar or poison?

Lesson 13. Intimacy and Marriage

Lesson 14. The Hawk and the King

Lesson 15. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV / AIDS

Lesson 16. Prevention Strategies

Lesson 17. Positive character – protection against the spread of HIV / AIDS

Chapter 4: Life Skills

Lesson 18. Right Choices

Lesson 19. Jason and the Time Thread

Lesson 20. The Pressures You Face

Lesson 21. Standing Strong

Lesson 22. How to Say No

Chapter 5: Navigating Your Future

Lesson 23. Amazing Love

Lesson 24.A New Start

Lesson 25. It Takes Courage

Lesson 26. Your Life at the CrossRoads

Lesson 27. Character Workshop

Lesson 28. CrossRoads Character Presentation



“Thanks to the principles outlined in the “Life at the Crossroads” program, students begin to look at their own behavior in a different way. I conducted a poll in my class after telling them about the risk of having an intimate relationship, and most said that if they had known this earlier, they would have made wiser decisions.” 

A Methodist of the children's center

Ivano-Frankivsk region

“The students were surprised to be recognized as something very valuable. They are also beginning to understand the implications of their decisions and the decision-making process itself. ” 

Psychology teacher

Kyiv city

“In my 19 years as a teacher, I have never seen such a program … It is ideal because it combines the social, medical, spiritual and psychological aspects of AIDS prevention and character formation.” 

Class teacher of 9th grade

Konotop city

“This program is essential for our students to help them understand their own value. Especially in this period of our country’s history they need hope for a better future”

Deputy Director of Vocational Technical School

Kryvyi Rih city


we believe that real changes in Ukraine will happen through a changed young generation!