“life in our hands” lessons

development lessons for preschoolers and children from elementary school

“Life in our hands” is a revolutionary educational program that has 12 interesting subjects.  

Over the course of the lesson pupils receive answers to the questions on topics about the world around them. 

Life in Our Hands is a program that is designed to solve the main problems of efficient, comprehensive child development such as:

  • balanced development of both sides of the brain of the child;
  • the training of child’s intellect;
  • the studies of foreign languages;
  • a development of logical and critical thinking;
  • preschool child development: intellectual, emotional and psychological adaptation of the child before school.

    The teachers of the Center took the training on how to prepare and teach the lesson. We would like to thank our teachers for teaching and show us practical lessons of how to held the lessons for children. We also would like to thank Orphans promise for providing the needed recourses for these lessons to happen.

    We believe that Life in Our Hands lessons will help many children to open themselves and will help the succeed in school and will help them to be prepared for independent living.