«The greatest adventure» – It is a 12-part (meetings) program

for children, which is directed to learn about Jesus,

and to teach children to walk with Him every day of

their live sharing a Good News


“God's amazing gift”
God’s amzing gift” introduce children to Jesus and explanes why He came and how He solved the issue of our sin. God’s amazing gist is everlasting friendship with Him. All of that became possible with Jesus.
“Life with God”
“Life with God” encourages children to trust God every day. When we respond to God`s love we begin to grow and change our lives to make it the way God intended it to be.  Join us in this Greatest adventure!
“Sharing the gift of God” encourages everyone share of what God has given us with others. To share about Jesus with others is a great way to show that God loves them. But this is not just words, it is good actions with love even towards people, that it seems, hard to love.

Every meeting the children together with their favorite character Sam airplane are going for the greatest adventure. It leads to discover the great gift of God for all people.    

Over the course of the lesson children learn different biblical stories about God’s people and about opportunity to become a friend of God. Bible helps children with their journey because it is a massage from God to us. Reading stories from the Bible children learn who God is and about His love to everyone.    

Other than that children learn Bible verses by heart. They are looking for answers of the questions teachers give them and complete tasks. On every lesson children together with teachers pray to Jesus and submit their life to Him. 

The overall massage of every lesson are the following words: “People around the world are learning about Jesus and they are trying to live the way He taught us. Let us learn more!”    


We believe that by helping children

to except Jesus as their Lord and Savior

and to teach them Biblical Principles for life,

we are laying a strong foundation

for their happy Christian life!