Today we are living in the world full of deception and corruption, injustice and disorder. It is a world where the strong our ruling and the weak are perishing. So often we make compromises against our conscience and moral principles in order to obtain an easy profit. We are full of indignation about the corruption of law enforcement, the dishonesty of the government and political prosperity through bribes and eat often times with our own hands we also contribute to this criminal system. We have lied have given bribes and encourage others to do so, justifying our selves that it is the only way out. We think that if we try another way we will never survive in today’s world.

With the desire to prove that there is another way and that God’s principles can change millions of lives a Christian Center for Entrepreneurship Development was opened in Ternopil. The Center called Success was opened in September of 2007 as a result of the school La Red that began in 2004 and is based on the Biblical principles of becoming successful.

The founders of the school were Ivan Papish and his wife Lyubomira who understood that it is God who gave them desire to change the society.

The founders had a revelation: “To change nations through trained, transformed and equipped people that are following the ways of God”. Everything should start with something small, everything should start with someone.

The employees of the Center began their activities with personal changes by going through one-year program at La Red practising Gods principles they found great transformation in their personal lives. To find out more you can visit the Events Archive on our web site.