Resumption of studies at the “Success” Сenter

Understanding the challenges that people face today, the team of the Christian Training Center “Success” is successfully resuming classes for children in the center’s premises. At the beginning of September, we held an organizational meeting with parents and caregivers, where we talked about how children’s education will take place in wartime. Parents and caregivers were very grateful for this opportunity to resume education in the premises of the center and expressed a desire to enroll their children. These are children from large, low-income families, orphans, half orphans, children of internally displaced families.

As a result of the meeting, more than 200 children resumed or started their studies at the center. The children enthusiastically returned to the center’s classrooms and immersed themselves in learning English, “Life in our Hands” lessons, lessons that help prepare for independent life and form a highly moral Christian character. Every day, children look forward to these classes, because they are held in an interesting, interactive and playful way. It’s a good tool to help kids take their mind off what’s going on in the country and remember that life goes on. Also telling children about the love of Jesus Christ and that He is always near.

We are grateful for the opportunity to continue imparting knowledge, positive emotions to children, as well as helping them cope with the difficulties they face

Day Camp: “What’s your superpower?”

“What’s your super power?”
“I am a human!”
“I’m polite!”
“I love God!”
“I love my parents!”
“I am Ukrainian!”
“I have a place in heaven!”

These were the themes of the days in the camp at the Ternopil Training Center. For two weeks, the children learned to love their family, country and God.
Every day the students united in a common prayer for each region of Ukraine and prayed that God would save our city. It was a blessed time for teachers and students. God gave the weather when we went into the woods, protected us during air raids. The children lived in the camp every minute and did not want this time to end. Through the games, the inmates of the camp learned to make adult decisions, reflect on their lives, and took a step toward meeting Jesus through repentance. We believe that God has already heard our every prayer and that our victory is not far off.


Due to the treacherous attack on Russia on February 24, 2022, the Success Christian Training Center was urgently converted to accept refugees from other regions of Ukraine. In the first days of the war, we equipped 3 classes as joint employees of the team of employees and volunteers of the Center, parents of children who study at the Center, for financial support of our sponsors and friends. There we have more than 30 people per night. Over time, we will increase the number of classes to 4, and later we will accept up to 70 people at a time
As of March 10, 2022 (the 15th day of Ukraine’s defense against a full-scale Russian invasion), a large number of Ukrainians from the eastern and central regions were evacuated to Western Ukraine and the European Union. In response to this need, the team of the Success Center, which was involved in the service around the clock, was able to provide safe places for many displaced families. Every night we received 50-60 people with families, children and the elderly, who came to Ternopil by car or on trips. Here people rested from the road, warmed up, could eat and spend the night, and continue their journey .
We have created the most comfortable conditions for our guests:
– Dining room with fresh hot food
– warm beds for a good night’s rest
– two hot showers
– Two washing machines and one tumble dryer to wash clothes and bedding from the hygiene beds
– Two massage beds for recovery after long journeys
– services of a professional masseur to relieve stress,
– consultations of psychologists and guardians.
We pay special attention to the peculiarities of conversations with the idea of ​​the importance of hope in God, we pray with them for the forgiveness of sins and God’s blessing for their future.
Since the beginning of the war, we have received more than 550 people at the Success Center.
We will also serve the residents of our hometown. Therefore, we have already prepared a warehouse for humanitarian aid of 80 sq.m.
We truly thank everyone who supported us with mattresses, blankets, food, personal hygiene products and everything we needed. May the Lord bless you all abundantly! This is our joint help to our Ukrainian people! We believe in God that victory will be ours! Thank you all for praying for your support! May God be glorified through our common activities and service to people.
We also resumed support and training for children and adolescents who studied at the Center before the war! In March 2022, education for children was mostly distance learning. We continue to hold online meetings for children and adolescents: English lessons, “Independence lessons for young people”, classes “The greatest journey”, meetings “Superbook”. To do this, we use the following web applications: Messenger, Viber, Zoom, Google Classroom, Padlet and others.
In this way, we continue to maintain good relations with our students, showing them attention, care and giving God’s love and peace in this difficult situation for the whole world.