We are truly thankful to God for the successful ministry to children and adults in 2021!

Over the course of the year, we conducted daily lessons and classes for students of the Center on the courses “English lessons”, “Life skill lessons for young people”, “Superbook”, “The greatest adventure” and “Life in our hands.”

We helped the members of the Successful Youth Club form a strong character and begin to manage their finances according to Biblical principles.

We had many personal consultations on family relationships and business, and hundreds of participants were able to take tests and consultations on the Career Direct career guidance program.

The summer months were full of events that had a special impact on the lives of hundreds of teenagers and adults in the weekly children’s day camp activities and in during the “Dad Camp”.

Dozens of lessons and classes were held in the city’s secondary schools. And through cooperation with the city authorities, social projects that change lives have been organized.

We end 2021 with a Christmas celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you very much for your boundless contribution, support and prayers! Changing the lives of children and adults through the service of the Success Center is our common fruit for the Kingdom of God!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


“Being tolerant is not enough! Doing good to people is the real challenge of today!”

November 15-19 of 2021 the staff of the Success Center addressed this message to high school students of Ternopil Ukrainian Gymnasium named after I. Franko as part of the “Week of Tolerance”.

The team of the Center conducted six classes for 139 students in the gymnasium. Adolescents were tested to determine their personality type to better understand themselves and those around them.

During the discussions, participants realized the importance of not only showing respect and tolerance to other people, but also looking for opportunities to do good deeds for them.

The students listened carefully to the teachers’ explanations of the biblical principle of “Sowing and Harvest” and learned the “Golden Rule” well: “Do to others what you want them to do to you.”

We believe that with God’s help, teenagers will grow up wanting to bring joy to those around them by doing good deeds!


On September 23, 2021 in Ternopil the team of the Christian Training Center “Success” together with the City Student Parliament “Nasnaga” and with the support of the “Center for Children and Youth” held a photoquest “Objective Creativity 2021”. 96 students from 16 secondary schools of the city took part in the event. They had a difficult task – to take team photos according to 10 creative tasks within a limited time. All teams performed the task “excellently”, and some impressed the organizers with their creativity and unusualness.

On September 28, the winners of Photoquest were awarded at the Success Center. Creativity, geographical location of photos and teamwork were evaluated. The teams received diplomas for participation and victory in some nominations, sweets, office supplies. We thank Tatiana Chubak and the Podolyany Charitable Foundation for the main prizes for the winning teams – bowling and skating rink subscriptions at the Podolyany shopping mall.

Congratulations to the team of School №27 with the victory in Photoquest!


During July and August of 2021, the work of the Success Center team was mostly held in summer recreational camp “Lisoviy” which is located in Ternopil region, Western Ukraine. Every summer for the last 10 years we are serving in this camp and conducting various events for 400-500 kids. This year we were able to held following events:

  • Life skills lessons for older kids and adolescents. During lessons children and youth gained needed and practical skills for independent life. They also learn about biblical principles for good relationships with their pears and parents, they also form good character. The lessons were filled with different team tasks and interactive games.
  • For younger kids there were held lessons from The Greatest Adventure and Superbook curriculums. At these lessons looking into the Bible children learn about Gospel and Gods plan for their life.
  • We also held games for the entire camp, quests, competitions. We’ve also showed educational cartoons and movies to create the atmosphere of friendship, acceptance and care for one another.

Here are some of the feedbacks from adolescents:

“The game “Instinct of self-preservation” became a discovery for me. Apparently because of this game all the groups became friendlier and really opened up. To be honest, I liked all of the trainings. But the topics about Nick Vujicic and his parents were the most interesting for me. After these trainings, I decided to forgive, and so far there have been very strong problems with this for me. I want to thank you very much. You are all amazing, incredible and good people. We will never forget you! ” (Derekh Veronika, Berezhany, Ternopil region)” 

“I liked all the topics of the trainings. Each of these topics provided many things for reevaluation. Indeed, although it is impossible to understand everything at once, but true-life stories gave impetus to certain actions. The greatest and most important of the discoveries was that after the forgiveness of a certain person it becomes easier on the soul. That’s why I decided to forgive my father. Thank you! The games you played helped a lot to communicate better with people in my group “(Victoria Bachynska)”

“I liked the games that we’ve played with Ruslan and Yuriy. The “instinct of self-preservation” helped the children to unite and to have active and fun time. And in general, all the kids that participated liked this game so much. Natalia’s trainings were very interesting. The boys and girls actively discussed the topics raised by the psychologist. I think she had a positive effect on the children, helped them to think and change something in their lives for the better. Photo-quest was interesting, because the children showed their imagination and creativity, united and showed a great result. This event helped them believe in themselves. We look forward to seeing you next year ”(Polyak Alla)

“Dear team of the Success Center!” Thank you for all the time that we spent together. I really liked the games and competitions you organized for us. Also during the trainings, I realized certain things that helped me a little to cope with some problems. In addition, I want to thank you for all the moments you gave us, by the way, thanks to one game, I reconciled with a friend! In general, thank you for your work! I wish you to move only forward and continue the work of life! ” (Sofia Denisyuk)

“I really liked the heart-to-heart conversations, there were cool games and movies. I was very impressed by the story of one of the teachers about his father, as I had a similar situation. It’s great that you were able to tell others and give us moral strength. You gave me the strength to forgive my mother. I wish you good luck in your profession!” (Tsilinskaya Anastasia)

As part of the beginning of the new school year, the Success Center held an organizational parent meeting for parents and guardians of students who attend classes at the Center. At these meetings, participants got acquainted with the curriculum, rules and schedule of the center.

There were also festive ceremonial meetings with all students who will study with us this year! All children with inspiration and perseverance begin to gain knowledges, shape their character and reach new heights in their lives!

We wish God’s blessings to all children and adults! Thank God for the opportunity to serve them! We are grateful to all who pray and support us in our joint activities for the glory of God!


June 7-11, the Success Center hosted a week-long children’s day-camp called  “IZI to be yourself” for middle and senior age groups of students of the Center. 48 children attended an event. The main message was “Understand your uniqueness in God and help others to be unique.”

Then June 29 though July another children’s day-camp called “Number One” was held for junior students of our Center. Children have learned to give priority in all areas of their lives to the One who is worthy of it, Jesus Christ. Through Bible lessons, games, and quests, the Center’s teachers showed participants the importance of subordinating their lives to Heavenly Father. The highlight of the camp was a day spent on the tennis courts Central Park” in Ternopil, where most children for the first time in their lives tried themselves in a game of tennis and got a lot of positive emotions.

We are trully thankful God for the opportunity show His love for children and teens. We believe that the good seed of the Word of God, which was planted in children’s hearts will bring a great fruit in their adult life!




June 1719, 2021, the Dad’s Camp was held in Ternopil. It was attended by 40 dads and 40 children. The main speakers in the camp were representatives of the DadCamp” international organization. Through training for dads and interactive games for children, they  learned important principles of passing God’s inheritance from dads to children. We were able to see the extraordinary resultin the change of attitudes of dads. The positive feedbackof the participants inspiring us to hold similar events in the future.

Here are some of the feedbacks from dads:

       “I sincerely thank the administration of the Success Center for organizing this spiritual event called “Dad Camp”. Thank you for being a witness for Jesus Christ. May the Lord bless you with all His graces ”(Shengera Taras)

       “I thank God and the ministers who made this contribution into our lives. The positive attitude  of the ministers was overwhelming. As a father, I am learning to love God above all in order to pass on a blessed inheritance to my child ”(Krupka Vitaliy)

       “Dad-camp is valuable information that helps to solve difficult problems in the relationship between father and son” (Mochar Ovid)

       “Thank you for revealing to me the important role of a father in the life of my family, and especially my children. Maybe there weren’t some extraordinary emotions, because we are men. That’s why we decided to be real dads for our children! ” (Vityuk Andrey)

        “I was struck by the touching story of Ivan Papish. Invaluable time spent with my child, it was a time for learning and positive experiences. Unique emotions. This is a very important and necessary project. I love you and may God protect you ”(Prokhira Rostislav)

        “God himself brought me here and gave me the opportunity to “stop time” to understand how important it is to spend time with my children and take an interest in their lives. Rethinking that there is something to change in relationships to the family “(Andriy Solodovnyk)


One week before Easter, the students of the Christian Training Center “Success” had the opportunity to move to the time of Jesus Christ and experience the events of suffering and the joyful resurrection of our Savior. Сhildren understood the true meaning of Easter and through recitations and songs told about a greatest event for all mankind – Salvation from sins.

We truly thank God for the opportunity to serve children and adolescents! May the resurrection of Christ revive each of us to a new life for the glory of God!


In February 2021, the first lesson of the “Greatest Journey” lessons took place in Ternopil Training Center.

The topic of the lesson was “Being in a close relationship with Jesus”.

More than 30 children learned how to build the good relationships with their siblings and parents. Teachers helped children to understand how important it is to have good relationships at home, to help with everything around the house to take the initiative and be responsible.

Children were excited about the idea that through building strong relationships with Jesus Christ they are also building better relationships with parents, friends and teachers.


The team of the Center also held the first meeting of the Successful Youth Club meeting in this semester. Adolescents were excited about the opportunity to take 10-week course on Biblical Principles for Financial management.

This course raises up the following questions: God’s responsibility and ours; Debts; Taking advices; Giving; To study and to work; Savings; Friends and so on.

This course will teach them to make personal and family budget, will provide some ideas of personal savings, will give them a chance to create a weekly spending plan and make an income and expenses summery for the month. We will also teach them how to write personal resume for employment, how to set financial goals and many other.