Christmas is a holiday that reminds us of great hope and joy for all people. The team of Ternopil Training Center “Success” during the Christmas holidays had the opportunity to bring this great hope to those around us and need to hear this reminder of the greatest gift to humanity, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ!

From January 18 to 20 there were Christmas celebrations for children who are studying at our Center every week. A team of teachers and volunteers along with children was able to remind themselves and their parents and caregivers of the importance of Christmas. The holiday was filled with many smiles, all the children received gifts.

On January 20, we also came to congratulate children in the Ternopil Orphanage, where we come weekly throughout the year. There we also told the children about Christmas and presented gifts.

On January 24, the Center team together with one of the local churches and children had the opportunity to visit the Ternopil nursing home. There we sang Christmas songs and shared the good news of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

We thank God for the opportunity to bring hope and joy to people!


“Friend is the one who reveals the best in me” (Henry Ford)

Friendship is truly something great that we have in our lives. But sometimes it happens to be that friend might act in a strange way, his thoughts are sad, and he is unhappy and perhaps he is facing stress and depression. Most of us do not know what to do in situation like this.

Answering this in the end of October through the beginning of November the team of Success Center has held a training for teenagers from the groups of risk the training called S.T.A.R.S. (Suicide Training And Resiliency Strategies). This course is called to teach save and protect friends from depression and suicide.

One year ago the team of the Center has gone through the training and certification with the right to teach this course. We are truly thankful to our teachers Ruby and Lynn Johnston from Canada, who provided an opportunity for us to look at suicide from a different prospective and equip us with practical tools for better service to teenagers.

“Even if you do not need it now, life is an interesting thing, and it prepares different situations for us. It’s better to be prepared for everything, especially when it can save someone’s life!” – those were the first words in training that we’ve did.

The course topic was interesting and at the same time unexpected for teens. This is the first time in their lives that someone has spoken about a suicide, not afraid that it will provoke them to risky behavior. With full responsibility and care, trainers covered important and relevant issues, showing that they are serious about teenagers and are able to respond to their emotional pain correctly.

At the trainings, we talked about stress and depression: where it comes from, and how to deal with it. They also revealed the topic of psychological stability and had the opportunity to check if there were sufficient protective factors for each of us. Find out how to identify a friend’s dangerous behavior and what to do next.

The last meeting out of the course “Choose life” we have invited Jon Markey pastor of a local church. “The life if greatest value in the eyes of God” – pastor shared multiple times over his speech and he proved it with scientific research, sociology and Bible. Jon also shared few of his songs which gave a challenge to children to creatively find the calling in life.

We are truly thankful to God for the unique opportunity to minister teenagers through the training course S.T.A.R.S. We believe that these knowledges and skills will save lives and will help many find the right way in life.


On October 28, 2018, participants of the “Successful Youth” Club visited an event “Nick Vujicic in Lviv”. Christian preacher, motivational speaker and director of the non-profit organization “Life Without Limbs” Nick Vujicic came to Ukraine sixth time but it is his first trip to Lviv with a program “Life Without Limits”. Despite the fact that he was born without arms and legs, more than 8 million people in 69 countries around the world received encouragement and inspiration during his speeches.

“I have been to many countries of the world. But it is rear that I would come back to one country every 6 month. But Ukraine is one of those countries. I believe in your future and specially in the future of young people. This time I would like to share more motivationally. The value of the family is extremely important. My parents know that God never makes mistakes. Things that were made for worse can be used for good” – Nick Vujicic during his speech.

The whole program has had a very positive impact on teenagers from the “Successful Youth” club. Here are some of their feedbacks:

“Thank you Center Success for an amazing trip. My feedback about it I will say with Nick’s words: “do not emphasize your attention on what you can’t do, but focus on the good things you have and be grateful!”

Volodymyr Moskal

“Thank you for such opportunity to do something that I wanted to do for some years now and only today it became a reality! I would also like to thank you for helping me to realize that there are so many kind and positive people out there!”

Yulia Oleksyiko

“It was unbelievable! Nick is truly a person that can motivate anyone. He is amazing. I was crying even in spite the fact that I do not have any disabilities or sense of loneliness. Some people said that they fill sorry about him. I fully disagree with them. He is the man. He never gave up and never looked at failures but reached success. He should be imitated and not to be sorry about him”

Olesya Pivtorak

“It was so amazing! It is so cool to know that you were on a place where history is being created!”

Sofia Voloshin

“Thank you very much for such opportunity. The impression is just amazing! After this you truly want to change things in life. Thank you very, very much! Nick does inspire!”

Tania Tsupa

“Everything was awesome! The emotions are overflowing!  It was a great motivation”

Yulia Tutska

“People, it was very cool and sincere! Things Nick shared and his frankness, cost a lot to him. But the main message is that everyone is equally valuable, and when it comes to mistakes, you have to become and move on, and Nick with his story is a living example of it”

Sergii Stadnyk

“Nick Vujicic is a person who has a strong spirit and who place God first in his life. He motivates people and he know how to touch hearts! He has a desire to change people and change them for better. I am extremely happy that I came and was able to be at his seminar. Thank you Success Center for such opportunity))”

Yulia Hroda

“This is something that I can’t describe with words! You should experience it. the least I can say right now is thank you for FULFILLING MY DREAM!❤I love you all! Remember you are strong and as long as you fall, you live, and as long as you live, you have the opportunity to try and win. You are worthy to be happy! Never forget about it! ❤” ?

Valeria Hopko

“ It was great!!! I was the most touched when 13-year-old girl came up on the stage and she dreamed to become a desirer! And Nick is just amazing! It is not a surprise that his story brings together so many people. This is a true motivation and change of priorities! How can you fall into depression after his words? It is impossible! Thank you for opportunity to hear a person like that live and not on TV or Internet!!!”

Marta Levitska

“It was one of the best trips in my life! Thank you very much!”

Katya Flinta


The new season of Successful youth club has begun it’s work in October of 2018. Over September the team of Ternopil training Center has held several lessons and quests in public schools of Ternopil, where were able to present the work of the club. The overall objectives of the club are:

  • To build relationships with teenagers;
  • To form a reliable and strong character;
  • To teach adolescents to overcome hard life challenges and situations.
  • To develop leadership skills of youth
  • To help young people to find their calling in life.

More than 30 young people joint the club this year. We already have talked to them about their value and about the importance of school. We thank God for the opportunity to influence young people and help them to influence their surroundings.


The practical seminar Biblical Principles for Parenting took place at the Success Center August 30th through September 1st. The teacher of the seminar Susan Espenlaub, a teacher and a psychologist with many years of experience paced on knowledges and skills to parents, caregivers, which will help participants of the seminar to raise parenting to a completely new level.

The following topics were displayed: Help! I am a parent, building trust, Discipline: shaping behavior, Discipline: Connecting with your child during correction, Teaching responsibility, Adolescence: a time of transition, communication and discipline.

By working in small groups participants found practical solutions in overcoming the difficult life situations in upbringing of children. By sharing their experience with one another they expended on their knowledge of successful parenting. They have discovered the spheres of their lives which need improvements and change. The teacher confirmed every topic with a Bible reference showing that the vest example of a good father it our Heavenly Father.

We are truly thankful to Susan Espenlaub for her great input into the hearts and minds of parents and caregivers. All of the participants are so much thankful and pleased with the information they have heard and are inspired to parent their children using Biblical principles.

August of 2018. Continuation of the work with teenagers at Lisoviy summer camp. 

The team of the Center has continued the work at the “Lisoviy” summer camp (Ternopil region) in August of 2018. More than 200 children from various cities and villages of Ternopil region camp to the camp over this time.

The foundations for the work with teenagers were the lessons and trainings on the topics from the “Restoration” and “Life Skills” programs. The most popular topics were:  You are valuable, the values of life, my future –  the choice of my occupation, teen age, risk behavior – the reasons and consequences, the art of communication, conflicts, and responsibility.

Children of younger school age always enjoy our lessons of Greatest Adventure curriculum. The same way they were very excited about SuperBook cartoons and discussion after.

We have also held general camp games, contests and quests. We have showed educational movies. The main goal of those events was to bring spiritual principles of life to children to impact their behavior, building of relationships, conflict solving and the team work.

One thing that was very precious to us was personal conversations with children. Children would share their life stories. Often those stories would be about divorce in families or betrayal, addictions, abuse, the sense of isolation and lack of confidence in tomorrow. When they heard about one reliable exit from hard situations which is Jesus Christ they would accept the Good News and would submit their life to the Lord.

Here are some of the feedbacks of the camp participants:

“After the trainings I’ve started to think about my life. Before I did not care that much about my own life. Thank you! I will think about things I’ve heard about and will change my attitude towards my stepfather. (Iryna Trachuk, Kremenets)

“Your lessons are not just training but they are open conversations. For me personally each of the training showed something important. I never thought that I will be able to go so deep in thoughts about the topics which you talked about. Although I see how much they are important for me. I just want to say thank you for all of the words and conversations. They are very important” (Anastasia Holinka, Berezhany)

“It is always comfortable around you and I can sense trust. It easy for me to listen to you. I gave my many challenges. Because of your simplicity I want to speak with you about more topics. It is so nice to talk with people who are not afraid to show who they truly are. Thank you for three week of open talks. I am sure that you have influenced many teenagers. Thank you for your desire to invest the best into people. (Tetiana Kulpa, Ternopil)

“I’ve been to the trainings before. Yours are different. They are very sincere. You inspire people to become better although I did not always agree with you. I think you should go to schools more often and fix kid’s brains. The most I liked to topic when you talked about premarital relationships and pregnancy. I will keep myself for my future husband.” (Iryna, Lanivtsy)

We truly thankful to God for the opportunity to influence the lives of children and teenagers!

The work with teenagers at the “Lisoviy” summer camp, July of 2018

In July 2018, the team of the “Success” Center worked with children and adolescents in the children’s summer camp “Lisovii” (Ternopil region). More than 400 children from different cities and villages of Ternopil, Poltava and Kyiv oblasts, came to the summer camp.

Lessons, classes and trainings were held in accordance with the educational programs “Restoration” and “Lessons of independence for youth” on the following themes: “Character is the basis of a successful life”, “How to get along with parents”, “True love is waiting!”, “My future. Choosing a Profession “,” Adolescent age “” Risky Behavior. “Causes and Consequences,” “ Art of Communication” Conflicts,”” Opportunities. “

Team games and competitions, quests discussion of movies, lessons for the program “The Greatest Adventure” for middle school age children, meetings of the Superbook Club with the demonstration of new series of “Superbook” cartoons and discussions were held during that time.

The main purpose of these activities is to bring teenagers to the Biblical principles of life: behavior, building relationships, resolving conflict situations, working in a team. Each time our teachers give encouragement and motivation to the students. It helped them to believe in themselves and find hope for a happy, successful life. The acquired knowledge and practical skills formed a reliable character in students, which allowed us to lay a solid foundation for independent living. Children are happy to receive good news of Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and trust their life in Him.

Here are some reviews by camp participants:

“Thank you for interesting time and trainings. We got a lot of new emotions, changed our views on life. Thank you for everything! “(Akumanova Zhenya, Poltava)

“Thank you very much for such frank and interesting conversations. Thanks to your trainings, the vision of many things has changed for me. ” (Julia 17 years old, Ternopil)

“We are very grateful to you for this time together with us. We got a lot of new emotions, thoughts, views on life. Thank you, we have changed our attitude towards the people around us. We really liked your training and presentation. ” (Yushchenko Katya, Poltava)

In August 2018, we will continue to work in the camp. Thank God for the opportunity to influence the lives of children and adolescents!

Children summer day camp “Royal Game”

At the end of the school year there was held 2 day summer camp for children “Royal Game” by the team of the Success Center:

– June 11-15, 2018 – for children who attend classes at the Center (Ternopil);

– June 18-22, 2018 – for children from large and low income families in Kremenets children’s sanatorium (Kremenets, Ternopil region).

Participants took an active part in games and quests, and in biblical lessons and meetings of the Superbook, they learned about God’s plan for their lives. We are infinitely grateful to God for the unique possibilities of implementing the Center’s projects, serving children and adults during the past 10 years!


“On the threshold of adult life” Training 

On May 05-06 and May 19, 2018, within the the annual project “On the threshold of independent life” organized by Orphans Future foundation, the employees of the “Success” Center conducted trainings on the topic of “My character” and “My inner world” as well as the Career Direct testing and a career counseling guide to determine the best future occupation for graduates of orphanages and boarding schools in the Ternopil region.

Adolescents were open to discuss conflict situations that often arise in their environment. They’ve learned with great interest the basic principles of character formation. The results of the testing and counseling helped participants to determine their future course of study and their future occupation. We thank God for the opportunity to serve orphans and prepare them for an independent life!

Superbook celebrational meetings in the orphanages of the region 

In April of 2018, the team of the “Success” Center held Easter Meetings of the Superbook Club in Zbarazh’s boarding schools and Nove Selo village (Ternopil region). Through cartoons, games and biblical stories, we shared with children and adolescents about the true meaning of Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. They were happy to take an active part in the contests and discuss them. And when there was a call to repent, the children prayed to Jesus Christ with a sincere hearts, accepting His forgiveness and love.

In the end, each participant received a gift from “Samaritan’s Purse” and a booklet “The Greatest Gift”, which brought them a lot of joy and pleasant emotions. For us, the greatest pleasure is the opportunity to share with the children of God’s love and tell them about His wonderful plan of salvation.


“Successful Entrepreneurship which is based on the Biblical Principles” seminars

On February 22-24, 2018, a team of Certified Teachers from the Center held a seminar in Kyiv on “Successful Entrepreneurship which is based on Biblical Principles”. The organizer of the event was the NGO “New Life.” The workshop was attended by 19 participants – practicing entrepreneurs and those who only want to develop their business idea and start entrepreneurial activity. The first two parts of the seminar “Principles of successful entrepreneurship” and “Practice of entrepreneurship in modern environment” smoothly went  into practical business planning and writing the main sections of the business plan in accordance with the personal ideas of the participants.

On March 01-02, 2018, a team of Certified Teachers of the Center held a seminar on ” Successful Entrepreneurship which is based on Biblical Principles” at Missionary School in Kishinev, Moldova. The event took place as part of the project which was organized by “Emmanuel” (Kiev). For the fifth year in a roll, we have been conducting our seminars at this school. Nearly 20 participants (pastors, ministers, and future missionaries) welcomed and rejoiced at the main message of the seminar that the purpose of the biblical business is people and their needs, and profit is the result of proper management of the resources entrusted to us by God. They learned about the practical application of Biblical principles of entrepreneurship, learned to plan and present business plans according to their own ideas.

On March 22-24, in the city of Ternopil, teachers from the Center held a seminar on ” Successful Entrepreneurship which is based on Biblical Principles” for more than 30 participants. It was a real challenge for many participants to obey God in the process of doing business.

On May 31 – June 2, 2018, the seminar “Successful Entrepreneurship” was held in Sarny (Rivne region) for 20 participants. “Understanding the biblical approach to doing business is what we lacked in doing business” Andriy Pehotin one of the participant’s feedback.

We believe that understanding Biblical Entrepreneurship as a Service to People will help the seminar participants in their work on the field of God, and the lives of hundreds and thousands of people will be changed for God’s glory!

The completion of the course will be local and international business plan contests.