February 25-26 the team of three people form Success Center: Ivan Papish, director of the Center and certified teachers Oleg Karpyk and Yuriy Mamus went to Kishinev, Moldova to teach the “Business by the Bible: Principles, Practices and Planning” seminar. Seminar was part of missionary school project. Emmanuel Association, Kyiv, organized it.

30 pastors, missionaries and church ministers from different cities of Moldova came to the seminar.

The overall objective of the seminar was to help missioners to start businesses in the cities where they will be starting churches. It will help them to finance their own ministries and will give them opportunity to spread the Kingdom of God through building good relationships with employees and clients.

The positive impact of biblical principles of business seminars can be seen clearly on the life one young man Stas Korzh from Kishinev. He was part of the “Business by the Bible” seminar that we held in Kyiv. At that time Stas was working hard on construction of the building and that took him lots of free time and physical efforts. He was praying to have more free time for his family and ministry to God.

During the seminar, Stas heard about the principles, practices and planning of Biblical Entrepreneurship. After understanding the principle of business that based on the biblical principles, his attitude towards entrepreneurship and life changed.

We have not had any connection with him for two years. When we were doing the seminar in Kishinev on February 25-26 of 2014 he heard about it and came to see us. Stas told us about the amazing changes that happened in his life because of the principles that he heard two years ago during the seminar. He started and successfully developing his business.

Stas was saying:

“I have understood that the main goal of biblical business are people. I have to serve people, answering to their needs and not worry about the profit. I realized that profit is the result of my responsible stewardship of the business. God will take care of my profit.”

Today Stas’s business bringing good finances for his family and to the ministry to sick children.

We have asked Stas to share his testimony for the students in our class in Kishinev. That testimony motivated and inspired people to use those principles on practice and start Kingdom Businesses.

March 20-22 of 2014, the team of the Center held “Business by the Bible Principles, Practices and Planning” seminars in Ternopil. One of the special part of the seminar was that we had one more teacher joint to our team of teachers. It is Ivan Mudryi the winner of International Business Plan competition.

Participants of the seminar were able to learn general principles of God’s economy, heard some practical advices about organization and conduct of business. Working in-group students were able to learn to write business plan using their business ideas. In June of 2014, we are planning to organize national business plan competition the winner of which will participate in International competition in October of 2014 in USA.

Youth with a Mission organization that we are collaborating with organized a school for working and ministering to families and children for students from countries of Ex-Soviet Union. On March 19-th staff of our Center were invited to share our experience of ministry to children and teenagers in our training Center and public schools. We have also taught the main principles of writing a business plan to help students in writing their projects for ministry to children.

In March, we had a privilege to host American Missioner Jack Hart (Kings Kids ministry, Youth with a Mission). He came to the meeting of our youth club and to English lessons that are happening in our Center. Jack is a great example of how you can use gifts and skills to reach out to people with the Good News about Jesus Christ. Jack is a magician and using different tricks, he shared about the love of God to children and teenagers. After every meeting, kids were unforgettably inspired by hearing more about God and His miracles.

We thank God for giving us opportunity to minister children and adults in different ways. We also thank all of you who pray and support our ministry. You are a great part of this ministry.

Issues of financial literacy, the ability to manage finances and keep the family budget has always been relevant. Ignorance and the failure of the principles of financial management usually, leads to serious family problems and even divorces. Unfortunately, the Christian families are no exception.

Being aware of this problem in our society, we organize trainings for these subjects.

February 8, 2014 we have organized a “Bible about finances” seminar, which shows the Biblical point of view on financial management issues. Over 40 people attended the seminar. Participants were pleased, and testified about a fundamental change in their view of how to manage finances and be a wise steward of God’s resources in their lives.

As the result of that among participants, we formed a group for 10-week Biblical Principles for financial management course. Once a week group of 12 people gathering to discuss one of the course subjects. Such as “Responsibility in financial management”, “Debts”, “Loans”, “Advices”, “Honesty”, “Work”, “Savings”, “Family Budget” and other. During the week doing the homework and practical lessons participants invest Biblical Principles of financial management and character building into their lives according to the will of God.

This month in Ukraine there was held a premiere of the Easter cartoon “Superbook” – “A remarkable resurrection”. Center “Success” took an active part in this project because we see an excellent opportunity to communicate the Good News of the love of Jesus Christ to all people.

The team of our Center was able to show cartoon in several orphanages, boarding schools and secondary schools in the city of Ternopil and Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Practically in every orphanage or school, we were able to share the love of God with children and the need to in peace with God. More than 300 children and teachers have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Some kids and teachers came to us and talked about the incredible experience during the prayer of repentance.

Here is a feedback of the Deputy Director of the educational work of Rogatyn special boarding school (Rogatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk region):

“I am immensely grateful to you for coming here before Easter time; you gave us a chance to reflect on the great sacrifice that the Son of God made for us! It is great that we can repent before God for our sins and ask Him for strength to live a godly life. I personally experienced the true grace of God when praying with you. Thank you very much! Come visit us more often! “

We also had opportunity to give Easter “Samaritans purse” gifts and books to children. All of children and adults were very pleased and thankful.

Here is the list of institutions, dates and number of children that came to see Easter “Sooperbook” cartoon:

April 11, 2014 :

  • Novosel’skogo regional special educational complex, Ternopil region, 95 children;
  • Ternopil regional shelter for minors 19 children;

April 14, 2014

  • Rohatyn special boarding school, 101 children;
  • Berezhany boarding school Ternopil region , 68 children;
  • Ternopil regional boarding school, 19 children.

April 15, 2014

  • Secondary school Petrikiv, Ternopil region, 30 children;
  • Christian Center for Entrepreneurship Development “Success” ( Easter
  • Holiday and showing cartoon), 100 children.

April 16, 2014

  • Hrymayliv regional municipal sanatorium boarding school for children with digestive diseases, 110 students;
  • Ukrainian gymnasium, Ternopil, 26 students.

Generally, we were able to visit nine orphanages or schools where 560 children saw “A remarkable resurrection” cartoon. More than 300 children and adults praying the prayers of repentance.

We are truly thankful to God for giving us such great opportunity to minister to children and teenagers. Thank you authors and translators for such a wonderful project.

May 8 of 2014 Center Success held the final meeting of a 10-week course called Biblical Principles for Financial Management. During the time of studies, people were able to learn Biblical instructions about following questions of financial Management: God’s and our responsibility, Debts, Advices, Honesty, Giving, Work, Perspective, Eternity. The participant were doing their home task and during the week and practiced financial planning, making a form for returning of the loans, writing budget and were learning to live according to the biblical principles of financial management.

11 student successfully graduated this training. Everyone was happy and thanked God for the opportunity to learn how to be a wise steward of finances. Here are some of their feedbacks about the training:

Krivitska Olga, government employee:

“About depts. I was trying to avoid having them and taking the loans for anything and using resources that I had. However, for me it was a true revelation that Sasha’s (my husband) depts will not disappear just by itself and we need to return it as soon as possible and fill my responsibility in it. I believe that God will provide finances need to become free from this slavery.

I was very impressed with “The act of transferring property to the Lord!” Before I was thinking, the things that I have are mine and are my personal but when I wrote the act and singed it, everything became deferent. Everything became easier because we have realized that God gave everything that we have to us!

I also have realized that I need to seek financial advices not from my mother or friends but from my husband. Because no one else understands our situation, desires. Nobody can take responsibility for decisions that we take, first it would not be fair in relation to others.

During the training, I saw many moments when I was dishonest in my day-to-day work routine. I make a decision to be honest and do not look for any excuses. Not to be satisfied with lies but to be honest in spite of anything!

I am learning to give generously with love and without any expectations. Before I had wrong motives, my giving to people was something like bribe off for my dishonesty.

As for work, I would say this: I got the revelation that career comes from God, and every job has to be done so that Jesus Christ was not ashamed. I even started to do house work different.

Never thought that it is parents responsibly is to leave inheritance to children. I always thought that you need to bring them up and let them go to live on their own in this sea of life. Now I understand more and it makes me scared. Therefore, it is a great challenge to me to do savings and not to use them.

I have also understood that I need to invest into my children and teach them how to use money. We are to live for eternity and to give everything that will not be able to take with me to eternity.

The most important moment was that my husband and I formed a budget that God is completing. We have started to spent money differently, started to save and think more about what we should buy, thinking do we really need it. We have started to do more savings and set aside money towards giving.”

Krivitsky Aleksander, minister at the rehabilitation Center:

“Now I am convinced that debt is a curse. Christ has paid the price and purchased us from this curse. As the result, we can stay with the consequences of that curse or make a decision to get rid of them. Very important is our attitude towards depts. In the future, it will show our attitude towards God and characterizes us as faithful stewards.

In order to look for advice about depts I am usually lacking time and patience. Often pride and self-confidence stands on the way. I do need to work on myself and pray more.

I was very touched with the topic of Honesty. As the result of what now, I am thinking more of what I do, say, and make sure that it is out of the obedience before the Lord.

We are learning to give more and we are praying about it more.

After finishing the topic of Work I gone through hard time of circumcision. Because I had to get reed of the old habits and change attitude towards my old employers. I understood that I am working for the Lord!

The subject of Savings gave me understanding why I should save. I need to live something to my children as an inheritance and for unexpected expenses. ”

Tsiruk Victoria , a student:

“I realized that debt is a curse, and now I will by all means avoid being in one.

During training, I was truly needed advice on finances. When I got it, I understood that I do need to ask God and wise people for advice, because I am not very wise in the managing of my finances.

The theme of honesty was my moment of repentance, because I realized that not even, seeing it, I was unfair. I decided to follow my every word and deed, in order to try to be completely honest before God. I realized that when we are dishonest with God, it is a manifestation of the fact that we do not believe in Him. We do not believe that He knows and controls everything.

Making conclusions on the topic of Work I realized that I wanted to make money not to save them for myself, but in order to be able to donate surplus. Lord gives me the work that do and He gives me strength and health to implement it. So I have to implement it as for the Lord.”

Tsiruk Lyuba, seller:

“Before the training I never thought I can change my attitude to money, to the way I earn them and to the work in general. Actually, I realized that there is some “truth” about all this. However, I could not find it on my own. I read a lot of secular literature, went to different workshops. Eventually began to be disappointed and give up. But through prayer I have been instructed by God to bring order to my finances. Once again, I started doing it on my own, planning my income and outcome but it was so primitive and never brought any results. I was going more and more with small depts and it made me very burdened. But when I gave it into the hands of God, He brought me to the Success Center. After hearing that I am only a steward of God’s resources that He gave me I received significant relief and encouragement.

Regarding the topic of Debts: before: delayed returning; are increased; was always depressed; Now: know what to avoid; I will be paying it off little by little.

“Advices”: before: I was avoiding advices because thought that people will laugh at me; I thought, «Who needs my problems?» Now: Word of God is my greatest guide; Seek the advice of professionals in this field; Have courage because I know that it is important I need to do so.

“Honesty”: before: Looking for excuses; I was thinking that they owe me more ( i.e. they pay me little and I can take some as a bonus); Now: Honesty have to be in my nature. It is hard! Because when something happens, I have no peace.

“Giving”: before: I will have more then I will give; I am poor myself and it too early for me to give; Now: I will share with what I can, even if it is something small; My “little” for someone can be something “great».

“Work”: before: « I’ll work well – they will see it and promote me”; « Look at me, what a worker I am” Now: understand that God looks at me and sees my work; God is providing for my attitude to the work.

“Savings”: before: constant need to take from the savings; Now: Live by the principle: “Better a small but untouched.»

“Perspective»: before: I thought that I must have this, because everyone else have it and I do not want to be deferent; Now: Understand that God sees things not the way I am.

“Eternity”: before: Living according to the principles “I need to take care of my life now and then we will see”; Now: Realized that without relationship with God there will not be “here” or “there”!

Yaworski Vasil, entrepreneur:

“Before, I was not thinking about the debt. When it came to learning in the Center “Success” I have received wisdom from God in financial management and budgeting.

I have realized that we need to seek the advice of men and God regarding financial matters constantly. I used shy to consult with people, but now I realize that it is very helpful to consult with a wise man. After having concise answer I will not fail in business.

I believe that without honesty no business can stand. Before repentance, I was honest, but not quite, because of which got into various problems.

In terms of giving, we open our hearts to see whether it is attached to God. For what is a man profited from the fact that if he shall gain the whole world, but loses his soul.

In work we need to show not only how we want to minister to people but to God. Do everything as unto God. Also it is very important when you are doing job correctly, other people see it and can praise God for it.

I am convinced that without savings it is very difficult to live. You must try to live by those finances, which are incorporated in the budget, and do not hurry to make hasty purchases.

We must always reflect on our life. What we are living behind and what we will bring to God!

My wife and I are very grateful to the team of Success Center for the blessings and wisdom of God! Our lives are changing for better!”

Tatiana Shevchenko, the teacher:

“Thank God, I have no debt, but the course “Biblical principles of financial management” has helped me to understand (or remind me) that debt – it is not God’s way and method of financial management. We must be true that God has entrusted to us (I mean money) and spend wisely – as a result there is no need to borrow. God always gives in time.

I usually ask advice on financial management from God, pastor and friends. I think that I will continue to do so.

Lessons about honesty helped me to see my honesty. I considered myself an honest person, but now I see that you need to regularly re-read Bible verses about honesty, to be more honest.

I have understood that I need to plan my giving, plan it ahead of time, and not be emotional in giving. It is also important to bless financially pastors and those who teach the Word of God.

“Everything you do, do it as unto the LORD.” It should always be remembered and reminded.

The course also taught me to save money regularly. I almost never did it.

It was interesting to me that God does not want us to be neither rich nor poor. He wants us to learn to be faithful stewards of finances.

I also realized that everything we do should be focused on eternity – what value will it have when the Day of the Lord come will it burn, or it will be like gold?”

Shymkiv Andrew, master adjuster:

“I realized that God is not against the loan, if we pay it off in time.

It is very important to ask advices on finances but ask for it from the professionals in that sphere and it would be even better if that person knows the Living God.

I believe that only honest man has the courage to come in prayer to God about their life situations.

When we learn to give, God will enrich us. Because the Bible says, that God blesses those who gives.

We need to work as for the Lord. Because through our work we can show God to others.

During the lessons in the class I learned to save. Savings can be done not only for my own needs, but also for giving to others. Savings can greatly help us in purchasing something or help us in the time of need.

I realized that not only my 10% belongs to the Lord and also other 90% are His as well. Moreover, God wants us to spend it correctly. It is important to realize that all of our finances and real estate owned by Lord and we are His stewards.

I realize that my life is short, and how I have lived it here on earth influence on my eternity.

I am delighted that this workshop has taught me not only manage the finances, and gave me the right attitude to debt and credit. Most importantly, I realized that all my finances belong to God!”

We thank God for the opportunity to help people form a solid foundation for life according to God’s principles.

We believe that practicing biblical principles of financial management in their lives, participants will achieve real success for the glory of God.

Working with orphans and children at risk as part of the “School of life” project the team of the Center faced the strong problem. It turns out that not all of the parents and caregivers know how and able to bring up their children correctly. Moreover, those who know the simply do not practice it or use them rarely.

To help parents and caregivers in this difficult matter we have organized the seminar called “Parenting school”.

On the different days of the seminars, there were different number of participants the most of 94 people, average 70 people and from the beginning until the end of the seminar – 44 people.

The teachers of the seminar were Susan and David Espanlaub from USA. They are very committed people. Susan has more than 28 years of experience of teaching children and teenagers and public and privet schools of America. She was able to pass on practical skills of wise and trust based parenting.

During the seminar, we were discussing the following topics: “Understanding your role as a parent”, “How to build trust”, “Communicating effectively within the family”, “Discipline: Shaping behavior”, “Discipline: Connecting while correcting”. All of the topics based on the Bible and were encouraging people to analyze and improve their parenting strategies.

All of the participants remained pleased and satisfied with the seminar. Many people changed their attitude towards parenting completely. Parents received great motivation to use affords and with the help of God bring up excellent children.

Training Center Success has conducted different projects with orphans and children from the group of risk. We have shared about those projects systematically in our previous news.

We would like to share with the information about the results of one of the project – “English lessons” and “Life skills for youth”. Natalia Semenchuk and Natalia Nevestenko (part of the team of the Center) were implementing this project during 2013-2014 school years.

In September of 2013 Training Center “Success” started a new year for English Lessons and “Life skills for youth”. We had four groups of children in total of 62 kids.

First two groups were preschoolers (4-6 years old). We had 20 students. Children were studying program called “Happy Hearts 1” and additional materials.

This year, we had opportunity to have separate group of children 1-2 grades (7-9 years old). The group has great progress as well. During the year they studied the book “Fairyland starter”, we took some subjects on grammar using the «Round up Starter» book.

The fours group of children (10-13 years old) numbered 17-18 students every lesson. For them, we were using «English for life. Elementary» manual. Children are very talented and were responsible in their attendance and in preparation for different holidays and home tasks.

The fifth group were teenagers (14-17 years old). They are the longest with us and some of them are studying for more than 3 years. Often they were bringing their friends to the lessons and our group grew with new children.

We have used the system of encouragement for children that were attending lessons more frequently than the others were. They would receive gifts, free tickets to go to bowling and skating ring. Also made a free photo session for them.

Practically all of the children understood materials very good. It was possible because of good attendance and cooperation with parents. During the time when children were on their lessons, parents were going through video seminars on parenting and took in-group discussions on formation of the good character “Foundation for Success Atchivement”. By the end of the school year there were 72 children coming to the lessons into our Center.

As the conclusion of that project, Center held a five-day summer day camp that called “Be a hero” in June 2 – 6. The program of the camp included: prayer, morning exercises, singing English songs, listening to the Bible lessons in English, participating in the general camp games, quests, snacks and crafts. Every day of the camp had its name “We are family”, “Our amazing world”, “Adventures”, “Party time”, “Best of the best”.

There was 44 children that came to the camp and they were joined in four teams for competitions and games.

Every day children were being acquainted with biblical heroes and were learning from them and their behavior. It helped them to take one truth from every lesson. For example “honor your father and mother”, “be an example in everything” and others.

Children liked to sing in English. By singing thet were learning the language and were learning about the Greatness of God.

The important part of the camp program were games. On the first day, it was introduction games and team games. Then there were general camp games such as “Keys to Fort Boayard”, Photo quest, “First million”, “Life in one hour”. The last game (life in one hour) helped children to think on the meaning of life and their priorities. Children prayed the sinner’s prayer.

The final part of the camp was the meeting with parents, caregivers and mentors where there were awrd ceremony and banquet for all of the participants of the camp and guests.

We believe that when we invest biblical truths into the hearts of children we are spreading the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on Earth.

Once someone said that opportunities comes to those who are ready to do something.

The team of the Success Center always had a desire to minister to the orphans and children at risk groups. That is why Lord grant us opportunity to influence children during their summer vacation in spite of the fact that they are out of the school

Children from different regions of Ternopil region come to improve their health to the sanatorium in Krements. Most of them are from multiple and poor families. Generally, there are approximately 50 children.

June 25 to July 1, our team had opportunity to organize one-week camp called “Be a hero” for those children. It was truly a great time for new acquaintances, games, quests, lessons and trainings. We united children into four teams and gave them opportunity to work together solving difficult tasks and making serious decisions. We would like to mark team leaders most because on our eyes they became true servant leaders for their peers.

The most important event of the camp was the cartoon “Miraculous resurrection” (Superbook cartoon). After that, we shared with children about the Good News and Love of God that was reviled in Jesus Christ for them.

Children were so imbued with the need to live a righteous life that more than 40 children prayed with us the prayer of repentance and accepted Jesus Christ into their heart! We are grateful to God for that!!

We were also able to talk to the teachers during the camp. We have passed on to the core Biblical Principles of our work with children. We told them about the value for good attitude towards people and life in general. We believe that those conversations will change their attitude towards children

All of the kids liked the camp very much and they have shared about that with in the feedback that wrote us. All of the invited us to come next year.

We will continue to communicate with children about the growing in the Lord truth through social networks in Internet and personal meetings.

During July 2014 a team of the Center conducted studies, prevention trainings and lectures by “Life skills for young people” and “Restoration” programs, contests, games and quests for children’s summer camp “Lisoviy”(Skomorohy, Ternopil region.).

This is the fourth year, God allows us to serve orphans and children from large and poor families who come to the camp for summer.

We mainly worked with senior and middle groups, more than 250 children. Every day during the training, we talked with the children on the theme: “Personality,” “Character – is the foundation of a successful life,” “life values “, “Conflict Resolution”, “The relationship between children and parents,” “The relationship between boys and girls “” Limits”and others.

In addition, we showed educational films and spent themed contests. We have also held quests that was something new for children.

Some of the children we know 4 years now. This year, we have seen a big change in them. Now they are learning in high school, have the correct stance on many things such as: alcohol, smoking and other bad habits about relationships with parents and personal point of view. In personal communication, we found that this was in many ways shaped throughout training in the previous years. Now they are ready to improve their character willingly.

We will continue to work with children in the camp in August 2014.

We thank God for the opportunity what He gives us to influence the lives of children, adolescents and adults. We were able to plant the right seeds in their hearts that some of them have sprouted, and others – will still grow and be sure to bring its fruit!

In October of 2014 Center Success has started the new school year. We are continuing to conduct lessons for orphans, children from large and dysfunctional families, children and adolescents at risk.

Here are the results that we can see right from the begging of the studies.

We are conducting the lessons of English and German languages, lessons by the Life Skills program and computer lessons, which children come with great enthusiasm and desire. They come to increase their knowledge and practical skills and to learn new skills for independent living, to learn more Christian principles and values.

English lessons for preschoolers in the classroom of the Center are where children learn communication skills while being with other children. They become more disciplined and learning new words in English.

Holding English lessons and lessons of life skills in the orphanage of Ternopil. There children are able to learn trust towards each other, their self-esteem increased. Their knowledge of computers and English became better. They learned new skills of independent living and Christian principles and values.

We are continuing conduct prevention lessons and lessons using Life Skills, Restoration, Business by the Bible programs in the public schools and other educational institutions of Ternopil city and region. During the lessons children were able to learn new skills for independent living and to prepare themselves to a life decisions.

They learned conflict solving and Biblical Principles for Entrepreneurship. Some of them became a part of “Successful youth club” where we continue to reach out to them. Children are able to see alternative life still from the one that Mass Media and other sources show them.

During the youth course Biblical Principles of financial management teenagers learn how to manage finances biblically.

During the Successful Youth Club teenagers become more prepared for the adult independent living. They learn more Biblical principles of life. They are forming right Christian character and lay down the strong foundation for successful life. Some of them started to attend local churches and invite their parents to go with them.

Проведення тестування та консультацій по програмі профорієнтації «Career Direct» – підлітки змогли визначити свої таланти та здібності, закладені в них Богом, визначилися з навчальним закладом для навчання та майбутньої професії.

Проведення особистих консультацій з питань сім’ї, відносин, бізнесу в приміщенні офісу Центру – люди отримали професійну консультацію і змогли знайти біблійний вихід з важких ситуацій, дізналися про принципи успішного життя.

For parents and caregivers of the preschool group of children in the classroom of the Center we show video seminar “How to overcome hardships of adoption” (author Terry Meeuwsen, Orphan’s Promise). Parents were able to learn how to bring up their children biblically. Learned how to overcome conflicts and hardships and better their relationships with children.

We are continue testing and consulting adolescents using the program “Career Direct”. This program helped young people to identify their talents and skills that God placed within them. It also helped them to determent direction for the study and identify their future occupation.

Often people are coming for the personal consultation where they can receive professional consultation on the questions of business, family and other. It helped them to find answers form the issue that they are facing through the Biblical point of view.

This year Center has a new opportunity to minister more children and teenagers. One of the public schools of Ternopil along with Polytechnic University opened their door even more and allowed us to teach lessons of “Business by the Bible”. They invited us to teach the course because they have good experience of partnering with the Center. We are very happy that we are able to lay a Biblical foundation for business into lives of new generation.

In September the team of the Center was able to participate in the international conference and business-plan competition by Nehemiah project international ministries, in Orlando, Florida.

Also we were able to teach a seminar on  “Growing fish in enclosed installations” for the Roma population of Mukachivo, Transkarpetian region.

But the main change that is leading us to fulfill this work is to help children to know God’s love for them and that they would know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and that they would join one of the local churches. Children that are changes are influencing on their parents and people around them spreading the Kingdom of God on the Earth.

November 1 of 2014 our Success Center celebrated it’s Seventh anniversary from the Day when Center was found. This remarkable date was coincided with another great news which the purchase of office facility for the Center. Now kids will be training more effectively in large classrooms and workers of the Center will be able to have more space for work and ministry.

For this holiday we invited children and their parents, teenagers that are attending the Center for training on the regular bases as well as volunteers and employees of the Center.

During the opening of the Center there was a ceremonial ribbon cutting and the children’s concert. Director of the Center Success spoke with a welcoming word. The workers of the Center presented the work of the Center of school year of 2013-2014, gave certificates, appreciations and rewards.

During the opening of the Center we had honorable guests representing Orphans Promise from USA and Kiyv.

We would like to say a special thanks to a Director of “Orphans Promise” International Organization and its president Terry Meeuwsen. During many year they were organizing the fundraising for purchasing of the office facility for the Center. We would like to thank all of the sponsors and charitable givers for their support of this nobble matter.

“Please accept our great appreciation and thanks for the priceless encouragement, care, and assistance that you granting us.  We highly esteem your contribution to ministry to orphans and children at risk in our city and country.

Thanks to you we are able to successfully to carry out projects to prepare young people for life on their own, to cultivate Christian morals in them, and help them become well-rounded individuals.

On this holiday we would like to wish you in exhaustible creativity, fulfillment of all your beginnings and plans, success, health, joy, happiness, and God’s abundant blessings!”

We truly think that together we can bring up successful generation for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In December of 2014 the team of the Center Success have launched to Superbook club for children and adolescents of Ternopil.

During the Christmas-New Year holidays December 10, 2014 through January 28, 2015 there are more then 40 children from the group of risk and also children from large or poor families are coming to the club twice a week.

Every meeting of the club is unique, interesting and filled with many interesting surprises for kids. By watching the cartoon and playing games the participants of the club get to know Gods love for them. They also learn new principles of Christian life such as friendship, obedience, honesty, respect of others, trusting in God and other.

What brings us the greatest joy is that children every time listen to the biblical stories with great joy, they learn how and then pray to God, trusting him with their lives.

We made a decision not to stop with Superbook club in the Center but went to the orphanages of our city and region.

In December of 2014 our team took Christmas series of the Superbook cartoon to five orphanages and boarding schools.

More then 450 children were able to watch the cartoon. After the end of cartoon we talked about it and shared some of the life principles that they learned from the characters of the Superbook. We prayed with them the sinner’s prayer committing their lives to Lord Jesus Christ.

In January of 2015 we are planning to attend six more orphanages and share with the about the precious gift – the birth of the Son of God.

In October of 2014 a team of Christian Training Center “Success” has started a new project “Superbook ” Club. After the preparatory work and advertisment in December 10, 2014 we had opening ceremony and the first meeting of the “Superbook” Club.

“Superbook” Club.

There were more than 30 children aged 5 to 15 years, and 10 parents. Young viewers very liked the first cartoon “In the beginning”, they liked the games and task that we had for them during the meeting. Next meeting we had 42 children and 15 parents.

Twice every week, on Monday and Wednesday children were able to see new series of the Superbook cartoon and having different games and tasks, listening to a topical lessons a life stories.

The most touching was the cartoon “The way to forgiveness” where children by the end of the meeting wrote the names of the people that they forgive on the slips of paper and brought them to the cross and then they prayed the prayer of forgiveness.

During the meeting that was called “Christmas story” children and adults were able to understand the importance of Christ coming and the true meaning of Christmas.

After every meeting children prayed to God. They invited Jesus to become their Lord and Savior and they were asking for straights to be more obedient and stop sinning.

The final meeting of the club was in January 28. All of the participants of the club received gifts and awards. All of the children are excitedly waiting for the new Easter series that we are planning to show during April of this year.