On January 2-6, 2013 Director of “Success” Center Ivan Papish accompanied employee of an international organization “Orphans Promise” Yuriy Khomyak in traveling to cities of Bulgaria. The goal of the trip was to launch the project of ministry to the Roma population, to assist in the full development of children and prevention of child abandonment among the Roma population.

The trip was successful thanks to the support and maintenance of Bulgarian friends of the Center: Chairman of the National Association of Bulgarian Bussines, the director of “Success” Center (Varna) Svetlozar Nikolov, and church pastor and interpreter Ivan Sert.

They were able to have meetings with the following leaders of Roma population of Bulgaria:

–          Meeting in Sophia with leader of Roma in Bulgaria Kiril Kirilov;

–          Meeting with church pastor Stephan in Varna;

–          Meeting with the minister to gypsies Veselin Ivanov in Varna;

–          Meeting with church pastors in Burgas;

–          Meeting with Roma lieders in Perushitsa

–          Meeting with the president of Bulgarian Christian Television Vladislav Belev;

–          And other key leaders.

As a result, an agreement was reached regarding the future development of the project of ministry to Roma population in Bulgaria.

Parallel with the main purpose of the journey, Ivan Papish conducted presentation of educational programs “Biblical Entrepreneurship” and “Foundations  for Success» in different cities of Bulgaria.

As a result, it was scheduled to held national conference and business forum in the Bulgarian capital Sofia in April 2013. Organizers of this event are National Association of Bulgarian Business. The team of our center was invited to teach seminars.

We thank God for the opportunity to participate in the service of Roma children in Bulgaria and spread the kingdom of God through teaching biblical principles of business and life.

February 6-7 of 2013 the team of Ternopil Center participated Eastern European Summit for church leader and pastors in Kyiv. The organizers of the event were the Alliance for Ukraine without orphans. Summit participants gathered together to share their experience and knowledge, to discuss successes and questions concerning ministry to orphans, and together make a plan joint work of the Church to reach out and influence every child that needs help.

February 16-17, 2013 team of the Ternopil Center in partnership with NGO “Brotherhood of orphans” and NGO “Orphans future” held two trainings for pupels of Brezhany boarding school and Ternopil orphanage. The program of the training consists of 4 modules “I am personality”, “Communication skills”, “To know and to be able to defend your rights”, “Ways to avoid conflicts”. We taught the lessons using curriculums “Lessons of independence for youth” and Restoration.

The main purpose of this training is to prepare youth for independent living, to equip them with knowledge and skills to make right decisions and solve problems.

The group was actively doing all of the tasks of the lesson, participated in discussions, and answered questions. All of the participants of the training were satisfied from the information that they received. They acquired practical skills for independent life. Here are some feedbacks from children:

The group was actively doing all of the tasks of the lesson, participated in discussions, and answered questions. All of the participants of the training were satisfied from the information that they received. They acquired practical skills for independent life. Here are some feedbacks from children:

“I learned a lot of interesting things about alcohol and how it effects body. That you do not imitate people but you have to be yourself, about character, why people face conflicts. That before doing something you need think. Everything was very interesting now I will think about it and make decisions that will influence my future life” (Lyuba Pukalo)

“I realized that I need to be kind, polite, help my neighbor, family life requires understanding, not betray and that I do not need to try anything that called bad habits. I liked the frank conversations and life stories from the lives of trainers. We shared our impressions about movies that we watched; during this two days I liked trainers and make new friends. (Michel Shapoval)”

“I learned about trust, bad influence of alcohol and about work. In this two days I got to know things that I did not knew and now I know whom to ask if need help.” (Nadia Velichko).

“I learned how to have a better family, about character, how to fellowship people better, about alcohol and about sex” (Valentina Tivonyuk).

“I have made a decision to say “NO” to alcohol and drugs and will do everything possible to protect close once for those things. I found out many interesting things and want to that you for that.” (Oleg Karas)

“I realized what I need to do to not destroy my personality. I’ve learned about bad habits and improved my communication skills.” (Natalia Lyutak)

We have planned to have three two more day trainings for orphans from orphanages and boarding schools of Ternopil region in March and April of this year.

The uniqueness of this training is that children brought to Ternopil specifically for the training. And this involved the regional council with the publicity. Our Center can affect children, which we could not reach by ourselves. God joins in partnership the necessary people and organizations to fulfill His Great Commission.

March, 29-30, 2013 in Ternopil team  from the Center Success held a seminar on “Business according to the Bible. Principles” according to the “Biblical Entrepreneurship” curriculum. The seminar was attended by over 80 people: entrepreneurs, business people and those who just want to start their own business.

Most of them – are young people – members of the club “Successful Youth”, pupils and students. Almost every participant came to the seminar to learn about the biblical principles of business and find the answer to the question “Is it possible to successfully conduct business and still remain faithful to God Christian?” We believe that participants received answers to this question and many other. Here are feedbacks of some participants:

“I did not think that such a lesson can be created. This is a unique course that will convince everyone, and even affect the most unapproachable and will help them to change for the better. I believe that this course will give me great opportunities in the future. I do know what to do or at least where to start” (Ventsko Christina, a member of the club” Successful Youth “, a student named school. I., Ternopil);

“I heard a lot of interesting and valuable information. Particularly struck by the idea of serving and meeting the needs of others through your business as opposed to self-enrichment. This radically changes my attitude to business as such “(Kreschyshyn Vitali, entrepreneur, building);

“I liked it a lot: to work for people, not for profit, the answer to the question of competition and partnership and one of the most important – is that the business (and not only, but also the origin of the idea) belongs to God, not me; that the most valuable and largest resource in the business is me. For that reason I need to change. God help you in your work. Thank you very much for everything! Blessings “(Bezkorovayniy Alexander, entrepreneur, manufacturing of wooden furniture);

“I liked what teachers shared about how to properly run a business and how business should look like. I realized that business – not ours, but Lord’s. We are only managers (stewards). In business we need to think not about money, but how it is glorifying God and how it ministers to people “(Anatoly Kravchuk, entrepreneur, apartment renovation);

“I liked good, friendly and open attitude towards participants. Disclosure many important issues. The main thing is that these discoveries are true. This is very important because through this I have the strong desire to fulfill God’s will, and live happily glorifying God through my life and business” (Skibinsky Christian, a member of the club” Successful young”).

The uniqueness of this course “Business according to the Bible” is that the first seminar will have continuation by “Business according to the Bible. Practices and planning.” seminars that will be held from April 10 to 13, 2013 in Ternopil. The main speaker at this seminar will be the author of the program “Biblical Entrepreneurship”, the director of the Project Nehemiah International Ministries Patrice Tsague that is specifically arrives from the U.S.A. to teach this seminar.

We believe that only trained and changed influential people will be able to bring much fruit in extending kingdom of God on earth. We thank God for the opportunity to teach young people the biblical principles of business and life.

One of the major challenges of the Center “Success” is to help people understand the biblical principles of business and equip them with necessary tools and skills for successful entrepreneurship for today’s marketplace. The answer to this need is to teach people through seminars and trainings.

April 4-8, 2013 director of the Center “Success” Ivan Papish, Patrice Tsague and the team of certified teachers from Bulgaria conducted a “Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship” seminar in Sophia, Bulgaria. The seminar was organized by the Association of Bulgarian Business headed by Svetlozar Nikolov. The seminar was the result of Ivan Papish Svetlozar Nikolov presentations of the course and individual meetings with businessmen and pastors in various cities in Bulgaria at the beginning of January 2013.

It is planned to hold several more “Biblical Entrepreneurship” seminars in various cities of Bulgaria, the result of which is going to be Bulgarian National business-plan competition in August of 2013. The winner of that competition will participate in International competition in Orlando (USA) in October 2013.

April 10-13, 2013 the team of Success Center held a seminar “Business according to the Bible, Practices and Planning” in Ternopil. This seminar was a continuation of the seminar “Business according to the Bible, Principles” that was held in March 29-30, 2013 in Ternopil.

Speakers of the seminar were Patrice Tsague and certified teachers of the Center: Ivan Papish, Oleg Karpyk, Eugeniy Chekushkin and Yuriy Mamys.

The uniqueness of this seminar was its age range. More than half of the participants – are young people (pupils and students, members of youth club “Successful Youth”), who gladly leaned  to plan future business activities that are based on biblical principles.

The classic definition of business states that the main objective of any business is profit. The concept of our course seminars categorically different from a secular perspective on business. “The main purpose of the business according to the Bible is people whose needs are met in the course of business. Profit – the result of a wise and responsible business stewardship! Profit is the result, not the goal of business “- argues persuasively director of Success Center Ivan Papish.

After the seminar, each participant received all necessary resources to write a business plan for their ideas. The team of the Center will provide specific individual assistance for writing a business plan during April and May to everyone who participated in the seminar.

In June 2013 will be a Ukrainian national business plan competition, the winner of which in October 2013 will be able to participate in the International Competition in Orlando (USA). Also does not lose strength announcement that  Center made about Ukrainian competition. If there will be more than  50 contestants, the winners of the All-Ukrainian competition will be awarded prizes: first prize – iPad, second place – iPhone, third place – iPod.

The author of the program “Biblical Entrepreneurship” Patrice Tsague was very happy with this trip. It was a great encouragement to all the organizers and participants of the seminars.

Center Team wishes all participants of the seminar a fruitful work and inspiration in the process of writing a business plan. We believe that all business ideas will be implemented and bring glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

April 06-07 and 13-14, 2013 there was conducted two trainings for children from orphanages of Ternopil, Berezhany and Koropets (Ternopil region, Ukraine) in Ternopil. Trainings were organized by NGO “Brotherhood orphans” and NGO “Orphans Future” workers of the “Success” Center participated as teachers.

The training was attended by 44 teenagers (8-11 grades). The training program consists of the following modules: “I – a personality”, “Communication Skills”, “To know and be able to defend legal rights,” “How to avoid conflict,” “How to manage time and finances” and “right life choices.” Lessons were taught in accordance with the training program “Lessons of independence for young people” and “Restoration”. Training participants acquired communication skills and ability to resolve conflicts, learned to prepare a budget and schedule for the day, learn about the basic principles of occupational choice. All participants were satisfied with the training received new information and practical skills acquired for independent life

Some comments of participants:

“I really liked about the importance of right words in communication. I liked the coaches and their attitude to us. Thank you very much “(Svetlana, 8th grade);

“The training helped me to properly express myself. I heard a lot of useful material, especially about conflicts” (Tanya, 9th grade);

“I learned how to make a budget and understand how to better plan my day to do all the necessary things. I think it will help me in the future: in family and at work ” (Zhenya, 9th grade);

“I took a lot for myself on “conflicts “- learned to avoid them and make the right decisions. After the training, I vowed not to do evil and became more open” (Rostislav, 8th grade);

“I am a second year on your training and I really like it. To tell the truth, I quit smoking after last year, after the theme of the dangers of smoking. Now I am engaged in sports and healthy lifestyle “(Yaroslav, Grade 10);

“Methods and forms of training were so different that they do not feel tired, do not want to leave the audience. Wise and warm, accessible and always have been clear lessons of our teachers. Pupils changed, becoming unrecognizable even in the presence of teachers expressed their opinions and make decisions “(Maria teacher of boarding school).

To participate in the training of children specially brought to Ternopil for 150 km. Most of the children were already on our training last year and many of them show positive changes in their lives. We thank all the organizers and participants for the fact that our center can affect children we could not reach on our own. God joins in partnership the necessary people and organizations to fulfill His Great Commission.

In May 2013, planned another three-day training for orphans from Ternopil region.

The Success Center team continues to minister to orphans as part of “School of Life” project!

In previous letters we have wrote you about the course of “On the threshold of adult life” seminars for orphans from boarding schools and orphanages of Ternopil and region. Those seminars were taught by the team of Success Center on February – April of 2013.

Participants were able to consolidate theoretical knowledge that they received earlier practically in the form of a team game. The work in mini groups showed that majority of the trainees has sufficient skills for independent adult life.

In conclusion, there was a meeting of orphans with representatives of government agencies, social services for children, families and young people, members of the NGO’s and businesses, where children were able to ask questions and receive answers about their further education, social protection, legal support and counseling, employment, provision with apartment or land to build their own houses according to government law.

Summarizing and assessing the level of knowledge and skills acquired by graduates of the program we can say with confidence that the work of our team was not in vain. The positive impact of the team of Center led to a change in mindset of young people, their behavior, attitude to life and other people. The most important achievement is that children understand their value before God, identified their gifts and talents and are boldly about the future. Children repent of their sins and choose their further way as life with God.

We will continue to fellowship with children. Some of them are the members of our Successful Youth club and attend meeting regularly. With other we will have time in the summer camp. Children know that they can come to us for help and receive it in time.

We thank God for opportunity to effectively minister to orphans and this way obeying His words: “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.” (James 1:27, NKJV).

This summer the team of 5 people of Success Center had opportunity to continue work with teenagers in children recreation camp “Lisoviy” in Ternopil region. It third year God allows us to minister to orphans and children from large and poor families that are going to that camp for vacation.

We worked with older age group in total of more than 200 children. Every day during the training sessions we talked with the children on the following topics: “I am a personality”, “Character  is the foundation of a successful life,” “life values”, “Conflict Resolution”, “The relationship between children and parents,” “The relationship between boys and girls “,” limits” and other topics according to ” Lessons independence for youth” and “Restoration” programs.

In addition, we showed edifying movies and held topical competitions. This year something new for children was quests. They combined with themes of trainings and movies influenced children from different groups make friends with each other. Those who did not want to communicate and showed enmity, trying to prove that they are better than others. After training “Conflict Resolution” and “Friendship” and Photo quest became friends and started support each other. Children began cheering for each other and during competitions showed sincerity and friendship.

Our team held a beauty contest, which emphasized not just the outer beauty of girls, but also the correct Biblical values in each contestant. Participants were able to express their individuality and their right and positive character. They were not only thinking of their winning, but they were fully supporting of their friends. The winner of the competition served others and helped them, but three days before she treated everyone bad thinking only about herself. We think that “Character  is the foundation of a successful life” training helped her understand what is correct character. Later, a senior instructor of the camp says: “This year’s beauty contest was the best in the history of my work in the camp. And all that is thanks to your work. “

During the competition “My Family” we emphasized the fact that teenagers can exercise 5 Languages of Love (based on the book by Gary Chapman) to their parents and the people around them. Therefore, the competition was very interesting not only for the participants but also for the audience. Later during the time of planning, we were told that it was the best competition in the last 6-years.

Positive changes happened also in the team of the Center. We would particularly like to mention the youngest member of the team – Svetlana Bida. This girl for two years attended «Successful youth” Club.  In the camp she saw that we really live to what we speak. This had a positive effect on her. She even said that she wants to be more like Jesus Christ because of the example of the rest of the Center team. Throughout the camp, she took an active part and even shared her life story changes during the “The relationship between children and parents” training.  Children like life story of Svetlana more than others, because they heard it from their peers rather than from older people. It affected children, and later in their feedbacks most of them will write that they have decided to improve their relationships with their parents.

With some children we have known for 3 years. This year in many of them we have seen big change. Now they are learning in high school  and they have the right attitude on many things such as: alcohol, smoking and other bad habits regarding relationships with parents and personal character. In personal communication, we learned that this attitude were formed because of our  in the past years. Now teenagers with even greater desire want to learn and improve their character.

During the training sessions and workshops, we were able to pray with some girls and boys about their relationship with their parents and God.

Here are some feedbacks of children:

“I thoroughly enjoyed all the training, because although a lot of information I have already heard, but it was helpful to listen to it again. Especially memorable stories from real life because I realized that everyone can make mistakes, not only me but also other people and that other people have problems. But most importantly, I realized that you do not need to change others, but you need to work on changing yourself. Thank you to all psychologists because it helped me to understand many things . Also liked the quests and different games it was very cool time “(Angelina Gladysh);

“I made the decision to remain chaste until marriage. Look over all bad habits and replace them with good and helpful once” (Nikiforchuk Anastasia);

“I really liked the interesting topics of trainings that teach how to live the right way. I decided to be honest, kinder and keep myself pure for my husband “( Nonna Romanska);

“It is not the first time I see Yura and Zhenya and I always liked their training, but this year they very imprest. Together with their friends Natasha, Svetlana and Natalya they were so wonderfully shared with their life’s difficulties, that it made me cry, but I also liked their courage to stand in front of their problems. Also, special attention should be paid to the games that we played throughout the camp. I also liked movies that were just full of morality. I did not like that we did not had more time to communicate. I decided to be a better son to my parents and to be a better child of God “( Vitaliy Romanets);

“Most of all I liked the quests that you organized they helped us to become better friends. It was extremely fun and exciting. Also I liked trainings very much. There were many things that can apply for my future life. I decided not to smoke, drink or use drugs, to respect my parents, to keep myself pure for my  husband. And many more”( Valentina Drabyuk).

We understand that relationships with children just begun. Many have expressed a desire to continue to communicate with us. During one of the training session we presented the children the “Successful Youth” club that holds our center during the school year. Most of the participants expressed a desire to visit the Club this September.

In addition, we are starting a new project in order to continue to communicate with children. This is an ongoing dialogue on-line via the Internet social networks. There children can ask important questions and get expert answer of our team. The first block of questions and answers, we put in a social network (block of questions and answers in the attached file).

We thank God for what He has given us the opportunity to influence the lives of children, teenagers. We were able to plant the right seeds in the hearts of the children, which in some of them already sprouted, and others – will still grow and be sure to bring its fruit.

With great joy we are pleased to inform you about the completion of the course of seminars “Business according to the Bible”, that the team of the Center held in Ukraine in September 2012 – June 2013. Parallel to this the team of certified teachers led by Svetlozar Nikolov held seminars in different cities of Bulgaria.

June 15th of 2013 during Business Plan Competition in Ternopil there was determent the winner from Ukraine Ivan Mudriy with business plan “Educational Center “Opportunity”.

August 3 of 2013 during Business Plan Competition in Veliko-Tirnovo there was determent a winner from Bulgaria Lyuboslav Lyubanov with business plan “Online platform that unites business experts and their consumers”.

The winners awards with a trip to International Business Plan Competition that is going to be held in Orlando, Florida in 8-13 of October of 2013. Together with the representatives from other countries they will compete for prizes. Leaders of the Ukrainian and Bulgarian Centers are also going for this trip.

During that trip in October 2-6 in Sacramento, California director of the Ternopil Center Ivan Papish will be teaching the seminar “Business according to the Bible” for Russian speaking population. There is a great need in knowledge and practicing Biblical principles of business among immigrants from former Soviet countries. We believe that our seminar would be able to be the answer to that need. Similar seminar was held in Portland, Oregon last year and it is still has a follow up. We believe that those seminars will have a continuation in Sacramento as well.

During September of 2013 the team of Success Center was actively preparing for ministry for this school year to orphans, children at risk, large and poor families. In ways like:

Preparation for conducting of computer, English and life independence for youth lessons for three age groups in the classroom of the Center and orphanage in Ternopil.

Preparation for English lessons for preschoolers in the classroom of our Center.

Preparation for conducting video-seminars “School for parents” for parents and caregivers of preschoolers in the classroom of the Center.

Preparation for conducting the “Successful Youth” Club, having leadership of the Club meetings.

September 23 the first “You are special” meeting was held in the orphanage of Ternopil. All of the children and teachers were happy and content and showing willingness for future cooperation. The teachers of our Center will conduct lessons in the orphanage every week during the following year.

September 24-26 there were “Back together” meetings for all age groups for computer, English and life independence for youth lessons in the classroom of the Center. More the 80 children will attend classes this year which is much more than the previous years. The new addition to the English lessons is the class for preschoolers in age of 4-6 years old.

In the public schools of Ternopil and region during the month by teachers of the Center was held “Lessons of independence for youth” and “Restoration”.

There were held personal consultations, assistance in development and writing business-plans for participants of the Biblical Entrepreneurship for youth seminar. In the office of the Center was made testing and consulting’s by the Career Direct program. Also there was held consultations in family, relationships and business issues.

“I am a grandmother of two girls. They are running to the English class with great joy. The lessons are very interesting and are held in the form of a game. Teachers are very attentive to every child. I wish them success in their work” (Galina)

“The teachers have a good systematic approach to children; their positive thinking creates a good environment in the classroom. I am very pleased.” (Olena Vons)

“Teacher made Vitaliy interested in spite of the fact he that started to attend the class recently. My grandson attends the class with a great pleasure and desire. Dear teachers, we are truly thankful for your love, care and good attitude towards children.” (Grandmother of Vitaliy Chernyakov)

“I am truly thankful to God and organizers for English lessons for preschoolers. Teachers are giving the knowledge of English to young hearts in a high qualified and using many methods of learning. My granddaughter Bozhana goes to the class with a great desire… and so do I.” (Goroshovska Svitlana)

By starting English class for preschoolers we got an opportunity to influence their caregivers and parents. While children are in the class, for adults we are conducting video-seminar about upbringing the children, relationships with people and building character that is based on Biblical principles. This knowledge encourages them and gives us opportunity to build better relationships for future cooperation with them.

“Successful youth” Club is working actively this year. Every Monday more than 20 teenagers are gathered to learn and practice principles of character, talk about things that they are interested in, to play games and quests and to have a good time together. Many of them in the club hear Gospel for the first time and make a decision to follow God and start to attend churches.

Along with this teachers of the Center held lessons in Ternopil orphanage and public schools using the “Lessons for independent living” and “Restoration” programs. Children and teachers are very pleased with our ministry and share information about us with other schools of the city. That gives us opportunity to influence more young people. Upon today more than 15 schools have opened us their doors for lessons.

Outside of the classroom of the Center we were able to influence about 700 children.

We thank God for all opportunities and we ask Him for responsibility to be faithful over little. We are ready for new challenges for His Glory.

In October of this year the team of the Ternopil Training Center “Success” visited USA.

October 1-7 Director of the Center Ivan Papish and his wife Lyubomira visited Sacramento, California. Here Ivan Papish conducted tree day seminar “Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship” for Russian speaking population of Sacramento.

15 business people attended the seminar. Vitaliy Smolin the businessman from Sacramento has organized that seminar. He himself has finished that seminar in Ukraine. Ivan and his wife have also performed on the Russian radio and had meetings with Russian speaking population in Sacramento.

October 8-12 there was held annual Nehemiah Project International Ministries Weekend. Ternopil Training Center “Success” is the international partner of Nehemiah Project International Ministries and every year attends their conferences.

At the conference there were delegations from many States of America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Madagascar, Sierra Leon and Cameroon and other countries of African and Southern America.

From Ukraine there were a delegation of Director of the Center Ivan Papish, his wife Lyubomira, interpreter Ievgenii Chekushkin and the winner of Ukrainian business plan competition Ivan Papish.

During all five days of the conference there were seminars for partners and teachers, discussions and sharing of the experience from the ministry of reaching people for the Kingdom of God through Biblical Principles of business in today’s market place. There was also an opportunity to visit four successful businesses that lead by Christian Businessman in Olando, FL.

As the conclusion of 2012-2013 school year there was held a Biblical Entrepreneurship business plan competition. Ivan Mudryi was the winner in 2013 in Ukraine. From Bulgaria there was Lyuboslav Lyubenov. And also there were two businessmen from USA.

The winner of the international competition was Ivan Mudryi from Ukraine and his prize was 5000 USD.

Our Center has announced new competition in Ukraine. It is for people that will take the full course of Biblical Entrepreneurship in 2013-2014 school years and will participate in competition that will be held in July of 2014. The winner will able to go to international business plan competition that is October of 2014 in USA.

This year is going to be unique because for the first time it is allowed for teenagers to take part in competition if they will finish all seminars of the “Business by the Bible” course and will write their business plans

December 08-16, 2013 the workers of the Center Ivan Papish and Yuriy Mamus went to Israel by the recommendation and support of director of CBN Ron Oates. The main objective of the trip was to meet pastors and executives and to present them training programs that we use for our work.

We were able to meet with Yoel Shoshani director of organization called “ELY IZRAEL” from Jerusalem and with the worker of that organization and leader of the charitable project Dima Schneidmann from Nazareth because they want to use our programs for their work in Israel. We also had meetings with pastors and executives in the cities of Tel Aviv, Karmel and Nazareth.

Everyone we met are people who immigrated to Israel from the former USSR, understand, and speak Russian. There are more than 1 million Russian-speaking Jews.

We have presented Biblical Entrepreneurship course on every meeting. All of the pastors received it very well and showed desire for their people to take the course.

We have also presented the Foundation for Success Achievement, Restoration, Life Skills for Youth and Biblical Principles for Financial Management.

We have agreed to pray and analyze to held Biblical Entrepreneurship course (three seminars three day each and business-plan competition) in Israel in 2014 for Russian-speaking people there

The uniqueness of this course is that after conducting the seminars we will be able to certify teachers among the best students. Those teachers will be able to continue teaching this course to other people. Moreover, in this way to spread the Kingdom of God through trained and changed people.

We have also invited the team from “ELY IZRAEL” to come to Ternopil to see in person the work that we are doing here.

We believe that God uses to minister to people in Israel.

December 19th and 24th we have held the Christmas celebrations for children of youngest, middle and oldest groups of children in the classroom of our training Center. During the year, those children systematically attended the computer lessons, English and Life Skills lessons.

More than 80 children came to the celebration along with their parents and caregivers. At those open lessons, children were able to show their achievements for the first half of the year, they sang songs, read poems, showed dramas, played many interesting games and they did all of that in English. Parents and caregivers were extremely impressed with the knowledge’s of their children. At the end of the celebration all of the children received gifts from the workers of the Center.

For the past few years, every week, our Center conducting English and Life Skills lessons in the orphanage of Ternopil. December 27 we have conducted the Christmas celebration. The topic if that celebration was “What is Christmas for you?” We have talked about different thoughts of how people celebrate this holiday. After that, we were able to share with kids that Christmas is the Birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We shared the Gospel with people and prayed with them for forgiveness of our sins and about the good destiny for our country. All of the children have received gifts.

December 30 we have celebrated the New Years with the members of the Successful Youth Club. Teenagers shared their feedbacks about the club, did some planning for the next year and greeted one another with New Year and Christmas.

After every meeting, we were able to conclude the things that was made in the first semester of 2013-2014 school year and planned what we are to accomplish in the next semester. Kids will return to the Center on January 20th of 2014 for studies after winter holidays

During the December, we have conducted usual lessons in public school. To some of them, we were invited by the school to share on the parents meetings.

We are very happy that our influence is spread to young people who are studying in Universities. We have held first lesson in Ternopil Technical University and we have agreements to come back and teach there in the next semester.

After showing our love and care to children now, we can see how their lives changes for better. They become more confident in themselves, become more open and friendly. But the biggest result in that children hear the good news about God’s love for them and invite Jesus Christ into his life.