We would like to share with you the new opportunities that God has given us in the conduct of the Biblical Entrepreneurship course. February 6-8, 2012, a team of three certified teachers of the Center Success had the opportunity to teach a seminar, Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship at the Kiev Theological Seminary “Grace and Truth.”

At the seminar, students were from groups of bachelors and masters of theology from different cities of Ukraine and Moldova. According to the rector of the seminary, the doctrine of the business was first taught in the theological schools of Ukraine. This confirms that our doctrine is sound and correct, which is based on the Bible and teaches how to build a business for the kingdom of God, and not for personal gain. The uniqueness of this workshop is just the fact that his audience was 42 ministers of churches (pastors and ministry leaders) who will bear these principles in their churches.

Here are some feedbacks of the seminar participants:

Matveichuk Igor (Volyn region, Mr. Lyuboml): “Honestly, when I heard that we will have this subject, it thought we will learn how to make money under the guise of the Bible (the doctrine of prosperity) I was disappointed, in a good sense. I had understood that the purpose of any business is money. But your workshop has changed my understanding about this, and not only. Your seminar is the answer to many questions of practical life of every Christian, not just an entrepreneur. In addition, it in some ways strengthened me in those things that I already knew, since I have seen and heard of people who not only speak, but live according to these principles. Because it seems that religious people rely more on money than on God. “

Kobylyanov Alexander (Sumy): “A very important course, which divides the old stereotypes about the business and gives a clear idea about the biblical business, as it was originally planned by God.”

Shandala Alex (Donetsk region, Dmitrov): “This time I took a lot of new things for myself. I changed my attitude to money. I have known the basis of the Bible business, as to what should be treated. Much of this seminar I want to apply in my life. “

Kozub, Anatoly (Zhytomyr region, P. Homutets): “This is one of the best sessions that I attended. The seminar answered many worldly and spiritual matters. Through this seminar God spoke to me. I also liked that the seminar was taught not only theory, but practice. I am small not register businessman for a while not and always dreamed of becoming a farmer and tried, but I was worried that it must be wrong to be a Christian and a businessman, but at this seminar, I realized that you need to be, and I will try to become a businessman biblical way. “

Sergey and Svetlana Pozdyrka (Kishinev, Moldova): “We are pleased that you will not only teach in churches, but also in the seminary. Since students are the future preachers, pastor and ministers of God. This changes the thinking of many people to know how to run a business, money, and even their lives. We would like to see you conducting the second and third parts of your course in the seminary. They are very important. We would like you to come to us in Moldova and held such seminars. May God bless your work on this earth. And reward you for your work on Earth and in heaven.”

We believe that this is only the first step in working with Christian schools. God opens new doors for us so that we can influence all spheres of society in Ukraine and beyond.

We are pleased to inform you about new achievements of the team Success Center in ministry to orphans under the School of Life project.

February 18-19, 2012 there was training held for children from the orphanage Koropets (Ternopil region, Ukraine).

The organizer of the training was the NGO “Brotherhood of orphans”. The staff of the Success Center participated as instructors.

The training was attended by 14 young (8-9 grades) and two teachers. The training program consisted of four modules, “I am – a personality,” “communication skills”, “To know and be able to defend their rights” and “Ways to avoid conflicts.”  Modules were taught according to the educational program “Lessons of independence for young people” and “Restoration.” All the trainees were satisfied by the new information and skills acquired in independent life. Here are some feedback from participants in the training:

“The training helped me to properly express my opinion. I heard a lot of new and useful material, especially the how to handle conflicts.”(Tanya, 9 grade);

“Training sessions are very necessary and useful for children and teenagers, as they help to better understand the world around them to improve relations between the peers. In general, during the training students openly talked with the coaches, took an active part in contests and games. Thank you very much, I wish we could have more of such trainings.” (Oksana Yurievna, teacher);

March 25-26, 2012 in Ternopil was held the fourth workshop for children from the orphanage Koropets (Ternopil region, Ukraine). These sessions were last in a series of training sessions, which began in February 2012.

The training was attended by 14 teenagers (10-11 grades) and three teacher.

The center’s employees teach children four modules: “I am – a personality,” “communication skills”, “To know and be able to defend their rights” and “Ways to avoid conflicts,” according to the educational program “Lessons of independence for young people” and “Restoration.”

Since the trainees are from high school and graduates, we have focused on giving them the knowledge and practical skills for independent life.

Over the course of training our sessions attended 56 young people and 9 teachers from three different orphanages.

Successful completion of this cycle of training laid the foundation for further collaboration and similar activities for all pupils of orphanages (over 300 young people).

When we are faithful to God, He does more than we can think of, providing greater opportunities to work with orphans. As evidence of this: «Orphans Promise» organized a trip to a seminar on social adaptation of orphans that have graduated from orphanages in St. Petersburg (Russia) from 19 to 24 March.

Director of Ternopil training Center Ivan Papish joined the team of 8 people from different regions of Ukraine. They participated in the seminar which was conducted by charitable public organization “Pier.” The training was practical and useful, as we saw a real work with orphans after their graduation from orphanage. This encourages us to pray about the possibility of starting working in this direction in our Ternopil training center. We expect the answer to this question from the Lord.

We believe that putting biblical principles into the hearts and minds of children and teenagers, we can help them prepare for the realities of independent living, to form in them right and reliable character and lead them to full devotion to Jesus Christ in order to achieve success and fulfill their mission on earth!

Recently the whole Christian world celebrated Resurrection of Jesus Christ and Easter. On this day, people thank God for His greatest gift to mankind – life, death and resurrection of the Son of God, and give each other gifts.

The team of Ternopil training center in partnership with the international organization ” Orphans Promise ” also had the unique opportunity to congratulate you on this occasion and to give gifts to those who need them most – orphans.

The solemn meeting was held in Berezhny town and New Village (Ternopil region), as well as indoor at the training center of Ternopil. Employees of the center congratulated children and teachers to Easter holidays, told about the true meaning of Easter and  broadcast the film “The story of Jesus for Children”  for them to and handed over gifts. Total for this period was delivered 260 gifts. We were able to get acquainted with the pupils from orphanage and pre-agreed on further cooperation in the conduct of activities for children and teachers under the program “Lessons of independence for young people” and “Restoration.”

We believe that fulfilling our mission to meet the needs of the people that God reveals to us, we are able to tell people about the love of Christ and glorify Him. We pray that the Lord has helped us in a timely and responsible manner his attorney.

With great joy we would like to share with you confirmation of our Lord Jesus Christ promises that He will trust us with more if we are responsible in a small things!

In previous letters we wrote you about the result of the work of the “Success” Center in Bulgaria during 2009-2011 there was an affiliated branch of the “Success” Center started in Varna. Director of the Center there is Svyetlozar Nikolov – Chairman of the Association of Bulgarian businessmen. Together with 14 certified teachers of the Biblical Entrepreneurship course Svyetlozar Nikolov set his organization to not an easy task – to change the situation in his country by changing the thinking of the people by showing them biblical principles of life.

Therefore with efforts of local certified teachers in April 2012 in Bulgaria was held the first seminar of Biblical Entrepreneurship course – “Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship. BE-1”. It was attended by 34 participants. The seminar made an effective and positive impact on people.

20-22 April in Bulgaria was held the second seminar – “Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship. BE-2”, which was attended by 33 people. On May 11th it is planned to hold the third seminar “Planning a biblically based business. BE-3.” All of the participants shared about their intentions to write their business plans.

Biblical Entrepreneurship seminars became very popular in Bulgaria. As a result on May 25, a new series of seminars will be started which will be ended in the end of June.

At the end of July 2012 there will be a joint business plan competition among two groups of participants (more than 50 business plans). A winner from Bulgaria will take part in international competition in September of 2012 at the annual Nehemiah Project International Ministries Weekend  (Portlant, USA).

The fact that former graduates of the cource, becoming certified teachers, began to conduct workshops for their peers, says about the awareness of the people of Bulgaria of the need for the biblical basis for a successful life.

We believe that Bulgaria will change and become a prosperous country through changed by Biblical Entrepreneurship seminars people.

Project: “Change of life of people from Roma nation” started its work in April of 2012. It was launched with joint efforts of CBN (USA), Orphans Promise (USA) and Mercy Association Emmanuel (Kyiv, Ukraine). This project is focused to work with people of Roma nation (gypsies) that live in Transcarpathia, Western Ukraine.

The purpose of the project:

  • To teach Roma people (gypsies) from Transcarpathia and practically help them to provide for own needs by honest work.
  • To raise their national culture, change their worldview, to instill moral Christian values of life for them, improve their material situation and economy in general.
  • To help Roma people (gypsies) that was trained and changed though this project to influence other Roma people.

Initial steps:

  • Training of the Roma people (conducting training seminar) and practical help in growing agricultural products for providing fog own needs for every day.

To do that there need to:

  • Hold a 3 day seminar: “Food for every day, Garden of Faith”, that is teaching them the process of growing vegetables for providing for families with food products for year.
To plant experimental piece of land to show students of the seminar the right way of planting of the seeds, cultivate the soil and how to use organic and bio-friendly fertilizer.
  • Provision of seeds and cultivation of the land to prepare it planting for all of the participants of the seminar in seven villages (camps) of Roma people.
  • Ongoing lessons of literacy, lessons of independence for life and formation of right moral character.
  • Practical material and financial support in building of the bathhouse, shower cabins and outhouse toilets in villages (camps) of Roma people.
  • Teaching of older and young people moral, biblical principles of life.
  • Other ways of help.

This project is set for perspective development of Rome people in Transcarpathia. This model will be duplicated in the future to other camps of Roma people.

Ternopil training Center “Success” also took part in this project.

As part of this project we plan to do trainings using the training programs that will help form right moral Christian character that is based on Biblical principles. Also we plan to do consulting and trainings in the sphere of starting small businesses among Roma people.

We would like to thank all who joint together in this project. If everyone will bring in small part into this together we will be able to bring changes into the lives of Roma people and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.

May 15, 2012 Ternopil training center held a seminar “Raising children from incomplete families” for caregivers and for single parents.

During the seminar we revealed the basic principles of relations between caregivers and children. The main purpose of the seminar was to motivate parents to work on improvement of their character, which will become a pledge for influence upon children to prepare them for independent life.

For greater help to caregivers in formation of personal character organizers of the seminar along with the participants agreed to hold weekly meetings starting in September of 2012. During those group meeting there will be discussed the issues that appear while children are growing and the ways of solving those issues.

2011-2012 school years came to the end. The studies are over in schools and other study institutions, the last bell sounded and summer vocation started.

Ternopil training center also conducted closing celebration lesson in English, computers and lessons for independents for youth.

Those lessons were conducted for orphans and children from poor families. Children demonstrated their knowledge and skills; teachers concluded the work for whole year. The most diligent students received certificates and gifts. All of the participants of the event were pleased and joyful. Next study year will begin in September of 2012.

Successful youth club also conduct its closing lesson. Teenagers joyfully remember all of the lessons, trainings and games that were happening during time in the club. Some of the participants of the club showed their desire to join the leadership team and become mentors for new participant of the club. In attachment you can read more of their feedbacks.

We believe that the seeds that were planted into the hearts of young people during the study year will grow and bring important fruit for the Kingdom of God. We pray for fulfillment of the Gods will for every one of them.

May 31 till June 2 there was a Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship seminar in Kyiv. It was organized by “Association of Young Christian Entrepreneurs”.

Certified teachers of Christian Center for Entrepreneurship Development “Success” (Ternopil) taught at the seminar.

Here is the list of the themes that we have discussed:

  1. Understanding the Biblical Entrepreneurship and its principles.
  2. Difference between Biblical and secular entrepreneurship.
  3. How to develop a character of a Biblical entrepreneur?
  4. How to identify opportunities?
  5. How to take calculated risk?
  6. Benefits of Biblical entrepreneurship.
  7. How to solve problems?
  8. Understanding of Business stewardship.
  9. What is a biblical profit?
  10. Goals and responsibilities of Biblical Entrepreneur.

As a result of secular approach to entrepreneurship many Christian stay out of business. Even more so, people are coming to the conclusion that business is not a godly thing where Christians would not be able to not compromise their faith.

But if we know, understand and hold to Biblical principles then business will be a blessing for business owner, for clients, for the Body of Christ and for the community in general.

Director of the Center convinced that: “Biblical Entrepreneurship – is a process that is built on the Biblically principles and meant to satisfy the needs of people with the right product or service by using God given gifts and skills, knowledge and experience with an end result of glorifying God.

To do this we need to identify those needs, identify opportunities to satisfy needs, calculate expenses, take calculated risks, solve problems (or tasks) and practice business stewardship.  The end result is to have Biblical profit.

This Biblical profit consists of spiritual, moral and material profit gained though business transactions performed according to Biblical principles

The main goal of this business is people, and the business meets the needs of those people. Profit is not a goal of the business; profit is the result of proper Biblical stewardship of business. God takes care of the profit when we perform our duties responsibly. This business belongs to God, and we are only stewards of God’s business. Such business will always be successful.”

This way Biblical Entrepreneurship is a stewardship over Gods resources to serve others and spread the Kingdom of God on the Earth.

Joseph is an example of Biblical entrepreneur. With God’s help and wisdom he successfully managed over Egypt. He properly used the principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship to solve the issue of famine in Egypt. He was just a steward and he used to resources that did not belong him he did not spread the way he wanted. He had to minister to people and in the same time not violate the economic principles of stewardship.

People wrote in the surveys about the importance of the seminar for their personal and business development. Many desired to receive idea from God into their life to implement it.

June 28-30 there will be held “Practices for Biblical Entrepreneurship” and “Planning a biblically based business” seminars

June 7-12 of 2012 the team of the Center “Success” held two training seminars “I am personality” in orphanages of Koropets and Berezhany, Ternopil region. The two-day training seminar designed specifically to work with orphans. It is based on the curriculum, “Lessons of independence for young people” and “Restoration”.

Training seminar consists of 4 blocks “I am – a personality” “communication skills”, “Know your rights and be able to protect them,” “How to avoid conflicts.” The main purpose is to prepare young people for independent life, to show them an alternative direction of life based on biblical principles, to introduce Jesus Christ and to help make the right decisions for a successful life.

During this time, we practically lived with children: conducted training, ate, slept. This gave the opportunity to make friends with children and teachers and have a great positive impact. Taking center employees, as messengers, the children also take the message of the good news of Jesus Christ, learn to build their lives on biblical principles and trust God for their own future.

Children and teachers were pleased, and talked about the importance of the information and skills to their lives, inviting us to conduct similar studies in the future. In July and August this year, we will see those children at summer camp “Lisoviy” (s. Skomorohi, Ternopil region.) And can continue our dialogue with them and serve them there.

We believe that putting biblical principles into the hearts and minds of children and teenagers, we can help them prepare for the realities of independent living, to form a valid and reliable character and devote their life to Jesus Christ in order to achieve success and fulfillment of their mission on earth!

Recently, invited by the Christian Center for entrepreneurship “Success”, American millionaire Charlie Lewis and his wife, Fran, visited Ternopil.  They have come here for the first time to meet with representatives of business circles and share their secrets of success, as well as have fellowship with the locals and visit some famous places.

We organized three meetings for the guests:

  1. The first one was with the pastors of Ternopil, where Mr. Lewis shared understanding of the Kingdom of God on the Earth and the Laws of Heaven that are active in all spheres of society: politics and government, family, church, economics and business, media, education and arts. Lewis emphasized that whatever sphere a person is called to they should serve others in it, bringing glory to God. He also noted that all of these spheres are equally important. We, Christians, should be the light for the world everywhere.
  2. The second meeting was with businessmen and journalists of Ternopil. Mr. Lewis shared about eternal values of moral and conduct of people, which is the guarantee of successful life and business development.

3. The third day of their time in Ternopil Mr. Lewis and his wife Fran led a seminar for Christian businessmen of the city. Around 70 businessmen attended the seminar. “The foundation of success in life and business development is the right character of a Christian, which is built on the foundation if Biblical principles and the right moral conduct and behavior.

Christians should  influence the society in all of its spheres with their behavior and their relationships with other people,”- Charlie Lewis emphasized.

A good continuation of the Lewis visit was their invitation to continue communication with all who desires through email and Skype. They also promised to send regular updates of their new educational materials.

Center “Success” is already using some of the educational programs of Mr. Lewis in its activities (La Red- Foundations for Success). We want to continue deep relationships and building close cooperation and partnership.

We are grateful to our dear guests, our dear friends (we did become good friends), for their great and obedient to God hearts and their desire to serve people. We hope to host our dear guests in our beautiful Ukrainian city of Ternopil again and again in the future.

A team from Ternopil Training Center was practically ministering to kids in July of 2012 in a recreation complex “Losoviy” (Skomorohy, Ternopil reg.). We taught them the Biblical principles of life, prevention of bad habits and promoting the healthy life style using programs “Restoration” and “Lessons of independence of life”.

At this time there were kids from multiple and poor families along with orphans from Koropets boarding school (Ternopil reg.). All had a great need of good attitude, love, fellowship, understanding and support. There were around 250 children. All of them were divided by 10-15 people into separate divisions.

During our time in the camp we were able to be a good example to children and instructors not just in words during the lessons and trainings but with our own day to day life.

Here are some of their feedbacks:

Lyzhyn Tatiana

“I’ve liked the training very much. You are the best. You understood so very good what subjects we are interested in. You gave advices when we needed them and cheered us up. Truly for it a great joy to have friends like you, because I know that there are not many friends like you. You are sincere and open and helped us to understand and reinterpret many important things. Thank you! Thank you for being with us and never offended our opinion but you were a true support. I hope that we will be fellowshipping and after the camp.”

Romanovska Nona

“I liked all of the training and movies very much. Watching movies I received many things and I understood that every movie has one important though. Because of the trainings I will try to change my life for the best.”

Vozna Uliana

“The most I liked training about relationships between parents and children. I have made good conclusions, that will help me to improve my relationships with my parents. Thank you”.

Tomashevska Yulia

“During the time that I have spent with you many things have changed. You helped me to understand things that I did not care about before.”

The overall objective was to talk with children on certain topics of “Lessons for independent living” and “Restoration”. We have lessons and trainings for children of deferent age groups. The topics that we have discussed are: Character is a foundation for successful life, Tolerance, Mass-media: pros and cons, Relationships between children and parents, Purposeful life, Goals, premarital relations, Responsibility, Team work and other.

Every day we were able to see how their interest towards trainings is growing, they became more frank asked questions and were active during discussions.

Almost every day we showed movies that were interesting and would teach children of something and after we did discussion about that movie.

There was a tremendous effect because through the movie stories we were able to share truth about: respect for parents, friendship, good behavior, purposeful life, planning, team work, responsibility, importance of the Bible, faith and trusting in God.

Along with trainings we have held games which helped children to become one team and to practice principles that they have heard.

During our time in camp we had constant individual conversations and consulting with children and teachers/instructors. It helped us to see their needs better and to see ways of effective help giving them right decisions. As the result of this work some of the children and teachers repented of their bad actions and made decision to subject their life to God and Bible.

Most of the children filed out the application to be a part of Successful youth club. Club will begin its work in the beginning of the next school year in the study class of our training Center.

We believe that the seed that were planted into the hearts of children during our work in the camp in July of 2012 will bring a great fruit of changed thinking, attitude, behavior and all of their life.

In the end of July beginning of August 2012 the team of the “Success” center director Ivan Papish and certified teachers Karpyk Oleg and Yuri Mamus as judges participated in national Bulgarian business plan competition and certification of new teachers of the “Biblical Entrepreneurship” course  in of Dobromyrka (Veliko Tirnovo, Bulgaria).

Previously, the team of Bulgarian teachers taught this course three seminars for two different groups. Therefore, the contestant business plans were graduates of the course “Biblical Entrepreneurship” from various cities of Bulgaria. The competition was very interesting, dynamic and intriguing. With the break in one point the first place took Stanimyr Petkov of business plan “Enterprise for the processing of fishery products.” The winner will participate in an international business plan competition in September 2012 in the United States.

After the competition was certified eight new teachers of “Biblical Entrepreneurship” course, which together with his colleagues continue to teach the Bulgarian people biblical principles of business. Also at this time a meeting of the Ukrainian team with the management board of the Association of businesses in Bulgaria, where participants shared their experiences of team work, encouraged each other to further achievements.

We would like to express special thanks to the organizer of these events  Svitlozar Nikolov the chairman  of business associations in Bulgaria. We believe that together with his team he can completely change the situation in their country for the glory of God.

In September 2012, the team of the “Success” held preparatory and organizational work for the launch of new training classes “Lessons of independence for Youth”, English and Computer lessons for children at-risk and needy families in the Center and for orphans in Ternopil orphanage.

Also carried out preparatory work for the new school year for Successful youth club.  We held celebration and first organizational lessons at the Center training class, orphanage and in the “Successful youth” club.

Continue in the month were held lectures on the theme “Character – the foundation of a successful life,” “Values,” “Purposeful life”, “Character formation”, “Responsibility” under the programs “Lessons independence for youth” and “Restoration”. We presented “Restoration” program and Successful youth Club in Ternopil schools and colleges.

September, 14-15, 2012 in Ternopil took place seminar “Restoration: the formation of safe behavior in teenagers” for representatives of various Christian communities who wish to serve teenagers in schools and conduct classes for them on the program “Restoration”. Center “Success” was involved in organizing this workshop. After the workshop at the Center there were organized regular meetings of participants for studies, planning and building a teamwork to held lessons in schools as part of the “School of Life” project. The first comers of this team along with our Center staff have already visited schools and learned to conduct classes for children.

September, 28 and 29, 2012 in Kyiv seminar “Club Work,” was organized by the NGO “New Life” (the author of the program “Restoration”). The main objective of the workshop was to share experiences and best practices, inspire each other to better serve children. Two teachers of the “Success” Center took part in this seminar, presented the work of the Center, shared their experience in serving children and teenagers.

The main important results of our service:

– graduates of “Successful Youth” club (2011-2012 school year) this year will be leaders and mentors for new members of the club, handing them their knowledge and skills, and testifying to change in their thinking and life;

– The team of “School of Life” has grown significantly due to new volunteers that want devote themself to children and teenagers in schools after the seminar “Restoration”;

– The effectiveness of the “Successful youth” club has greatly improved due to the seminar “Club work” and the application of knowledge and skills in practice.

Below are the reviews of feedbacks of teenagers that were part of classes in schools and at “Successful Youth”club:

Chaika Christine:

“Thank you very much for this conversation. We loved you. Conversations with you are so full of clarity. Although we are all different, but you found an approach to us. Thank you for your support. Your training inspire, make change. “

Tish Tatiana:

“I liked the fact that on the training we sat and talked openly about really important topics and problems to us. I liked what you are really sincere and true, and say what you think. “

Pashkevich Lyudmila:

“I liked to watch movies that show many interesting things about life. Trainings, thanks to them we all learned a lot of interesting and instructive. I especially enjoyed listening to the stories of people who starred in these films, talking about treir life and that still need to reach your goal. The fact that God is always helping people. “

Matusevich Anastasia:

“I was struck by the positive attitude of all those present in the classroom. Huge impact you have had on me, it was very interesting to listen to all the lectures. Most of all I liked the plain and simple thoughts that you reported to us, but they had deep meaning and are motivational. I liked everything! And I want you to continue the work that changes the world for the better. Also, thank you for your bright smile that infect and for everything. “

Pleskun Valentina:

“I liked the trainings. I gladly listen to them. You gave me tips on how to achieve the best in life. I also liked your attitude to people. “

We believe that putting biblical principles into the hearts of young people, we can prepare them for independent living for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ternopil training center as part of the “School of life” project conducts the second year of Successful Youth Club meetings. The members of the club are high school pupils of the schools where the team of the center conducted lessons of Restoration and Lessons of Independence for youth programs.

October 22 was held first official meeting of the club for 2012-2013 school years. During this event we introduced the team of the club made introduction for new participants of the club, presented the work of the club for the last year and announced plans for new school year. Organizers and participants remained pleased from the time spent.

It is important to mention that the graduates of the last year’s club meetings are now mentors for new members of the club. This will help the organizers of the club conduct meetings more interesting and useful.

We believe that by investing the Biblical principles and truth into the hearts and minds of young people we will be able to help them to be prepared for independent life, find and fulfill their calling and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.

September 14 to October 8 director of the Center Ivan Papish and certified teacher of BE Oleg Karpyk visited USA. There were invited to Portland (Oregon) for Nehemiah Project International Ministries annual conference. During the conference Ivan Papish had time to share information about the work of our Center in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Other than that Ivan Papish was able to meet partners, teachers, business people and sponsors.

Svetlozar Nikolov( Chairman of National Association of Bulgarian Business) and businessman Stanimir Petkov were part of our delegation. Stanimir Petkov as our representative took part in International Business-plan competition. He took the 3ed place among 22 plans that were presented at competition.

The special part about our trip was two “Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship” seminars that we conducted for Russian speaking Americans.

It is first in our history that we are teaching Americans the program that came to Ukraine from USA and was translated to here into Russian and Ukrainian and returned there. The uniqueness of Portland is that there are 200 thousands of Russian speaking populations living there.

Some of them still do not know English language. And only we can serve them in full. In this we see our great mission to help America to bring up its citizens in Christian spirit of life.

We could see this on practice. Participants received us with approval and excitement that they spread information about us in a big circle of friends. As the result of this now we are invited to teach those seminars for students at Portland Bible College. And they want to organize new seminars for Christian business owners.

Then we spoke at two radio shows from the local “Russian Radio” where we shared and answer the question for radio audience.

After two weeks in Portland we moved to Sacramento. In Sacramento during two week we were meeting with local businessmen, partners and pastors of churches. Spoke at the local radio station, preached and testified in churches. There were also opportunities for cooperation.

We can conclude that faithfulness over little God used to five us opportunity to minister to each other around the world. This

We are pleased to inform you the results of the ministry of our center in the project to help Roma nation in Transcarpathia (project leader Yuri Homyak), conducted by CBN, Orphans Promise and Charity Association “Emmanuel”. November 14-15, 2012 was held a seminar in Mukachivo, the main objective of which was to change the attitude of the Roma people to work and give them practical skills in everyday life.

The seminar was attended by over 40 participants and speakers from the USA, Kyiv, Lviv and Ternopil. Were conducted practical training on insulation and electrification of buildings.

As part of this workshop our team conducted a training center on the theme of “Biblical view of work” and “correct character – the foundation of a successful life.”

Also there was conducted practical discussion in small groups to shape the program “Principles for Success.” This is a year program

that consists of forty principles. It is an excellent tool for improving the lives of Roma people by changing their thinking.

The basis of this training is a principle: “Thoughts become actions, actions become habits, habits form character, character determines destiny (life).” This was the first session in which participants reviewed and discussed the principle of “Hard work” Roma leaders committed themselves to conduct training in small groups every week throughout the year.

What is important is the fact that most participants – are young people. After a full course, they can change their thinking, improve relations and are able to lay a solid foundation for a successful life.We not only theoretically, but in practically showed Roma people how to conduct discussions in small groups. This method of training will help leaders create the right character in his group of people.

We believe that true change of life can occur only after a change in thinking and practical application of acquired knowledge.

Important and significant even has happened in our Center. God has opened the door to Russia for us. For more than three years now we are praying and dreaming about opportunities to minister to Russian people. We had several attempts to held Biblical Entrepreneurship seminars in Moscow and St. Petersburg. We even made some agreements. But for some reason local organizers not fully cooperated with us and our seminars never happened. And now God gave us an opportunity to influence Russia though Far East. November 30 – December 1, Director of the Center Ivan Papish was invited as a speaker to city Khabarovsk to the conference for leaders using the program “1 million leaders” by John Maxwell. Together with Dr. Rob McClelland (USA) they held a two-day practical training for 130 participants. At the conference there were Christian leaders, community leaders, pastors of churches, business leaders.

According to the comments of students, the conference went well. Students received a new vision for their lives. They got a lot of new biblical principles on leadership and business conduct, biblical and practical advice, supported by experience.

Ivan Papish also spoke about the biblical principles of entrepreneurship; spoke personally with leaders and businessmen imposed good relations for the future. There is a preliminary agreement for workshops “Biblical Entrepreneurship” in Sakhalin Region on Far East.

We believe that God opens up the opportunity for evangelization and change the outlook of people through our ministry that we carry through your prayers and your support.

We also invite each of you to join our trip to the Far East for seminars. Especially welcome teachers of various Christian doctrines and programs that affect the outlook of people and change them in the image of Jesus Christ. In further newsletters we will inform you about our upcoming trip to Russia.