January 20, 2011 in Melitopol  (Zaporizhska region) Ivan Papish had a meeting with businessman’s of the city. They had questions about their businesses forecasts of the economic situation of Ukraine. Ivan Papish spoke of a Biblical point of view of business and that the main goal of the business is not a profit but answering the needs of people and the profit is a result of their responsibility. The meeting went very well.

After the meeting, January 20-22 the team of the Center conducted the Practicesof Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE-2) seminar in Melitopol. The organizers of the seminar were certified teachers of the course Vitaliy Vasil’ev and his wife Katerina. The teachers of the seminar were Ivan Papish, director of Success Center and certified teacher Yurii Mamus. The people that came for the seminar were people that came for BE-1 in November of 2010 but there also were new people.

On Sunday January 23 the teachers were invited to preach at local churches “Grace” and “Source of life”. Services went very well people were inspired and grateful.

In the same time the other part of the team of Center held Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE-2) seminar in Simpheropol. The organizers of the seminar were certified teachers of the course Dmitriy and Yulia Atamanyuk. The teachers of the seminar were Oleg Karpyk and Ievgenii Chekushkin and also certified teacher of course from Simpheropol Dmitriy Atamanyuk. The participants of the seminar primarily were people that were on BE-1 seminar in November of 2010. Seminar went very well.

All of the participants excitedly waiting for the continuation – Planning a Biblically Based Business (BE-3) that is going to be in spring of 2011.

Here are people’s feedbacks about the seminar:

“Detailed presentation of materials. Manuals were very good quality, interesting home tasks and work in the class” – Bogomazova A.

“I understood that the calling of the Lord for my life will bring me peace, joy and financial provision. Thank you very much. People like

you are needed for the Body of Christ” – Moeseenko Oksana.

“I understood that Bible is an answer to many of financial questions in business.” – Komov Maksim.

“How can you not like when you have changes in life that comes from God. Although changes are not comfortable process. But I thank God for brothers that know how to speak truth in love and inspire us to action!” Pismenuy Sergiy.

February 09-10, 2010 the team of Success Center held a Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship seminar and then February 11-12 they held Planning a Biblically Based Business seminar in the Embassy of God church in Kyiv, Ukraine. Yulia Diduk was the organizer of the seminar. She is the coordinator of the Biblical Entrepreneurship seminars in the churches of Embassy of God.

Director of the Success Center Ivan Papish along with certified teachers Oleg Karpyk and Yurii Mamus were the teachers of the seminar.

Seminars were well organized. People learned to answer practical business questions, work in teams and write different parts of their business plan.

In April of 2011 there is going to be a Business Plan Competition where people will have opportunity to present their business plans before the judges. The winner of Ukrainian National Business Plan Competition will awarded by Nehemiah Project International Ministries all expenses paid trip to international Business Plan Competition in USA.

Here are some of people’s feedbacks:

The information that I have heard on the seminar are very practical and it gave me focus to fulfill my business ideas and helped me with business planning. Kobzar Miroslav.

I would like to thank to all of the speakers for all of the knowledge of business planning that you showed us during those 4 days. Thank you for the seminar and way you delivered it to us. Sekrier Lyudmila.

I liked that it was taught about practical things and it was done on a professional level using trainings, practical assignments. Petko Lidia

We are also pleased to inform you that in Bulgaria, Bulgarian certified teachers themselves have begun to hold seminars. We believe that this process will permanently transform the economy of Bulgaria, glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ.

February 16 – 25, 2011 a team of the Center “Success”, a Director Ivan Papish and certified teachers Karpyk Oleg and Yurii Mamus, held a series of Biblical Entrepreneurship seminars in Bulgaria.

February 17-19, in the city of Varna took place a 3-day seminar Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship, BE-2. Seminar attended participants of the first part of the course, which took place in August of 2010, as well as new people.

The seminar was held at a high level. Many people testified that the study materials are very practical.

In this city the team Center certified 13 new Bulgarian teachers for Biblical Entrepreneurship course, which led to Svetlozar Nikolov planning to conduct a Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship, BE-1 seminar in March of 2011 in the Varna and other cities of Bulgaria. We believe that this team could make a significant contribution into reformation of their country through education and implementation of Biblical principles in business and life.

During this trip Center teachers conducted one-day seminars in cities Sliven and Dimitrovgrad. The seminar participants acquainted with the concept of the course and decided to attend a full course of BE.

We would like to thank pastors of churches in the cities of Varna, Sliven and Dimitrovgrad for understanding the importance of this training in their country and for assistance during the seminars.

We wish to express special appreciation to pastor Ivan Sert from city Kotel, who all this time accompanied us and translated for us into Bulgarian language.

In April 2011 it is planned another trip to Bulgaria for the following Biblical Entrepreneurship seminars. In the city of Varna we are going to conduct final 3-rd Seminar Planning Biblical Based Business, BE-3.

After this we will conduct a business plan competition where the winner will participate in international business plan competition.

As the result of two years of work of the Ternopil Center in Bulgaria is the initiation of the branch of the Ternopil Center in Bulgaria. A strong part of this branch that it was headed by the Chairman of the Association of Bulgarian businessmen Svetlozar Nikolov. He is well-known businessman in Bulgaria and leads movement  for protection of entrepreneurs’ rights. The entire team of certified teachers of Bulgarian branch consists of successful businessmen, Christians, and pastors of churches. At the certification they have shown exceptional ability and passion to carry on the biblical principles in business and to reform their country for God’s glory.

We believe that through the Bulgarian Center for Entrepreneurship Success with efforts of the entire team of teachers we will be able to teach and equip businessmen to changes in economic and spiritual situation of Bulgaria.

March 18-19, in Melitopol there was held a Planning a Biblically Based business,(BE-3) seminar.  The organizers of the seminar were a certified teachers of the course Vitaly Vasiliev and his wife Katerina. Ivan Papish director of Success Center was the teacher at the seminar. Seminar was attended by 10 people.

By working in groups, participants were able to practice and learn to write business plans and declared their intention to represent them at the Business-plan compatition.

At the same time, another part of the team from the Center of Ternopil, held a seminar Business planning is based on the Bible (BP-3) in the city of Simferopol. The organizers of the seminar were certified teachers of the course Dmitri and Yuliya Atamanyuk. The seminar was taught by certified teachers of the Center Oleg Karpik, Eugene Chekushkin. Seminar was attended by 16 people. All participants expressed their desire to write business plans.

Here are some feedbacks of the seminar:

“I liked evrything very much. I saw that I can write a business plan, saw the my error “- Lyudmila Gavrilova.

“I liked brainstorming while working in teams, the simplicity of teahers, clarity and life examples. Openness and support for teachers in finding and collecting information on writing a business plan. ” – Lukiyanyuk Sergey.

“I liked the brevity and accessibility of course materials. Professionalism and friendliness of the teachers. Opportunity to determine own capabilities. ” – Komov Maxim.

We are also pleased to inform you that in Bulgaria, Bulgarian certified teachers themselves have begun to hold seminars. We believe that this process will permanently transform the economy of Bulgaria, glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ.

March 30 to April 2, 2011 in Ternopil the team Success Center held a seminar Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship. In 2008 and 2010 in Ternopil, we have performed the complete cycle of seminars of this course. This year’s seminar was attended by people who have heard a lot about it but were unable to attend it earlier.

April 9, 2011 in Kyiv there was a competition of business plans for Biblical Entrepreneurship seminar participants. More than twenty participants successfully passed all three seminars of this course. Six people presented their Business-plans at the competition. First place was shared between the Chumarnyy Anatolia to the business plan “Legal Services” and Lyudmila Sekriyer the business plan “Real Estate Agency”.

Winners will present their business plans at National competition in order to be able to participate in international competition in September 2011 in the USA.

April, 13-16, 2011 in Ternopil the team of Success Center held a seminar “Practice of Biblical Entrepreneurship. Most participants by the end of the course came up with their own ideas for business. At the seminar they received many tools to implement their ideas.

The participants of Biblical Entrepreneurship seminars all around Ukraine are strenuously preparing to participate in the National business plan competition. The winner will be awarded  all-expenses paid by Nehemiah Project trip to the International Competition in September 2011 in the USA.

Center “Success» celebrated Easter on April 20, 2011. The main actors were orphans and children from poor families, children at risk, who during the school year attend classes at the Center. They performed for their relatives and other guests.

Children demonstrated their knowledge of Easter and the Resurrection, spoke in English history and poetry, showed dramas, sang songs, and presented their works with the projector. In conclusion, children received holiday gifts, generously provided by mission Emmanuel, CBN, Kyiv.

April 21, 2011 Easter celebration was held in Ternopil municipal orphanage. Children that are taking classes in the Center, were able to share about Easter with orphans and orphanage staff. At the end of the holidays they played games, sang songs and told poems about the Resurrection of Christ. All children received holiday gifts.

For the inmates of the Centre visit the orphanage was a great opportunity to serve their talents to other children. We believe that such measures are positively influencing the lifes of children, in a sense of social responsibility and their desire to help others.

April 29-30 of 2011 Director of the “Success” Center Ivan Papish and a certified teacher Yuriy Mamus held a “Planning a Biblically Based Business” (BE-3) seminar in Varna, Bulgaria. The organizer of the seminar was the Chairman of the Association of Businessmen in Bulgaria, the director of the Bulgarian branch of the “Success” Center Svetlozar Nikolov.

May 13-14, 2011 team of the “Success” Center held a Planning a Biblically Based Business (BE-3) seminar in Ternopil, Ukraine. The teachers of the seminar were certified Teachers Ievgenii Chekushkin and Yuriy Mamus. For all participants this seminar became a starting point for writing business plans and presents them at Business plan competition.

In June 2011 graduates of the BE seminars will attend business plan competition. There we determent a winner, who will participate in international competition.

We believe that through their business ideas and businesses of many other Biblical Entrepreneurs economy of Ukraine and Bulgaria will be changed for the glory of God.

May 12, 2011 in one of the cafes of Ternopil the team of “Success” Center held a meeting with young people. They were students of 7-11 grades of secondary schools and college students. At a party there were students from 4 educational institutions of Ternopil total about 30 people.

This was the result of work of our Center in schools and colleges during the academic year. There the workers of the Center conducted lectures and lessons on prevention of harmful habits and promotion of healthy lifestyles in accordance with the “Restoration” program.

The purpose of the event was to attract children to further cooperation by attending the trainings of the Center. We presented the directions of the Center, showed the video and a drama. While working in small groups we were able communicate with children, teenagers hear the opinion of the work of our Center, and their desire to attend training programs in the future.

Working with youth is one of the main directions of the “Success” Center, so in the future we will put every effort in order to effectively serve young people.

May 30, 2011 in the office of the “Success” Center was held a party for orphans and children from poor families, who are trained in the Center and the Regional Communal orphanage for children of school age. There were about 30 children present at the celebration. At the party children talked among themselves and with teachers in English.

Due to various illustrations and games they were able to practice material that they studied according to the program “Restoration” and “Life skills for youth.”

The meeting took place in a fun and friendly atmosphere; all of the children were satisfied. Most pleasant event of the evening was that everyone had a chance to thank God for all His blessings and to pray a prayer of repentance. The Center’s staff presented gifts to children (clothing), wished to have a good summer vacation, and agreed to meet in the new academic year for continuing education. However, during the holidays we do not live children without our attention and will work with them in summer camp that is going to be held in Ternopil.

From 15 to 17 June 2011 team of «Success» center was able to participate at the conference “Restoring foundations” in Kiev. Theorganizers of the conference were “Orphan’s Promise” (USA) and association “Emmanuel” (Kyiv, Ukraine). The conference included representatives of NGO’s and religious organizations working with children and teenagers at risk, orphans and poor families. Generally there were more than 100 people present at the conference, including 17 people from Ternopil.

The conference’s goal was to enable all participants to restore their strength and equip them with new tools in the service of children. The whole team of the Center received a great blessing and encouragement for further work with young people.

Teachers at the conference were Chester and Betsy Kilstra – experienced ministers and teachers in the area of deliverance and healing. Together with them some of the sessions at the conference held Ray and Emily Dunke and Sue Mead.

Special thanks for organizing the conference we would like to express to president of “Orphan’s Promise” Terry Meeuwsen, executive director of the organization Natalia Khomyak and team organizers of “Emmanuel” Karen Springs, Galina Schaefer and Yulia Sergienko.

July, 1 of 2011 the workers of the Center will focus on summer camps for children of Ternopil region. There we will hold daily sessions with children under the program “Restoration” and “Life skills for youth.”

In June of 2011 a team of the “Success” Center came to the final stage of the “Biblical Entrepreneurship” seminar in different cities of Ukraine. Seminars started in autumn of 2010 in Kiev, Melitopol, Simferopol and Ternopil. Most of the participants of the seminars are young people who are just entering the path of God’s calling for their lives. Biblical business principles are an excellent foundation for their successful life.

Up to this time participants finished three seminars “Principles for Biblical Entrepreneurship. BE-1”, “Practices for Biblical Entrepreneurship. BE-2” and “Planning a Biblically Based Business. BE-3.” As the result of training participants wrote their business plans and presented them to the competitions that the team of the Center conducted in each of those cities.

In June 25, 2011 winners of local competitions came to Simferopol for the final All-Ukrainian Business plan competition.  4 people came to the finish line and presented their business plans.  The winner of the competition was Anatoly Chumarnyy a person from seminar that was held in Kiev, originally he is from Poltava.

Second place was taken by Ludmila Sekriyer from Kyiv, the third – Oksana Harko from Ternopil and fourth – Sergey Nikolaenko from Berdyansk.

The winner of Ukrainian National Business plan competition Anatoly Chumarnyy is awarded with a trip to the International Business plan Competition, which will be held in September of 2011 in Portland, USA.

All students who finished a full course of study received Certificates, Creed and the Code of Conduct.

Special thanks for organizing the competition in Simferopol and for hospitality is to the Dmitry Atamanyuk organizer of the competition  and certified teacher of the BE course and Dmitriy Bodyu senior pastor of the  “Word of Life” church, Simferopol. This church has a vision to reach all the churches in Simferopol with “Biblical Entrepreneurship” training.

A team of the Center is convinced that investing biblical principles for entrepreneurship in young people’s life gives us opportunity to spread the kingdom of God on Earth and provide sustainable development of the economy and human welfare.

The course “Biblical Entrepreneurship” began in Bulgaria in 2009. During this time, we conducted seminars in cities: Varna, Sliven, Kotel, Dimitrovhrad, Pazerzhyk.

Distinctive development of training acquired in Varna. It all happened because in January of 2010 Svetlozar Nikolov Chairman of the association of businessmen in Bulgaria  came to the seminar.

He realized that the concept and principles are given in the materials of the seminar, is the only right way for honest and successful business. He realized that the Bulgarian economy can be improved only if it will do business according these principles. He had a desire to cover all Bulgaria with this training. He passionately worked to organize seminars in Varna.

During 2009 – 2011 Ivan Papish Director of the Center “Success” from Ukraine with the team came to Bulgaria seven times and conducted seminars. Generally more than 200 people came to the seminar.

The result of our work in Bulgaria was that in Varna Center “Success” started it’s work which was headed by Svetlozar Nikolov. 14 were teachers certified to conduct those seminars throughout Bulgaria themselves. We believe that Bulgaria will change and become a prosperous country because of changed people through “Biblical Entrepreneurship” seminars.

July 23, 2011 business plan competition was held in Varna, Bulgaria. The contest was attended by 8 people who finished the full course “Biblical Entrepreneurship.” All of the plans were really interesting and practical.

The winner was Denitsa Nykolova with business plan of newspaper “Dialog”. She will travel from Bulgaria to international competition by Nehemiah Project that is going to be  held on September 22-25 in Portland, USA. Svetlozar Nikolov, Chairman of the Association of Bulgarian businessmen was ivited to theis event as well.

Anatoliy Chumarnyy the winner of the Ukrainian contest will also travel to Portland. Ivan Papish, director of the Center was also invited.

We believe that the world can be changed, with changed people!

From 4 to 29 July 2011 the team of the Center “Success” has conducted lectures and training on prevention of harmful habits and promote healthy lifestyles by the program “Restoration” at the Children’s Health Recreation camp “Lisoviy” (Skomorohy, Ternopil region).

At this time in the camp rested children from large and poor families. They really needed a good attitude, love, communication, support and understanding. In total there were about 200 boys and girls. According to age, they were separated in groups of 10-15 people.

During their stay in the camp we could be a good example for many children – not just in words of training or lectures, but also in everyday behavior and respect for them.

Here are some reviews of children about us and our work in the camp:

“I decided for myself to be absolutely pure before marriage in spite of all temptations. And I’m very thankful to God that I am still pure”. (Vitaly, 15 years).

“I liked all of those activities that you have had for us. At first glance, I realized that you know how to find common ground with teens. I learned more about God. After each conversation with you, it seemed that I was happy to see you and your smile. It made me fill like I want to live! If such people were more or more often you attend different schools and taught different, the teens would be more educated and cultural “(Illia, 14 years).

“I realized that ugly lie, and lie on can bring only worse. Also, I really remember about the training of boys and girls. I want to change something at my character: uncertainty (it plays is not the best role in my life), greed, envy, pride, vainglory, shyness “(Oksana, 14 years).

“I took a lot of training for myself, mainly to make friends with my parents (what I will try to do after I arrive home). I do not have bad habits and do not want to have. And I set a goal: to be honest, have a specific goal to not have bad habits, to be chaste before marriage and protect yourself for the one and only “(Nastya, 13 years).

The main objective for us was to talk with children on some topic under the program “Restoration”.

Therefore, during the month we conducted trainings and lectures for different age groups of children on the theme:

– “Character – the basis for a successful life”;

– “Tolerance “;

– “The truth about smoking”;

– “The truth about alcohol”;

– “Advertising: the pros and cons”;

– “Relations between parents and children”;

– “Purposeful Life”;

– “Premarital relations”;

– “Responsibility”;

– “Teamwork”;

– Other.

Every day we saw the curiosity of children in our classes is increasing, they became bolder, asked questions and took an active part in discussions.

Almost every evening we showed in the auditorium of feature films with interesting and instructive nature, and then held a discussion. Each session was attended by 15 to 100 children.

The effect was extraordinary, because through art history, we were able to convey to children the truth about life principles such as respect for parents, friendships, tolarance, purposeful life, planning, teamwork, responsibility, importance and relevance of the Bible, faith in God and reliance on Him.

Approximately 1-2 times a week we were generally competitive camp program. Typically, the program lasted 1-1.5 hours. Won the team that the results of the competition gaining the most points. Winners were awarded with prizes.

Almost all general camp activities to help children become one team to practice and heard lectures on training and principles.

Throughout our time in the camp, we always held personal conversations and consultation with children and camp instructors. It helped us see more clearly their needs, to help them most effectively in making good decisions.

We believe that the seeds we have sown in the hearts of children for work in the camp “lisoviy” in July 2011, be sure to sprout and bear fruit in changing their thinking, attitude, behavior and life.

The team of the Center “Success” has completed a cycle of seminars “Biblical Entrepreneurship” in Ukraine and Bulgaria. Have been conducting national competitions and determined the winners from Ukraine – Anatoly Chumarnyy with “law firm” business plan and from Bulgaria – Denitsa Nikolova with “Newspaper”  business plan.

Together with the Ivan Papish  director of the Center “Success” (Ternopil, Ukraine) and  Svitlozar Nikolov Director of the Center “Success” Branch in Varna (Bulgaria) the winners of BE business plan competition  had to go to the International Business Plan Competition in Portland, Oregon, U.S. for the International Conference of Nehemiah Project. But due to the fact that Anatolia was not granted visa, and the Bulgarians have other valid reasons, a conference was attended only by Ivan Papish.

The conference was attended by representatives of various countries, partners and sponsors of Nehemiah Project. There they discussed the results of the year, planned the work for 2012. International Business plans competition was rescheduled for the next year because of lack of some contestants. The competition will be attended by winners of 2011, and 2012.

On October 1 at the Center “Success” began to operate a new classroom. Throughout the month there were held computer lessons, English and “Lessons of independence for Youth” with orphans from poor families and children at risk. Every Monday conducted English lessons and activities under the program “Lessons of independence for Youth” and “Restoration” in Ternopil regional municipal orphanage for children of school age.

More than 40 orphans and children from poor families regularly attend these lessons twice a week at the classroom and in an orphanage.

On October 3, 2011 was launched the new project for youth in Ternopil called Club “Successful Youth” the main focus of which is to serve at-risk teenagers. This project is a joint Christian Center for Entrepreneurship Development Success and NGO “Youth Reformation.” Club meetings are held every Monday in a central theater of the city. There we are preparing young people for independent life, using the curriculum “Lessons of independence for Youth”, “Renaissance” and “Principles for Success.” Every club attends 50-60 young people. Here are some of their comments about the club:

  • “My decision is to become successful! I will do everything in my power that my dreams in which I now believe will become a reality. Every day I will improve myself. I will strive for the ideal, although he never attainable, however, tending to it, we become better “(Irina);


  • “I became punctual and reliable” (Taras);
  • “I became less shy” (Nicholas);
  • “I will continue to visit the Club because it gives me confidence, helps me think about my life, deeds and thoughts” (Maria);
  • “I like relation to people, extraordinary, themes, conversations, honesty, movies and more” (Svetlana);
  • “Thank you, for allowing us express our opinions at the Club” (Catherine);
  • “We can change our lives and the lives of others for the better. You are great for giving us such opportunities “(Hope, School № 14).

During the month the team of the Center were conducted lectures on “Character”, “The truth about smoking,” “The Truth About Drugs”, “premarital sex”, “How to improve relationships with parents,” under a “Restoration” program , presentation of the program “Revival” and the presentation of the Club in Ternopil schools and colleges. More than fifteen hundred teenagers in these schools have heard information that could change their lives for the better. Teachers and children are very satisfied with our cooperation.

We believe that change the situation in the country can only be by putting biblical principles in the hearts and minds of young people.

A joint project of the Center and International Charily Organization Global Action – Ukraine

November 6 – 18, 2011 Director of the Center Ivan Papish, along with Executive Director of the International Charitable Organization Global Action – Ukraine Ihor Grishaeva traveled throughout the eastern, southern and northern regions of Ukraine.

There were meetings with the pastors of churches and businessmen in the cities of Dnipropetrovsk, Melitopol, Kerch, Simferopol, Grebinka, Nizhyn, Chernihiv, Kyiv. They conducted presentation and small Biblical Entrepreneurship seminars for them.

The program of the seminar was well received everywhere. People showed great enthusiasm. Every city expressed their desire to complete a full course of study.

Now Igor Grishaeva works with leaders in these cities to organize seminars. Certified teachers of the Center will hold a full (series of three seminars – 94 academic hours) training for people.

We believe that changed, through our teaching people, will start businesses on correct biblical principles. It will impact the economy of Ukraine and will praise the Lord, leading many people to the knowledge of God.

Thank you, dear friends, for your support and prayers. Your part in the joint project is no less important than our direct work. Together we serve the people, glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ.