January 4-12, 2010 the team of three certified teachers from our Center (Ivan Papish, Oleg Karpik, Vitaliy Vasiliev) were able to visit the republic of Bulgaria. This trip was planned to happened long time ago, already in the May last year (director of the Center Ivan Papish and a volunteer and a teacher Vitaliy Vasiliev) visited Bulgaria and presented our programs in several cities.

But because of Bulgarian Embassy denied visa for us to go back in September we dilated with the second trip. Our friends in Bulgaria were interested in us conducting the seminars and they gave us one more letter of invitation and so on the December 30th of 2009 we got our visas. It was a miracle from God, because when you were denied once they will do second time as well. But God is great and we have got our visas and left to go there on January 4th.

God blessed us mightily during this trip, instead doing one “Biblical Entrepreneurship” seminar we had two in Varna and Kotel. In the first city we had 30 people and in the second we had 40 people. Also we were able to teach in tree churches.

Also one of the biggest joy for us is that on one of the seminars in Kotel there was one businessman that got saved.

January 21-23, 2010 God have opened opportunity for us to have BE – 1 seminar in Kyiv.

We had 25 people on the seminar.

5 certified teachers taught the seminar four teachers from Ternopil and one from Kyiv.

The seminar went great. People were exited about the new Biblical view on business that we have showed them. Eight people have showed their interest to come to Ternopil for the BE – 2 seminar (continue of the first seminar) that is going to happen February 18-20.

February 18-20, 2010 we held Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship seminar in Ternopil, Ukraine. The teacher of the seminar Patrice Tsague, Director of the Nehemiah Project International Ministries, USA.

At the seminar we had people from 5 countries of the world USA, Bulgaria, Transdnistria, Moldova and Ukraine.

Seminar was conducted very well and all of the participants were much exited. During the seminar we had many practical trainings, where people in the groups were able to develop their ideas, finding answers to the questions related to marketing and sales, management and finances.

March 18-20, 2010 we conducted the final third seminar from this course: “Planning a Biblically based business”. Patrice Tsague the author of the program have taught the seminar.

There was 52 people on the seminar. All of them have got through first two seminars. After finishing all tree seminars they are ready to write their own business plans and to present them on the Business Plan competition that is going to be held in Ternopil, June 3-5.

It is a great joy that even in time of the seminar many of the students have already shared their interesting ideas, which they want to develop into practical business.

Seminar went very good and all of the participants were very happy that could be a part of the seminar. In time of the seminar people have shared their business ideas and have practiced in development of the business plan.

April 17-24, 2010 Ivan Papish was able to visit Melitopol and Berdyansk (Zaporizka region, Ukraine) where he had meetings with local pastors and presented to them “Biblical Entrepreneurship” course. In Berdyansk he was able to do first seminar “Principals of Biblical Entrepreneurship”. As the result of that trip we have the agreement to conduct the full course of the seminar in autumn of 2010 in both of those cities.

April 28-10, 2010 our partnering organization Call2all invited us to visit the congress that they organized in Yerevan, Armenia and to teach one business seminar. There were about 150-200 people on that congress. Ivan was one of the teachers for the Call2 all business track.

Here are the topics that he shared about:

  • Differences between Biblical and worldly economy
  • The definition of Biblical Entrepreneurship
  • Examples of Biblical Entrepreneurship

There were about 30 people at the seminar. After the seminar people shared that this subjectt transformed their view of life and business. In time of the congress we were able to meet with local pastors and visit the production of one of the businessman of Yerevan – Hovanes Hovakimyan. He is the owner of “Good Samaritan” sausage factory. Every morning his factory and 80 employees starts with time of worship and prayer and this was a foundation to start a “Good Samaritan” church and now they have more then 400 members.

Except for the congress our goal was to conduct a “Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship” seminar in Yerevan. We have been invited to do this seminar about a year ago but only now God open the doors for us.

After the end of the congress May 3-5 we conducted the three-day seminar a “Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship” in “Good Samaritan” church. There were about 20 people at the seminar from that and other churches. God touch the life of people in a special way. After the end of the seminar people thanked and told us that the seminar transformed there understanding of business.

May 17-21, 2010 director of the Center “Success” Ivan Papish attended the Nehemiah Project International Ministries Partners and Teachers Conference in Virginia, USA. The purpose of the conference is to equip and inspire partners and teachers to be effective in their execution of the Biblical Entrepreneurship Certificate Program while providing the opportunity to connect and fellowship with others.

On the conference there were people from Sierra Leone Africa, Ukraine Eastern Europe and over 10 states within the United States.

The main speakers of the conference were director of Nehemiah Project International Ministries, Patrice Tsague, director of the Regent Center for Entrepreneurship Dr. John Mulford, Chairman of the Board and Founder of the C12 Group Buck Jacobs and Apostle John Kelly. Together with other representatives from different organizations Ivan Papish was able to share about the work of the Center “Success” and about growth of Biblical Entrepreneurship program in Ukraine and outside of it.

June 3, 2010 Christian Center for Entrepreneurship Development “Success”, Ternopil, Ukraine; together with Nehemiah Project International Ministries, USA and Regent Center for Entrepreneurship, USA held business plan competition for people that have completed the Biblical Entrepreneurship Certificate Program. For the competition there were 20 people.

11 entrepreneurs were presenting their business plans before the judges. All of them worked hard to put plans together for more than two and the half month.

The judges were great business people from USA and Ukraine (Director of the Nehemiah Project International Ministries, Patrice Tsague; businessmen Rod and Yulia Friesen; director of the “Success” Center, Ivan Papish, Biblical Entrepreneurs Giorgyi Tkachuk and Evgeniya Cherniy). The head of the judges were Director of the Nehemiah Project International Ministries and author of the program Biblical Entrepreneurship, Patrice Tsague.

The winner of the business plan competition is Biblical Entrepreneur Oleg Karpik. He received the all expense paid trip to USA in September 2010. Second and third places were Yuriy Mamus and Vitaliy Vasiliev and they have received trip to the USA and they only need to pay for their flight and traveling.

On June 7-8, 2010 the international nonprofit organization, Association Emmanuel, in partnership with “Success” Center organized Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE-1) in Kyiv Ukraine. The teacher of the seminar was Patrice Tsague, Author of the Biblical Entrepreneurship Certificate Program and Chief Servant Officer of Nehemiah Project International Ministries, USA. There were 25 people present at the seminar.

On June, 10-12, 2010 at “God Embassy” , another BE-1 seminar took place. The teachers were:

  • Patrice Tsague – Director of Nehemiah Project International Ministries, USA.
  • Ivan Papish – Director of Christian Center for Entrepreneurship Development,”Success,” Ternopil, Ukraine.
  • Oleg Karpyk, Bogdan Beresovich and Yuriy Mamus – Certified teachers of “Biblical Entrepreneurship,” Ternopil, Ukraine.

125 people from different cities of the Ukraine and Russia participated in the seminar. It was the largest class in the history of both Nehemiah Project and the Success Center. Also, it was the first time the teachers were from different countries.

The seminar went very well and all of the participants were extremely happy. They told us that the concept of Biblical Entrepreneurship totally changed their lives and their business. Many of them had previously failed in business by listening to teachings on prosperity and fast enrichment.

The second trip took place in January of 2010 and it was very successful.  The team, which included Director, Ivan Papish, Certified Teachers Oleg Karpik, Vitaliy Vasiliev and Certified Teacher from Bulgaria, Veselin Ivanov, conducted Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship in Kotel and Varna.

During these seminars the eyes of many Bulgarian business people were opened to biblical principles in business for the first time.   Because of the peoples’ great excitement, we started to think and pray about starting theChristian Center for Entrepreneurship in Bulgaria.  God gave us the opportunity to meet with a passionate Christian businessman, Svetlozar Nikolov who is the chairman of the Association of Bulgarian Businesses.

With his desire to help his nation to get out of economical crises, he took the responsibility to organize another BE-1 in Bulgaria and invited us to Varna to conduct this seminar there in August of 2010.

The seminar was organized very well. There were 26 key business people present. People started to see business in a new wayand from a biblical perspective.  As they received the information, they immediately began to implement the principles in their everyday business lives.  We have been invited to conduct Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE II) in January of 2011.  After the seminar we were able to have many personal meetings with business owners.  As a result of these developments, we decided to launch a ChristianCenter for Entrepreneurship in Bulgaria.  The greatest benefit of this Center is that business people will get together once a week for support groups.  The second benefit is that after conducting the second seminar (BE-2) we will also conduct a Teacher Certification Training. Those teachers will be able to conduct seminars locally throughout Bulgaria

October 15-16, 2010 “Success” Center together with cultural training Center “New Life” (Kyiv) conducted “Forming safe behavior of youth” seminar in Ternopil. This program has a certificate from the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and allow to all of the certified teachers of that program enter to schools, colleges and universities.

There were 32 people at that seminar. All of them either working with youth orplanning to work and wants to get more training about how to go to young people and how perform prevention work. There were people from different cities of Ukraine: Ternopil, Chenivtsi, Mukacheve, Donetsk and Kyiv. Seminar was held on the high level and all of the people were pleased.

After the end of the seminar people received certificates that gives them right to teach this program.

Christian Center for Entrepreneurship Development Success every week, Monday through Friday conducts English and computer studies, as well as the youth program “Forming of safe behavior in youth” and a “Life skills for youth” for orphans and the children of risk in the office of the Center, high schools and orphanages.

Using the program “Revival” we have conducted lectures on “Character is a foundation for successful life”, “Tolerance” and “Media and its influence on our life” in technical college and high schools of Ternopil.

In November 2010 a team of the Centre took part in the all-Ukrainian conference “Ukraine without orphans” in Kyiv. As a result, we have outlined an action plan for improving the work with orphans and children at risk for the next year with the involvement of 8 volunteers.

We would like to share with a story of a changed life of Solomka Valeria who is a pupil of 11th grade. Since the begging of our work in that school she was very active in discussions of the subjects of “Revival” program and doing every home work.

After one of the lessons this month she came to us and asked “Guys you told us that if anyone would like to quit smoking can come to you and ask for help. I tried many times to quit but never was able to do that.”

After the lesson we were able to tell her that God can help her to quit smoking and about Jesus and His saving power. Valeria repented of her sins and asked the Lord to help her. Together we prayed for the blessing of God for her life.

Today we see the necessity to start in our Center Bible Study Club where we would invite teenagers and youth for fellowship and support.

We believe that God will bless us in the future in our ministry to young people.

November 18-20, 2010 Center “Success” held Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE-2) seminar in “Embassy of God” church in Kyiv. Yulia Didiyk coordinator of conduction of BE seminars in “Embassy of God” church organized that seminar. The teachers of the seminar were certified teachers of BE Ivan Papish, Oleg Karpyk and Yurii Mamus.

Seminar went very well. All of participants of the seminar were content and excitedly waiting of the next seminar Planning Kingdom Business (BE-3) which is going to be in a few months.

Here are people’s feedbacks:

“I liked this well made program, good teachers, international certificate”, Alexander Kotov, businessmen

“Everything is clear, precisely and well spoken… the lessons that I heard on BE was something that I never heard before. I understood mistakes that I’ve made in the past while writing a business plan” Olena Garitova, businesswomen

“Your persistence, faithfulness and commitment. The material that you have taught was profound, solid and easy to understand. I gained good and valued information for business”, Natalia Lazaruk, nonprofit organization “Parents and children”.

October 21-23, 2010 in Simpheropol, Crimea, Ukraine was held seminar Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE-1). The organizers of the seminar were certified teachers of BE Dmitriy and Yulia Atamanyuk. There we 28 people at the seminar.

The teachers of the seminar were: director of Success Center Ivan Papish, certified BE teachers – Dmitriy Atamanyuk, Oleg Karpyk, Bogdan Berezovich and Yurii Mamus.

One of the participants of the seminar Alexander Leshinskyi was very touched with biblical view of business and life. In the end of the seminar he repented and confessed Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

All of the people were very pleased with the seminar and are waiting for the continuation of the course with excitement. The organizers have agreed to held second seminar in February of 2011.

Here are some feedbacks from people about the seminar:

“I like that though the Word of God I am able to identify the needs of people and satisfy those needs with gifts and skills that God placed within me.” – Bogomazova Yulia, MD.

“I liked the sincerity of the teachers their professionalism and life examples. It was a truly Biblical approach and just another training on how to make more money”, Andrey Moiseenko privet entrepreneur, carwash.

“I have started to see my everyday actions differently I will work to correct mistakes that I have made in my life and work”, Alexander Leshinsky, policemen.

“Strong and productive training… they taught many things to us. You coming here and teaching changed many of us, we will not remain the same anymore we will become better.” Tatiana Sorochinska, wedding planner.

After the end of the seminar on Sunday we were teaching at the worship service in the “Word of Life” church.

We would like especially thank to a senior pastor of the “Word of Life” church Dmityi Bodyu and his team for their hospitality and providing a place for conducting the seminar.

After the seminar in Semphiropol on October 28-30 team moved to another city Melitopol where they conduct BE-1 seminar.

There we had 21 people that came from Melitopol and Berdyansk to the seminar.

The teachers of the seminar were Ivan Papish, Director of the Center “Success” and Yurii Mamus, certified teacher of BE.

The seminar in Melitopol impressed people very much and made a complete change in their mindset of business. Here is some feedback from people about the seminar:

“Detailed information was given to us. Teacher’s openness and their desire to share the important principles to us were amazing. Thank you for coming and for following the will of God in helping others.” Polina Zubova, student.

“For today’s businessmen it is impotent to have a spiritual approach. I should say that it makes a revolution in minds of people.” Alexander Zhivotchenko, production of wood items.

“I liked everything (the subject and the material). I never heard anything about business in this dimension.” Alexander Fidotov, veterinary doctor.

“Professional skills of teachers, great seminar organization. Good friendship environment in the class.” Sergey Nikolaenko, furniture production.

The greatest value for us was that we had more young people at the seminar and they are the future of the nation.