Christian Center for Entrepreneurship Development “Success” was found September 25th, 2007 in Ternopil Ukraine.

October 18, 2007 we a grand opening of the Center for Entrepreneurship “Success”. We had our celebration in one of the biggest hall of the city where we had more than 200 people. For the opening we had a team of 8 teachers came from USA from our partnering organization Center for Entrepreneurship Regent University and director of the Regent Center John Mulford.

October 19-21 we had our business symposium. And the main subject for the symposium was “Kingdom business”, which was something new for Ukrainian businessman. But it was the challenge in the same time. At the symposium we had 80 people. Everything that people have heard at the symposium made the think that it is possible to do a honest and Biblical business After the end of the event all of them asked us conduct more trainings of this kind.

We saw the need that it is important to not only teach alder business people but also invest right biblical foundations into the lives of young people.

For that reason on March 14th we have started to conduct English and computer lessons for children from big families, orphans and children from dysfunctional families. The goal of that project to use something that would bring interest in teenagers and thought that show them the love of God.

After business symposium one of the teachers from the team from USA saw a need to continue the work in this direction in Ukraine. Tom Stansbuty took the class on “Biblical Entrepreneurship” that was offered by Nehemiah Project International Ministries.  After the end of the first part of the program and teacher certification training he came back to Ternopil, Ukraine

with right to teach “Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship” (BE-1). At the seminar on March 19-22 came 38 people (among them 2 people from Tiraspol (Moldova), and 3 people from Lviv and 33 people from Ternopil). And God answer to us with good place. And we had chance to rent a hall for 6 days with cheap prices (because we needed to have the 4 day seminar and 2 days of teacher certification). Seminar helped people to open their eyes to see who they should run their businesses. They understood that Biblical

Entrepreneurship is is a process that is built on the Biblically principles and meant to satisfy the needs of people with the right product or service by using God given gifts and skills, knowledge and experience with an end result of glorifying God.

To do this we need to identify those needs, identify opportunities to satisfy needs, calculate expenses, take calculated risks, solve problems (or tasks) and practice business stewardship. The end result is to have biblical profit.

After the end of the seminar 14 people showed their desire to become certified teachers of BE. For that reason on March 24-25, 2008 was held a teacher Certification training. April 5th we certificated 3 more people from Lviv.

After the end of the seminar tow people that took the BE-1 training from Tiraspol, Trandnistiria invited Ivan Papish, director of the Center “Success” to present the Center and training programs at their church. Ivan want to one church “Christ the Savior” that were celebrating 13th anniversary at that time. After the end of the feast he had chance to tell about the work of the Center “Success”, Ternopol. He shared about the seminars and the school that the Center have. And one day he had meeting with around 40 people who wants to have their own businesses where he shared about the Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE 1).

It was wonderful time where they had all kinds of questions and Ivan had opportunity to know them more and share his heart with them. In the end of the meeting that lasted for 4 hours he promised them that the Center for Entrepreneurship “Success” in Ternopol commits to do BE 1 training there.

June 2-5 we have had Practices of the Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE – 2) seminar in Ternopil with Tom Stansbuty as a teacher of seminar. There were 38 people among them there were 7 people from Trandnistria and 2 people from USA. Tom shared with us about the practical methods of managing business. Later people told us that seminar helped them to understand many practical principles about business.

September 10-13, 2008 we held third seminar “Planning a Biblically based business”. For the third part we had 31 people (students). For that seminar we had new teacher it was Jason Benedict, Strategist for the Center for Entrepreneurship, Regent. There were a lot of good examples from practical life that Jason used. He used some business ideas from some of the people from class. Here are some feedbacks: “The subject was very interesting”; “We wish that there were more time”; “Good examples” .

The third seminar is divided upon two parts. First in the in the class training and the second is a writing a business plans by participants.

October 16-18, 2008 the team of Ternopil Center for Entrepreneurship held fist seminar “Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship” in Tiraspol Transdnistria. There were 37 people at the seminar and by the end of the training they completely change their business prospective. Here is people’s feedback:

Alexiy Veliki “Exited ideas, something that makes people to think it changed my way of thinking. There were practical examples that are build faith”

Vadim Bachoy: “ We would like to have more seminars like that.”

Ekaterina Nedelko: “I liked that material was very easy to learn. During the seminar God started to change my thinking towards entrepreneurship. Thank you very much!”

Natalia Petrova: “All of the fear that I will never be successful in life is gone. Now I have peace and understanding that God will bless business.

After the end of the third seminar of Biblical Entrepreneurship course Planning a Biblically based business in Ternopil, Ukraine people started to write business-plans to accomplish the ideas that God gave them during the training.

By the end of 2008 we celebrated the first anniversary of theSuccess Center. During the celebration Tom Stansbuty and Jason Benedict gave certificates to 31 people that have finished all 3 seminars.

Next day we had our first business plan competition where 14 people presented their business-plans to the judges from 9 am to 6 pm. Judges were guests from USA and also leading business people of Ternopil. They gave their feedback and recommendations to the students.