December a time for Christmas and New Year!


December a time for Christmas and New Year!

So many children and adults around the world are looking forward for a miracle in this period of time. For our team the true miracle is that we are able to serve children and teenagers by giving them something most valuable the love and care of God.

December was filled with great excitement, joy and thanks giving. And all of that is because we can see many smiling and happy faces because they are loved and cared for.

In December we held several Christmas celebrations for children, their parents and care givers.

In Ternopil city orphanage there was a celebration on December 12. All of the children are gladly received the instruction and wishes of our teachers. They have shared about their thanks giving to God for His blessings during the past year. They played games and received gifts. We are assured one more time that most important thing for those children is consistency and true care from those who come to see them. We thank God that during eight years we can bring light where there is a great need for it.

As a continuation of the celebration there were the final lessons of English, computers and “Life skills”. On Christmas Fair, held on December 12 to 16 at the Ternopil Training Center children had an opportunity to exchange for gifts earned during the semester “fairytale dollars”. This has brought them much joy and great emotion.

The highlight of the December Miracles was two celebrations in the Ternopil Training Center.

On December 20th preschoolers, students of 1-2  grades and their parents and caregivers gathered together to celebrate. Children prepared festive program, read poems, sang Christmas songs, showed theatrical sketches and they did all in English. We thank God that we can observe how each class of our students are changing their attitude for better and form a reliable character.

On December 22 the older groups of children celebrated Christmas. This meeting was unique because the young people made a performance of two big holiday, Thanksgiving and Christmas combined into one magnificent act. The children led the entire celebration, telling the origin of Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims first thank the Indians for their gifts, and of how grateful we are for God’s most precious gift – the birth and life of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

All of the children had a great time and many positive emotions and received Christmas gifts.

We would like to thank God and all of you who support and pray for our ministry. Together with we are able to form a new generation for the Glory of God investing Biblical Principles into the young hearts.

“I and the team” training for the student parliament of the city. 

It is almost two years since Ternopil Training Center started cooperation with City pupil’s council called “Inspiration”. This is a group of active and creative young people that have goal to bring positive changes into the school proses of the public schools of Ternopil.

Together with this council we held two photo quests “Objective creativity” for the 20 public schools of Ternopil. Every event was held on a professional level and all of the participants and organized remained very happy and were very excited about future opportunities for mutual work.

On November 23 of 2016 answering to the request of the leadership of the “Inspiration” council the team of the Success Center held a training “I and a Team” for the leadership team of the council. More than 30 participants took part in the event. During the training they were able to learn about the importance to form and develop high moral character and to have right attitude towards life, they also improved skills of team work and learned how to make impotent decisions when they face conflicts.

After the training we’ve talked about the future plans for cooperation in the desire of reforming of the young generation of our city.

City wide photo quest “Objective creatively”

October 19 of 2016 Success Center together with city The City Pupils Parliament “Inspiration” and the Center for Youth and Children held a city wide photo quest called: “Objective creativity”. There were representatives from 19 educational institutions of Ternopil who competed.

The main task of every group was to make a thematic picture at a certain location in the time that was given by the organizers. In order to do so every team work as one body showing their talents and creativity. After the end of the quest from the whole week we held an online voting for the best pictures and along with the group of judges picked a winner.

On October 26 at the office of the Center we had a grand meeting to reward the winners of the photo quest. Every team received a reward in one of the nominations. The first place winner was the team from Ternopil public school #4.

Some of the participants of the quest showed their interest and became members of our Successful Youth Club and now attend every meeting of the Club.

We believe that through friendship with teenagers we will be able to share Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help them to start a new life according to the Biblical Principles.

Nehemiah Week International Conference and the business-plan competition in Orlando, FL.

September 26 till October 2 director of the Success Center Ivan Papish, interpreter Eugene Chekushkin and the winner of Ukrainian national business plan competition Philip Tkalenko took part in Nehemiah Week International Conference in Orlando, FL.

There were representatives from 23 countries at the conference. During the conference we had opportunity to receive and share experience in growth and development of Biblical Entrepreneurship course.

The conclusion of the conference was the business-plan competition where representatives from USA, Canada, France, Madagascar and Ukraine were able to present their business-plans. Philip represented Ukraine and he was a winner of the second place. First place won the representative from Madagascar and the third place representative from the US. We congratulate the winners and especially Philip Tkalenko! May the Lord help him to implement his plan in life.

The beginning of the new 2016-2017 school year at Success Center.

With the great joy in heart and bold expectations Christian Training Center Success open the doors of the Center for children to study English, Life skills training and computer. This year more than 180 children will attend the lessons. All of the children a divided upon 10 age groups most of them are children from large and low-income families. We are truly happy that we are able to minister to children this year.

In September the team of the Center was able to held seminars on the subject of youth reproductive health in public schools of Ternopil for more than 200 children. The overall message for children was to have reproductive health, and the best way to have a happy family is to keep yourself pure before marriage. Children received the message well and many of them made decision to keep themselves pure.

Other than that we also held several quests and team games in different schools of Ternopil to help children become more friendly towards each other. As well as to give them skills in teamwork, responsibility and decision making.

We believe that the love of God that children receive though the work of staff and volunteers of the Center will bring encouragement for each and every one of them and will help them to live according to the will of their Heavenly Father.

Continuing our work and ministry in the summer camp “Lisoviy” Skomorohy village

More then 300 children were present in the camp from Ternopil, Poltava, Donetsk and Luhansk region. Most of the children are orphans, children for multiple or low-income families and as result so often they do not hear any good word of encouragement, confidence, love and care from adults.

Overall objective of the team was to share the love of God into the hearts of children by showing them God’s plan for their lives. We were able to accomplish that through various events and personal conversations with children.

Both children and adults listened to the Good News about Jesus Christ with great joy. They have made peace with God though prayer and made decision to live according to the Biblical principles.

Here are some of the feedbacks from children:

Panikiv Yulia, Gorodnytsya village, Ternopil region
Over the course of the lessons I’ve learned how to make right choices. Before I was doing lots of mistakes and now I am trying to think before making any decision. Other then that I’ve became more confident in myself. I’ve decided to accomplish everything that has made plans for. I am making a decision to be a good person no matter what, to help people around me if they need my help. I’ve made a decision to accomplish my goal.
Rudenko Katerina, Globine city, Poltava reg.
I’ve enjoined coming to the training. They helped me to find confidence in my self. I also liked the quests they were truly interesting and because of those quests our team became even more friendly. I liked the stories from your personal life. Now every morning I repeat to myself: “Everyone is unique”. And so do I. I’ve learned to believe in my strengths. I’ve made a decision that premarital sex in absolutely forbidden. I want to keep my “apple” for my future husband. And I would like to attend Successful Youth Club in September.
Solyannikova Victoria, Ternopil
I am so excited about the training and quests that you had. I really like the morning exercise that you did. I t was very nice to talk to you and hear some good advices. I’ve learned to express my thoughts in spite of what others might think. I’ve made a decision to stop smoking and I will try not to have premarital sex. Thank you very much for your advices that have changed my thinking. I especially liked the last training that we had. It was about a guy that did not had arms or legs (Nick Vujicic). This person inspired me very much. I’ve realized that my problems are small and I can easy resolve them. I need to be more optimistic and look ahead boldly.
Rogal Anastasia, Ribalky village, Poltava reg.
I’ve liked talking to you. Over the course of the trainings you’ve helped us to believe in ourselves and helped to raise my self-esteem. Thank you very much for that. I’ve learned many things. First of all to believe in myself which is the most important. Second I’ve learned to work in the team. Third I’ve learned how to live with God in my heart in spite of anything. I’ve received Lord into my heart and made a promise to myself to not drink alcohol, smoke, use drugs and keep myself pure before marriage.
Cibar Alina, Kukbovka village, Poltava region

It was a great joy to attend the trainings. I took part in competitions and quests. I appreciate your team very much. Your stories taught me to live not like everybody else but better. I’ve learned to listen to the thoughts of people around and to be courageous. I’ve realized that I can change my life for better. I’ve made decision that I will keep myself pure and will be waiting for my husband.

Kabachok Ruslan, Semenivka city, Poltava region
I’ve liked all of the games, contests, quests and trainings about character, relationships between boys and girls before marriage. I’ve learned teamwork. I am making a decision to be more open, think more and be more initiative.
Ulyanuk Valeria, Kremenets, Ternopil reg.
I’ve liked your quests but most of all I liked trainings. Your advices are very cool. I am very proud that I can know such a wonderful team. I would like to do something like you do in the future. Your movies and video clips are coll too. I could lean a lot from them. I’ve learned to believe in myself. I’ve understood that I have everything I need in life to be happy. I have made a decision to become strong. I would like to continue coming to hear more from you through Successful Youth Club. Please continue the work you are doing. Young people need places like Successful Youth Club. I wish you all the best in what you are doing. Thank you for everything you are doing.
Boyarsky Maxim, Mikhailivka village, Poltava reg.
I’ve liked all of the trainings. I leaned a lot from them. I have taken all of the best out of them. I’ve learned about teamwork and how to build a good family. I have made a decision to be just.
Shevchenko Vladislav, Poltava
I like the way your team is organized and how you deliver information. You have tried to deliver it to us in the form of game. The most I liked is the games that we have played out side. Thank you very much for bringing me back on the right path and for everything else that you have done for us. Because of the training I learned to understand the world better. My worldview changed. I have stoped to use bad language and I’ve started to treat other better. I have learned how to live. Thank you! I have made a decision to live with faith in heart and never betray my friends or leave someone if they are in a trouble. I would like to participate Successful Youth Club but unfortunately I will not be able to cause I live in Poltava. Thank you for everything.
Grebelna Alina, Bilogorivak village, Poltava reg.
I have leaned and was able to open my heart towards people so that I could just talk to people because I was taking my example from you. You are very good and kind people. I have learned to be positive. I know that I too young for a family but I already know how to create and build a family.
Gerchak Vlada, Chortkiv, Ternopil reg.
I have leaned to think differently and changed my thinking about life. I began to value life and treat people differently and started to believe in myself. I have made a decision to stop drinking alcohol and start to spend more time with God.
Koval Yana, Ternopil

I liked that we have talked about the important subjects for young people, that everything was held in friendly environment (There was no barriers between older and younger, between teachers and students.) We were able to tell everything and get an advice with you. The stories that we have heard were real: true people and circumstances. I have leaned that even if I am not perfect I am unique. The decision about keeping myself pure before marriage I’ve made before. Thank you fro everything.

Darmograi Oleksander, Pidhaitsy, Ternopil reg

Thank you for sharing the things that I have never even thought about during the trainings. I have made a decision that I will never again will be smoking. And I have learned to trust God with my life!

To change the people’s destiny you need to allow God to love them through your words, attitude and actions. We know that dozens of lives of children were changed because they received Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

The team of the Center will continue to talk to them though social networks and meeting at the Successful Youth Club.

“Lisoviy” summer recreation camp at Skomorohy

On July 11th the team of 4 workers and volunteers of the Ternopil Training Center Success went to the “Lisoviy” summer recreation camp at Skomorohy village western Ukraine. It is our sixth year we are coming to this camp. There we are having many different trainings, games, contests, watching movies and many other activities. This there was more then 300 children from different regions of Ukraine from Ternopil, Poltava and Kyiv region. All of the children are divided upon 20 age groups.

We tried to find an approach to every age group through games, quests, trainings, movies etc. Using all of those tools to show the love of God with kids. Because all of them are under different categories of groups of risk: orphans, poor, multiple families and children whose parents are at the war zone and all of them are in desperate need of love. We could see how this small attention and warmth could change the lives of children. We saw a different reaction to the words we told them. Some children were deeply touched and want to have personal conversations, others made decisions that would change their lives forever.

Every day we have had one to tree trainings on different subjects: “Character – the foundation for successful life”, “Who to better relationships with parents”, “True love awaits”, “The conflicts resolving”, “Responsibility”.

Other then trainings we did not forget about the fun part for all of the participants of the camp. That is why we had many games, quests and competitions both sport and intellectual. All of this helped to better the relationships between our team and children and in the groups.

Here are some of the children’s feedbacks:

Valeria Strilchuk, 14 years old Borispyl, Ukaine
“Thank you very much for interesting trainings and games. Every day as I heard that we would be going to the training I was very excited because I love everything you say. I liked the topics of the trainings because it made me think about my life and helped me made decision about many things. Speacially I would like to thank for the training about parents and how to better my relationships with them I will be using your advices. Thank you”
Artur Milevskiy 17 years old
“It is my 5th year at the camp. To be honest I did not liked to listen to the trainings. I thought that it is not for me. But this year I have realized that it is time to change and become mature. And now I can see how trainings can help me to change. Because of trainings I’ve started to see thing that I have never saw before. I have realized that I am very prideful person and it is very hard to overcome this. But I have made a decision to change. ”
Katya, 16 years old, Poltava
“Thank you for the training “True love awaits”. I made to believe in myself and understand that I am a girl and I deserve to have true love. Even though it made a bit sad that in order to have good relationship I need to work hard. I was very impressed with example of your family and how you talk about your wife, I hope that my husband will love me the same.

Thank you very much for you prayers and support. Everything that is happening here at the camp is possible because of you. Together we can show God’s love to children.

Summer day camp «If you want to be healthy»

The Christian training center Success held a summer day camp «If you want to be healthy» in the facility of the Center on June 6-10. It became a good tradition to have this training day camps for children of age 6-14 every year.

This year the workers and volunteers organized fun and productive time for more then 60 children. Most of the children are from large and low-income families.

The overall theme of the camp was the Word of God as the only tool to overcome the epidemic of sin. The Bible has the only way for them to stay healthy physically and spiritually. In the form of games and contests, singing songs and doing different crafts the team was able to show the principles of Christian life for children. Every day ended with children praying for forgiveness of their sins, about protection and blessings over them.

Organizers, children and parents are very happy about the camp and looking forward for new meeting in the following school year.

Ukrainian national business plan competition in Ternopil.

On May 27-28 of 2016 there was a Ukrainian national business plan competition in Ternopil. The competition was a great conclusion of the Business by the Bible course that was held in many cities of Ukraine February through May by certified teachers of Success Center.

There were six business plans:

  1. Wedding decoration studio “Klaver” (Philip and Anna Tkalenko, Berdyansk)
  2. Production and distribution if fireplaces that will warm up entire house. (Oleg and Olena Zaharia, Vinnitsya)
  3. Family forever – training company (Constantine and Olga Litvinenko, Vinitsya)
  4. Production and distribution of toy aircraft kit. (Malyovaniy Vyacheslav Vinnitsya)
  5. The school of music “Accord” (Brevus Maksim, Ternopil)
  6. The organization of the events “The Corporation of Positive”. (Luciana Lukyanchenko, Berdyansk)
The winners of the Ukrainian National Business Plan Competition of 2016 are Philip and Anna Tkalenko with the business plan – Wedding decoration studio “Klaver”. Congratulations to the winners! We would like to wish them all success in preparation for International Competition. In September of 2016 our winners will compete with other winners from all over the world in Orlando, FL. We believe that they will be a good representation of our country.

“The culture of a person” training in Ternopil

As part of the On the threshold of independent life in 2016 Success Center Team held “The culture of a person” training in Ternopil on May 14-15 and 21-22. Orphans and children that were deprived of parental care from Berezhany, Nove Selo and Ternopil orphanages came to the training. Charitable fund “Orphans future” organized those events.

The overall objective of the training was to prepare the graduates of 9-11 grades for independent living, to equip them with knowledge and skills to make right choices, how to solve conflicts, to develop personal potential and provide social communication skills of young people. The trainers were able to explain to children the importance of the relationships with God. They also shared about the foundations of Christian living under the guidance of Jesus Christ.

During the training all of the participants were able to develop intersex communication skills and to understand the importance of keeping sexual purity. They also learned about right family relationships and the factors that are influencing the health. Together with trainers children prayed to God and accepted Him as their Lord and Savior.

The results of the training fully met all of expectations of trainers. Without exception, adolescents were satisfied and gave positive feedback. The audience actively performed all tasks supported the discussion and answered questions. Almost all participants understood the covered material and began to practice new knowledge’s and skills.

We believe that investing in the hearts of young people the biblical principles of building relationships, we can prepare them for independent adult life according to the will of God.

Business by the Bible seminar in Mukachevo

The team of Success Center Certified teachers held a seminar Business by the Bible in Mukachevo on May 05-07 of 2016. 44 people from many cities of Transcarpathian region took part at the seminar.

Some of the people that came to the seminar are beginners and are looking for business idea. Others are people with many years of experience in business. But in spite of anything all of them came with one goal to learn about the Biblical Principles of business and wise stewardship of business.

The seminar consisted of three parts Principles, Practices and Planning. After laying down the foundation of main principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship they also learned about market research, marketing and sales, management and business financing. They also learned how to write their personal business plan, which they will be presenting on the business plan competition in Ternopil.

The Ukrainian National Business Plan competition will be held in Ternopil on May 27-28 of 2016 where people from seven cities of Ukraine will be presenting their business plan. The will presenting in front of the panel of judges and will compete for the right to present Ukraine in International competition in Orlando, FL in October of 2016.

We would like to wish you the inspiration and creativity in the process and presentation of your plans.

Business by the Bible seminar in Ternopil

The team of Success Center held a seminar Business by the Bible seminar in Ternopil on April 21-23. The teachers looking at the Words of the Bible and their experience shared with the seminar participants about the importance of having Biblical attitude for the start and expansion of the business. Teachers explained that the goal of successful Biblical business is people and satisfaction of their needs and the profit is a result of the correct and responsible business stewardship. There were more then 20 people at the seminar. Here are some of their feedbacks.

After the seminar all of the participants began writing their personal business plans. They will be presenting them on the national business plan competition in Ternopil on May 27-28.

We believe that changed people will be able to change people and the whole nation around them for the glory of God.

Business by the Bible seminar in Vinnitsya

The team of Success Center continues to conduct Business by the Bible seminars around Ukraine.

On April 14-16 of 2016 the seminar was held in Vinitsya. It was attended by 38 people.

The teachers showed the main biblical principles of business and also shared the practical skills in problem solving that one can face in process of business planning and the ways of running the business.

During the lectures and practical tasks there was a friendly and creative environment in the class. All of the participants were set for a productive work and received information with great joy and started to look for ways to implement their business ideas. Moreover everyone had opportunity to work on their personal business plan and would present certain chapters in front of the audience.

In one month on May 27-28 the entrepreneurs from 7 cities of Ukraine will come to Ternopil to participate in Ukrainian national business plan competition. The winner will have opportunity to present their plan for international competition.

We wish every participant creativity and inspiration! We are sure that business plans will be implemented and will bring influence for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ

The Success team visited seven orphanages and boarding schools of Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk region in April of 2016. We have been working with those orphanages for the past several years. In the boarding schools and orphanages we could see orphans and children that are deprived of parental care and children at risk.

During every visit we have showed the Easter Superbook cartoon and gave out more then 500 gifts of Samaritan Purse. Other then that every child received the booklet of The Greatest Journey where children can find stories about the life of Jesus Christ.

Every meeting ended with joint prayer where children and adults could ask God to forgive them of their sins and would receive Jesus Christ into their lives. Everyone liked the meeting that we had and asked the team to come more.

We are truly thankful to God for the opportunity of sharing with children about the greatest gift of all – the eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. We are highly appreciate You and Your input into the ministry that we do together.

Business by the Bible seminar in Berdyansk

The team of Success Center held a “Business by the Bible – Principles, Practices and Planning” seminar in Berdyansk on March 31 through April 2. More than 50 people came to the seminar. Among them were staff workers of Berdyansk training Center “Orphans Promise” and other people which have desire to start or expand their business.

The Principles for Biblical Entrepreneurship are beneficial for business owners as well as ministers and volunteers. Because the true successful ministry as well as business it is possible only on the base of foundational biblical truth which people could see at the seminar.

For most of the seminar participants the information that they received at the seminar was timely and important. Since people are in the beginning of their business activity the understanding of biblical way for business will help them to avoid many mistakes and disappointments and will direct them to achieve true success in life, ministry and work.

The participants came to a conclusion that the goal of business, which is based on the Bible is to satisfy peoples needs. The profit is not a goal for business but is a result of wise stewardship over business transactions. This kind of entrepreneurship, which is motivated by love towards clients and employees, becomes a true ministry to people. Since biblical entrepreneur every day influences hundreds of people he is spreading the Kingdom of God on the earth.

The seminar participants started their work on writing their personal business plan. In May of 206 they will have opportunity to take part in Ukrainian National Business Plan competition in Ternopil and will compete for the right to represent their business plan for International competitions.

As the continuation of the seminar the Center team organizes online meetings (webinars) where they helping people in the process of writing of the business plan. On April 5 there was a first online-seminar. The seminar participants could ask their questions and receive answers about the process of writing of the business plan. We are planning to have three more meeting in April and May of 2016.

We believe that in result of development of biblical attitude towards life, entrepreneurship and ministry our families and communities will become biblical and our country will be changed for the glory of God.

The Greatest Adventure  for children in Ternopil!

On March 18, the team of Success Center launched a new project for children. It is called The Greatest Adventure.

This is a training program for children. It consists of 12 parts (meetings) and is directed to help children to know Jesus and walk with Him everyday of their life sharing the Good News to others.

Every Friday around children together with the airplane Sam are going for amazing adventure. It leads them towards learning about the Greatest Gift of God for all people.

During the meeting children learn about God’s people and how every person can become the friend of God. The Bible help children in the journey, children learn who God is and how much He loves everyone. Children learn Bible verses searching for answers to teacher’s questions and doing interesting tasks of the lesson. Every lessons ends with children and teachers praying for Jesus to take hold of their life.

The main message of every lesson is the following saying: “All over the world people getting to know about Jesus and trying to live the way He taught. Let us find out more!”

We believe that when children make decision to follow Christ and they learn Biblical principles of life we are laying down foundation for happy Christian life!

“Business by the Bible: Priciples, Practices, Planning” seminar in Kyiv

The team of Success Center held a Business by the Bible: Principles, Practices and Planning seminar for Emmanuel mercy association on March 16-18, 2016 in Kiev. 30 workers and invited guests of the association participated in the seminar.

Most of the seminar participants are ministers and volunteers and never viewed themselves as businessmen or enterpreneurs. Therefore teachers’ goal was to show the impotence of utilizing biblical principles in every sphere of life.

The participants of the seminar understood that the goal of business that is based on the Bible is not to gain profit but it is people and satisfaction of their needs.

The entrepreneurship that is motivated by love towards clients and employees becomes a true ministry, which is no less then the ministry of the pastor and priest. The biblical entrepreneur has an opportunity to positively influence hundreds of people and through this spread the Kingdom of God on the earth.

All of the seminar participants began the process of writing their personal business plan. They will participate in Ukrainian national business plan competition in May of 2016 in Ternopil and will compete to participate in the right to take part in International business plan competition.

The team of Success Center will assist people in writing of their business plans. In April and May we will have several online seminars and consultations where participants will have opportunity to receive answers to the questions that they might have while writing a business plan.

We believe that though development of right attitude toward life and business our lives and communities will become biblical and as a result our country will be changes for the glory of God.

Business by the Bible seminar in Rivne, Ukraine.

The team of three certified teachers Ivan Papish, Oleg Karpyk and Yuriy Mamus of the Success Center held “Business by the Bible: Principles, Practices and Planning” seminars in Rovno. Local Christian church Hosanna hosted the seminar. 30 people attended the seminar. Among them were businessmen with many year of experience, beginners on business and those who only looking to start their won business.

The seminar went very well. The teacher were assuring people about the importance of development of reliable Christian character as well as starting and leading business using Biblical principles. Teachers were showing student practical aspects of entrepreneurship activities and writing of the business plan.

All of the participant very much enjoyed the seminar and made decision to write business plan to start ot expend their business. They will have opportunity to participate in the Ukrainian national business plan competition which is going to be held in Ternopil in May 27-28. There they will be presenting their plans and will compete for the right to represent Ukraine on the International business plan competition.

We believe that the true change in the economy of our country is possible only through changed and trained people that are using Biblical principles of entrepreneurship. They will be able to show light on their work places and impact employees, clients, suppliers, government, etc. The entrepreneur that has a goal to serve people by answering their needs becomes a true minister of spreading the Kingdom of God on the earth.

“Business by the Bible: Priciples, Practices, Planning” seminar in Kishinev, Moldova

The certified teacher of Success Ternopil Training Center held Business by the Bible: Principles, Practices and Planning in Kishinev, Moldova in February, 17-20, 2016. The seminar was part of the missionary school that was organized by Mercy Association Emmanuel (Kyiv, Ukraine).

22 pasters, missioners and ministers from various cities of Moldova were present at the seminar.

The main purpose of the seminar was to help missioners to start their own enterprise along with church planting in their cities.

Their own business will help ministers to selfsupporting to their ministry and it will give opportunity to spread the Kingdom of God by building good relationships with employees and clients.

This seminar completely changed participants worldview and convinced them that it is possible to have business and stay faithful to Christ.

Here are some of the students feedbacks:

The conditions we are in is not easy. The teachers brought new thoughts and information into our mind. It was not easy to understand and comprehend. The atmosphere was hard and we could not fully understand why. But we receive all of the information.

When we came to the time of practical writing of the business plan it was like a wall to me. The wall that i could not break. But when we accomplished the first task while writing the plan we have started to pray and I felt that God is speaking to me that He will help and that he will give strength for everything step by step. After that everything began to be so easy. And peace came into my heart. I do trust God that He will give strenght to press on to the very end and I will be able to finish what I have started.

That is why I want to say to everyone: “Believe in God”. This seminar was not vain! May the Lord bless you all!

(Victor, Ribnitsa, Moldova)

I’ve made many mistakes in my life. But as I was speaking with teachers and all of the participants I’ve change the way I think about life and business.

I know the risks, I know the great expenses, I know that there will be sleepless nights and I know how it is to have problems with bandits.

To be honest for the past half a year I have not thought about business and I could not even imaging that I will return into business. But after the seminar I understood that I need to be where God wants me to be and I should do everything he tells me to.

Now I understand that we are to do business God ways and using His principles. Thank you all for coming. This seminar was for me.

(Roman, Drokia, Moldova)

We are truly thankful to God for the opportunities to minister to the God’s ministers. He gave us opportunity to bring Biblical Principles of business to them. Now as they write there plans for ministry the can also write business plans and this way they will be more effective in spreading His Kingdom on the Earth!